Are Big Brother’s Cody and Jessica Still Dating?

‘Big Brother’ is a reality TV powerhouse that has been generating pure entertainment since its debut in 2000. It is based on the Dutch program of the same name. The contestants in the CBS reality series, dubbed “Houseguests,” reside in a remote custom-built home while being continuously recorded by cameras and microphones. The contestants must participate in the daily duties allocated to them in order to gain the most benefits. Every weekend, the contestants are removed one at a time in accordance with the public vote.

Others contestants earn huge fame due to their personalities and performance on the tasks, and some even end up falling in love with other roommates. One such couple that attracted a lot of attention throughout their relationship in the Big Brother house during season 19 in 2017 was Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf. They were close enough for their admirers to openly cheer them on. Viewers must be curious to learn about their present relationship state as it has been years since the season’s end. If you share our curiosity, check out what we learned!

Journey on Big Brother for Cody and Jessica

The series, which debuted in June 2017, followed Cody and Jessica on a highly dramatic and intriguing trip. While Jessica, an actress and model, was 27, Cody Nickson, a former member of the US Air Force and Marine Corps, joined the show when he was 32. Their narrative began in a normal way, with chemistry simmering from the first week itself and an immediate connection. They immediately got to know one another because to the home’s isolation, and they soon started their romance, which many others mistakenly regarded as a mere “showmance.”

The two made a great team against their rivals since they were a good match for one another. The duo was disliked by many people in the house, and numerous assignments and elimination rounds frequently included them as a target. In week 2, they also encountered a significant obstacle when Cody was eliminated by the other housemates. Cody had to wait until he won the Battle Back Showdown before entering the competition again, so Jessica had to carry it on her own for a while. Even though others were still trying to vote them off, their bond grew even deeper after his return in week 4.

Along the way, the couple experienced many fights and many loving moments. However, Cody was removed the next week shortly after Jessica on day 51. The couple had a passionate and loving relationship on the show, which the audience observed and admired, despite the fact that they were unable to compete until the end of the season. Nearly five years have passed since the end of season 19, so many people must be wondering if Cody and Jessica were able to strengthen their relationship and are still together or if they split up after experiencing the ups and downs of real life.

Jessica and Cody still together?

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are still dating, yes. The adored couple accomplished various milestones together and successfully maintained their love and spark. As hosts of the Power of Veto Competition, they graced the stage of “Big Brother” season 20. Then they participated in “The Amazing Race” season 30 as a pair. The close relationship between Cody and Jessica ultimately enabled them to win the reality competition and take home the $1 million top prize. They were the first team from an alternative CBS brand to triumph in “The Amazing Race” competition at the time.

When they announced their engagement in February 2018, the couple reached their first significant milestone. The couple made the announcement that they were expecting their first child together in September 2018. A month later, they confirmed that they were expecting a daughter. On October 14, 2018, Cody and Jessica were married. Maverick, their first daughter, was born in March 2019. Later, in October 2020 and July 2022, respectively, the couple gave birth to two additional daughters: Carter York and Atlas Ruby. Paisley, Cody’s 10-year-old daughter from a prior relationship, is another child he has.

Cody and Jessica are having the time of their lives, pursuing all of their goals together, and exploring different parts of the globe. They recently finished the construction of their family’s ideal home, which they consider to be yet another important turning point in their life. Their social media messages demonstrate how much the two actually seem to value one another. They frequently express appreciation for having met in the most spectacular circumstance possible. We can only wish them love and happiness for their future together because they have so much going on and manage to balance it all so well.

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