On LBC, Ben Kentish casts has a critical eye on British politics.

On LBC, Ben Kentish casts has a critical eye on British politics.

Ben Kentish presently works for the LBS network as a Westminister Correspondent.

Benjamin Kentish, a journalist, was born on March 20, 1991, and is the Westminster Correspondent for LBC as well as an occasional presenter.

Prior to joining LBC, he worked at The Independent as a Political Correspondent. He has appeared as a political pundit on BBC News, Al Jazeera, CNN, and Sky News.

Ben Kentish, who is he?

Ben is one of the LBC’s hardworking journalists. In addition, starting January 2020, he has been a full-time Westminister Correspondent at LBC.

He earned a degree in Politics, Psychology, and Sociology from the University of Cambridge in 2013.

He holds a prestigious Politics degree from the University of Cambridge. He did an internship with The Independent network after graduation. In 2013, he was elected as President of the Cambridge Union Society.

From 2013 to 2016, he also served as a Media/Policy advisor in the House of Commons.

Political articles have been authored by the journalist. America Decides: LBC to broadcast largest U.S. election results program, Parliament is ashamed of what we have done to Afghanistan, The United Kingdom is seeing’very low levels’ of coronavirus, and many more articles are among his works.

Is there a partner for Ben Kentish?

Ben has kept his personal relationships hidden from the public eye. He didn’t have any photographs or indications on Instagram, though.

As a result, one might believe he is unmarried, but he could also be involved in a hidden romance. As a result, we won’t know for sure unless he makes his relationship public.

Ben Kentish, a vivacious Journalist, will be 31 years old in 2022. On March 20, he celebrates his annual birthday.

He also mentioned that he had not anticipated spending his two birthdays in lockdown ( in 2020 and in 2021).

His zodiac sign is Pisces, according to his birth facts. Flirty, charming, and romantic are some of his personality attributes.

What is Ben Kentish’s annual salary?

Mr. Kentish’s exact remuneration has not been disclosed. Local and national broadcasters, on the other hand, earn between £15,000 and £24,000 per year, according to prospects.ac.uk. Salary ranges from £30,000 to £60,000 at the senior level or with some years of expertise.

Despite the fact that his salary has not been disclosed, based on his lifestyle on social media, he clearly makes more.

His Twitter handle is @BenKentish, and he currently has more than 42k followers. As his official Twitter account, his profile has been verified.

Similarly, his Instagram presence is noticeable. @benkentish is his Instagram handle. With 757 followers, his profile is classified as a Journalist’s profile.

He has a good career and a loving family who supports him through the ups and downs of life. They have been supporting his professional decision and assisting him with his needs.

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