What happened to Anne Heche? Ellen DeGeneres’ ex in critical condition post fiery car crash

Anne Heche, who was formerly in a relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, was in a serious car accident on Friday, August 5, in the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Mar Vista. Her vehicle collided with a house.

As a result of the impact of the collision, both the house and the car caught fire.

Reports from NBC Los Angeles’s local affiliate indicate that the crash was reported at some point on Friday morning prior to 11 am. According to the information presented in some other local publications, the incident took occurred on the 1700 block of South Walgrove Avenue.

She was apparently in a critical state and had suffered significant burn injuries when she was rescued from her automobile at the time. Heche had been in the car for quite some time. She was transported in a hurry by LAFD Paramedics to a neighbouring medical institution.

Anne Heche was driving a blue Mini Cooper at the time of the brutal crash

According to the statement, it took the 59 firefighters who were present a little over an hour to put out the fire after it had been burning for so long.

According to some sources, Anne Heche was allegedly travelling at high speeds in the Mar Vista neighbourhood in a blue Mini Cooper when she drove off the road and collided with the building located at 1766 Walgrove Ave. The car may have hit a curb before the accident occurred. It’s possible that this is also what caused the car to drive into the house in the first place.

The front yard of the house was damaged when the Mini Cooper crashed into it. According to Fox 11, a neighbour helped get the homeowner and her pets out of the burning house in a safe manner. The house had taken fire as a result of the incident.

It has been stated that the actress was awake and breathing normally while she was being transported in an ambulance on a stretcher. The medical professionals at the nearby hospital were unable to determine whether or not this was a case of DUI (driving under the influence) because the investigation into the entire accident is still ongoing. Because of how severe her condition was at the time, such tests of sobriety were not carried out at the time.

Before she was involved in the collision, Heche was seen to have collided with a garage at an apartment complex, as reported by TMZ. The locals were attempting to assist the actress in exiting her Mini Cooper at the time of the incident. On the other hand, she made a U-turn and left the complex before her second mishap, which led to her being sent to the hospital.

Everything we know about Anne Heche

Since 1987, the actress has been working in the entertainment industry. She is most well-known for her performances in the films Volcano and I Know What You Did Last Summer, both of which were released in 1997. She has been nominated for an Emmy. Anne Heche is also recognised for her performance as Rowena Larson in the film Gracie’s Choice, for which she was nominated for a Primetime Emmy in the category of “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie.” Gracie’s Choice was released in 2004.

In 1997, Heche was also romantically connected with Ellen DeGeneres, who is well-known for her work as a television personality and presenter. There are rumours that the exes broke up around the year 2000, after apparently dated for a total of three years.

Anne Heche implied, in an interview that she gave to Page Six the previous year, that she had been “blacklisted” from Hollywood as a result of her previous romantic involvement with Ellen DeGeneres. In addition to it, she stated:

In 2007, she tied the knot with James Tupper. In 2018, they ended their relationship.

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