Alden Bunag, a Hawai’i teacher, was arrested for dispensing elicit video of a child.

Alden Bunag, a Hawai’i teacher, was arrested for dispensing elicit video of a child.

On federal charges of child pornography, Alden Bunag, a Hawaii public school teacher, was detained. He was charged with one count of child pornography distribution after confessing to the offense.

A Hawaii-based instructor was recently found sharing the illicit recordings and images of a 13-year-old boy pupil with another teacher on the US mainland. According to court documents, the teacher, Alden Bunag, has agreed to have sex with the student at the school during launch breaks. At the time, the youngster was a minor, and he was identified as a former student.

Bunag was detained at Oahu’s Pearl City High School on Wednesday after FBI officials executed search warrants at his home (PCHS). He allegedly shared child pornography on his phone over the Telegram app, according to officials.

Alden Bunag is being held on charges of distributing child pornography.

On Oahu, a summer school instructor was arrested and charged with disseminating child pornography. According to police, the self-described socialist Filipino-American teacher taped a sexual act with a 13-year-old former student and shared the material with others, including a Philadelphia instructor.

Before his arrest for child porn, Alden was renowned for his theatrical tweets and use of strong language on social media. He was a vocal advocate for exposing kids to drag queens and trans strippers. He also backed Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, which prohibits the teaching of sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through third grade.

Authorities in Philadelphia investigated the Philadelphia instructor in July 2021 after an anonymous complaint that he was uploading child pornography surfaced. While reviewing his computers, investigators discovered proof of a conversation with a man named Alden.

According to accounts, Alden received almost 3,4000 messages from the teacher, many of which contained child pornography images and videos. On the teacher’s phone, they also uncovered a video of Alden performing a sex act with an underage adolescent boy.

Bunag admitted to his wrongdoings once investigators were able to locate the communications.

A 13-year-old boy was the victim: Is there a way to find out what his name is?

The identity of the 13-year-old victim has remained a mystery for the time being. His profile appears to have been maintained a well guarded secret because his identity has not been revealed.

Another student came up about the internet activist’s tendency of establishing inappropriate physical contact with them.

Charges Against Alden Bunag and His Jail Sentence

In contrast to his pedophilia incarceration, Bung’s irrational outbursts on social media against a bill barring sexualized subjects from being taught in schools to children have gone viral.

After confessing to the crime, Alden Bunag was arrested and charged with one count of child pornography distribution. It’s unclear whether he’ll face new charges.

The Hawaii schoolteacher will also appear in court next week for a detention hearing, followed by a preliminary hearing on June 7.

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