10th and 12th BSEB Dummy Registration and admit card 2021

BSEB has made uproar in the news and among the schools of Bihar. But why?

It has scheduled its time table for 2021. Yes! That is right! 2021. Moreover, The Board had begun the practice of releasing dummy admit cards. With the schedule of exams for 10th and 12th exams, it has also released a registration card. In detail, let’s discuss what BSEB is; it’s functioning, exam schedule, registration card, what exactly is dummy registration card, etc.

What is BSEB?

BSEB is worked under the government of Bihar from the Examination Act of 1952. It was formed 68 years ago and had Hindi and English as operational languages. BSEB conducts exams for 10th and 12th classes in private and government schools of Bihar. Its headquarters is located in Patna. BSEB conducts many other exams as well. The 10th and 12th exams are conducted twice in one year- regular and supplementary. It has 2 offices in Patna. One in Buddh Marg and Sinha Library road. The chairman is Anand Kishor, who has cracked the IAS exam.

BSEB Exam schedule

BSEB released its exam schedule recently on 7th Oct 2020.The exams are scheduled in February 2021. As per BSEB, 10th exams are scheduled from Feb 17th to 24th and the 12th exams are scheduled from 2nd Feb to 13th Feb. The exams are supposed to be conducted with strict social distancing and all guidelines to prevent COVID 19.

BSEB Exam guidelines:

  1. The exam is supposed to be conducted in extreme care and by following strict guidelines of COVID 19.
  2. The exam will be conducted in 2 sessions.
  3. One session will be from 9.30 am to 12.45 pm.
  4. Another session will be from 1.45pm to 5pm.
  5. Practical will also be conducted.
  6. Practical will be conducted from 9th to 18th of January 2021.
  7. A 15 minutes time will be provided for students for reading the questions.
  8. If any student fails compulsory subject in 12th, his/her additional subject marks will be conducted to aggregate marks.

Dummy registration card 2021

BSEB released its dummy registration card for the students. All the students who are about to write the exam in February 2021, are supposed to download the dummy registration form for exams 2021.After that a correction window will also be opened for rectifying errors in registration. BSEB has put the registration forms on their official website seniorsecondary.biharboardonline.com.

bseb dummy card

BSEB has already informed the schools and students to submit the registration forms by 30th June 2020.Note that it was the last date and it was supposed to be submitted with correct details. After submitting the registration forms, schools and students were requested to download their registration cards after it is announced to do so. Cards could be downloaded before 30th June, if required, to correct any details on the forms. You can still download the cards on the official website of BSEB. Here below is a table regarding the important dates.

Important dates

  1. Start: 22nd June 2020
  2. Last date: 30th June 2020
  3. Rectification:22nd June to 2nd July 2020.
  4. Issue of Final registration card: 7th July 2020.
  5. EXAMS:
    • 10th exams: Feb 17th to 24th2021
    • 12th exams: Feb 2nd to 13th 2021

Details required in the Dummy registration card

  1. Student name (to be filled correctly)
  2. Father’s name
  3. Mother’s name
  4. Board name
  5. Exam to be appearing
  6. Registration
  7. Roll number
  8. Gender
  9. Date of birth (DOB)
  10. Caste
  11. Subject names
  12. School code

Details which can’t be corrected:

  • Name of student
  • Father’s name
  • Mother’s name
  • Category
  • Gender
  • Photo
  • Signature

Steps to download the dummy registration Card

  1. Step 1: Visit the official website- biharboardonline.bihar.gov.in
  2. Step 2: Click the link which gets redirected to download the registration card.
  3. Step 3: Some details like Roll number, date of birth and name will be asked. Fill the required details.
  4. Step 4: Your card will be displayed.
  5. Step 5: Download the card.

Errors in Admit card

If there is any error in the card details of the admit card, then the student is supposed to inform it to the school authorities. It is very important to correct these details in dummy admit card because the details cannot be rectified later. The original admit card will contain details written in dummy admit card and hence it is very important to rectify.

Late registration

There came a recent news that registration was increased for students who dint register for the exams. The date was from August 20 to 25th. But a late fee would be charged for doing so.


Results will be uploaded on the official portal of BSEB.

Exam timetable

10th EXAM:

  • 17TH Feb 2021 (Wednesday)- Science.
  • 18th Feb 2021 (Thursday) – Mathematics
  • 19th Feb 2021 (Friday) – Social science
  • 20th Feb 2021 (Saturday) – English(general)
  • 22nd Feb 2021 (Monday) – Hindi/Urdu/Maithili/Bangla
  • 23rd Feb 2021(Tuesday) -Sanskrit/Farsi/Arabic/Bhojpuri/Hindi
  • 24th Feb 2021 (Wednesday) – Optional Subjects (Higher math, Farsi, Maithili, Sanskrit, Commerce, Arabic, Economics, Music, Arts, Dance etc.)

12th EXAM

  1. ARTS:
    • February 2, 2021 (Tuesday) – Political Science
    • February 3, 2021 (Wednesday) -Geography / Mathematics
    • February 4, 2021 (Thursday) – English
    • February 5, 2021 (Friday) – History
    • February 6, 2021 (Saturday) – Hindi
    • February 8, 2021 (Monday) – Economics
    • February 9, 2021 (Tuesday) – Psychology
    • February 10, 2021 (Wednesday)- philosophy and optional subjects
    • February 11, 2021 (Thursday) – Music and NRB
    • February 12, 2021 (Friday) -Sociology and optional subjects.
    • February 13, 2021 (Saturday) -Home science and other optional.
  2. Science:
    • February 2, 2021 (Tuesday) – Physics
    • February 3, 2021(Wednesday)- Mathematics
    • February 4, 2021 (Thursday) – Chemistry
    • February 5, 2021 (Friday) – English
    • February 6, 2021 (Saturday) – Biology
    • February 8, 2021 (Monday)-Hindi
    • February 9, 2021 (Tuesday) -Agriculture.
    • February 10,11,12 2021-Language subjects and technical subjects.
  1. Commerce:
    • February 5, 2021 (Friday) – English
    • February 8, 2021 (Monday)-Hindi
    • February 9, 2021 (Tuesday)- Business studies
    • February 10, 2021 (Wednesday)- Language subjects and economics
    • February 11,2021(Thursday) – NRB
    • February 12, 2021 (Friday)- Language subjects
    • February 13, 2021 (Saturday)-Accountancy.

Other exams conducted by BSEB

  1. Diploma in Physical Education
  2. Certificate in Physical education

Teachers training examination

  1. Residential Entrance Examinations
  2. Diploma in elementary education
  3. STET

All we can do is hope that the exams will be conducted perfectly keeping everything in mind and wish that all stay safe and healthy. We also hope the teachers conduct the examinations with utmost safety precautions. We also wish that all students prepare amazingly well and excel in their exams unlike the ones conducted in 2020 due to the pandemic. We wish all the best to all students appearing for the exam in 2021!

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