The Sandman Season 1 Episode 3: How did Johanna Constantine help Morpheus?

In the second episode of the first season of The Sandman, Morpheus learns the location of his equipment. In the third episode, he officially begins his mission by locating Johanna Constantine in order to collect his pouch of sand from her.

Johanna Constantine is a character that was developed by Neil Gaiman and made her debut in The Sandman #13. She is a distant descendant of John Constantine, a character that was created by Alan Moore. Jenna Coleman makes an appearance in the episode as Johanna Constantine. In the version that was adapted for Netflix, Johanna is an occultist who has made a living driving devils out of people’s lives.

Morpheus was able to find his sack of sand with the assistance of Johanna, who also educated him on the nature of human nature. Her sharp wit and perceptive sensitivities contribute to the interesting dynamic that she shares with Morpheus. Matthew, a raven whose voice was provided by Patton Oswalt, was another character that was introduced in this episode.

The Sandman Season 1 Episode 3: Dream a Little Dream of Me

Before Johanna could arrive at the church where she was scheduled to officiate a wedding, the episode opened with a glimpse inside the unsettling dreams that she had been having. In addition to that, it was planned for her to perform an exorcism on the bride, who was a princess from a royal family. However, it was discovered that the demon had taken possession of the groom, and he had to be violently torn apart in order for the demon to escape.

Morpheus arrived on the scene and was able to identify the demon as Agilieth. Agilieth was willing to reveal the location of his tools in exchange for Johanna sparing him from the exorcism. She disregarded his pleading and dispatched him back to Hell in order to complete her task.

After thereafter, Morpheus and Johanna set out on the journey together after Johanna remembered that she had left the pouch at the apartment she had previously shared with her former boyfriend. After arriving there, she discovered that she was actually in a dream in which she was reunited with Rachel. Rachel was lying on her death bed when she was awoken by Morpheus, and the bag was the only thing that was keeping her alive.

Morpheus stole the bag and blamed Johanna for her friend’s dilemma. Johanna’s response was to reprimand Morpheus and show him what it was like to care for a loved one. Morpheus was shown what it felt like to care about a loved one. Rachel was laid to rest in peace after some sand was scattered on her by the man, who was moved by her conviction.

In the meantime, Ethel’s visit with her son at the mental hospital did not go as smoothly as had been anticipated. He said that he had altered the ruby so that it would only function for him. In addition, he did not reveal the location of the stone despite the fact that his mother had previously warned him that the Sandman would be coming after him.

Ethel gave the Amulet of Protection to her son at the end of the second episode of The Sandman so that he wouldn’t go for the ruby. Her goal was to prevent him from doing so. She started showing signs of ageing in a hurry before ultimately passing away in front of him. After that, the security personnel at the institution disintegrated into shreds of flesh when their attempts to shoot John failed since the amulet was shielding him from the bullets.

The Sandman continues to amp up the gore with the third episode

The prevalence of gore, violence, nudity, substance use, swearing, and self-harm contribute to The Sandman’s mature content rating of “only appropriate for adults.” Episode 3, which aired after the first episode’s revelation that Corinthian had eyeless sockets, had an increase in the amount of blood and gore that was shown, with the guards at the psychiatric facility exploding and the demon ripping its way through Kevin’s body.

The introduction of Matthew, the raven, served as an interesting contrast to Morpheus’ sombre demeanour, and the banter between these two characters is sure to captivate viewers in the episodes to come.

The show’s graphics, in general, continued to astound spectators throughout its run. Gaiman’s legacy was maintained throughout the process of adapting his work, as seen by the wide range of religious, historical, and philosophical topics that were investigated in the fantasy play.

Netflix is now offering streaming access to all episodes of The Sandman.

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