10 Facts About Eric Cantona’s Daughter and Children by Josephine Cantona

French actor, producer, and former professional footballer Eric Cantona is married and has four kids. Eric married Rachida Brakni, with whom he had two children, after his marriage to Isabelle Ferrer ended in divorce.

One of the greatest football players of all time is Eric. In the 1990s, he is credited with assisting Manchester United in regaining its footballing supremacy and attaining legendary status within the club.

The 2003 Inside United magazine vote to choose the greatest player in Manchester United history was won by Cantona. When the English Football Hall of Fame initially opened its doors in 2002, he was its inaugural inductee.

At the age of 30, Eric publicly announced his retirement from football in 1997. He began an acting career and made his film debut in 1998.

Eric Cantona
Eric Cantona

Basic Information About Eric Cantona

Full Name Eric Daniel Pierre Cantona
Date Of Birth May 24, 1966
Place Of Birth Marseille, France
Profession Former Footballer, Actor
Height 6feet 2inch
Wife Isabelle Ferre (Married- 1987, Divorce- 2003), Rachida Brakni (Married-2007)
Children Raphael Cantona, Josephine Cantona, Emir Cantona, Selma Cantona
Instagram @ericcantona

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10 Facts About Josephine Cantona, Daughter of Eric Cantona

1. Eric Cantona, a retired professional football player, has a daughter named Josephine. Josephine, who is a yoga instructor, has opted for a less well-known career than her renowned father.

2. She founded Urban Bliss and considers herself an authority on eating disorders. She does Kobido, a Japanese face massage that fights the signs of ageing, and also describes herself as a massage therapist.

3. Josephine finished her initial 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2017 at the World Peace Yoga School in Rishikesh, India, under the guidance of Dhirendra Singh. After that, she finished a 300-hour course in the French Alps under the tutelage of Simon Park and other prominent instructors.

4. She started doing yoga at the age of 18 as part of her anorexia therapy. Josephine has developed a special teaching approach rich in the depth of the Yoga tradition based on her experience as a Functional Patterns practitioner.

5. She started out working in kitchens while she was a culinary student. Finally saying “no more,” she boarded a plane to India to start her yoga training.

6. She appreciates the concept of yoga as well as the exploration of the mind. She enjoys teaching yoga with a practical approach.

7. Josephine Cantona was born to Isabelle Ferrer, a mother, and Eric Cantona, a father, on June 4, 1995. She has two younger half-siblings, Emir and Selma, as well as an older brother named Raphael.

8. She and Celio Araujo are a couple. In 2020, they started dating. A HF Practitioner, Celio.

9. Josephine runs a website called Yoga Trade. She has also posted some yoga videos to her YouTube channel.

10. Josephine’s father, Eric Cantona, is a French actor, director, and former professional footballer, and her mother, Isabelle Ferrer, is a teacher.

Brief Information About Josephine Cantona:

Full Name Josephine Marie Fay Cantona
Date Of Birth June 4, 1995
Place Of Birth Marseille, France
Nationality French
Mother Isabelle Ferrer
Father Eric Cantona
Boyfriend Celio Araujo
Instagram @josephinecantona

Learn More About Eric Cantona’s Kids

Raphael Cantona is Eric Cantona’s first child. He was born on December 30, 1988, in Marseille, France.

Along with two younger half-siblings named Emir and Selma, he has a younger sister named Josephine. Raphael uses the Instagram handle @raphaelcantona and is active there.

He has kept his Instagram account private, which suggests that he is guarded about his personal life.

Eric and Rachida Brakni have two children

Emir and Selma, the couple’s two children, were born to Eric and Rachida in 2007.

Eric’s third child is Emir Cantona. He will be 13 in 2022. His birth year is 2009. Emir may be concentrating on his education because he is 13 years old.

Eric Cantona’s fourth kid is named Selma. As of 2022, she is 9 years old. Her birthdate is October 17, 2013.

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Concerning His Relationship

Eric Cantona, a former football player who is now an actor, producer, and actor, has two partners. After 16 years of marriage, he divorced Isabelle Ferrer in 2003. He wed her in 1987. Then, in 2007, Eric wed the on-screen personality Rachida Brakni.

According to Eric Cantona, falling in love with Rachida Brakni transformed his life.

Rachida Brakni: Who Is She?

A well-known French actress and producer is Rachida Brakni. For her performance in Chaos, she won the 2002 Cesar Award for Most Promising Actress.

She joined the Comedie Francaise, performing in the piece Ruy Blas and winning the Moliere Award there. In 2012, Rachida and her husband Cantona co-starred in a commercial for The Kooples as the company’s spokeswoman.

Brakni has three siblings—two sisters and a brother—and was born to Algerian parents. Rachida graduated from high school in her native France and soon after began college. The National Academy of Dramatic Arts was her place of study.

Ignasi Cantona 2022 Net Worth

According to Celebritynetworth, Eric Cantona is worth $25 million. Over the course of his playing career, which lasted more than two decades, he made the majority of the money.

One of Eric’s other main sources of income is his acting career. His endorsement deals are another way to get money.

Leading businesses have approached him with a number of promotional offers in an effort to take advantage of his popularity. Cantona frequently appears in Nike advertisements for athletic wear.

In 1994, he took part in a Nike marketing initiative that included a picture of him in front of the English flag.

Cantona has continued to feature in Nike commercials since his retirement from the realm of professional football in 1997, frequently in non-playing capacities.

He also had two appearances in advertisements, one for Irish EuroMillions in 2004 and one for Eurostar in 1996. In 2009, he made an appearance in a British television ad for the new Renault Laguna model.

Began playing football when I was young

When Eric Cantano was a young child, he learned how to play football by playing street soccer with other kids his age on the streets of his hometown of Caillols.

When he was 14 years old, he joined the local SO Caillolais and started playing football. To emulate his father, who had previously held that job, he began as a goalie.

Later on, he started to play up front as a forward and discovered that was his natural position. He spent the entire season with SO Caillolais and took part in more than 100 games for the young team.

Cantona spent two years playing for Auxerre’s youth squad before to making his professional debut. In 1984, he suspended his football career to complete his national service.

Joel, his brother, revealed to him about beach soccer

After abruptly departing the professional football game in 1997, Cantona assumed leadership of the French national beach soccer team. His enthusiasm in the activity was sparked by his brother Joel, who was already on the squad.

He had great success playing and managing for the French club that won the first FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in 2005 and their first European championship in the 2004 Euro Beach Soccer League.

Cantona was crucial to the growth of beach soccer in its early years. He played 14 years with the France beach soccer team until departing in 2011.

France finished fourth under Cantona’s leadership at the World Cup, and in 2007 they almost missed winning a second European championship. In 2007, he had another another productive year in leadership.

In 2010, Cantona officially announced his resignation as head coach after failing to lead France to the World Cup for the second consecutive year.

Eric Cantona
Eric Cantona

He pursued an acting career after leaving football

In 1997, Cantona, just 30 years old, abruptly declared his retirement from football. He pursued a career in acting and made an appearance in a 1998 film.

The 1995 film Le bonheur est dans le pré, which was shot while he was on suspension from football, featured him in his first acting role as a rugby player. focused on acting in French cinema after that.

In the late 1990s, Eric consented to participate as a French ambassador in Elizabeth’s English film (1998). In the independent British film Jack Says, which was released on DVD in September 2008, he played a mysterious bar philosopher.

In the Danish western The Salvation, which had its world premiere at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, he plays The Corsican.

Some FAQs

How many children does Eric Cantona have?

Eric Cantona have four children.He has two children from his first marriage with Isabelle Ferrer and two children from his second marriage with Rachida Brakni.

Who is Eric Cantona first wife?

Isabelle Ferrer is the first wife of Eric Cantona. They got married in 1987, and they later divorced in 2003.

Is Eric married now?

Eric Cantona married actress Rachida Brakni in 2007 after his divorce from his first marriage.

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