Who Plays Catherine Standish in Slow Horses?

‘Slow Horses’ introduces us to a bunch of disgraced (and highly funny) British intelligence personnel who, for a variety of colourful reasons, have been assigned to the decrepit MI5 division known as Slough House. Working under the control of the crotchety and unabashedly disagreeable Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman), the squad is handed the most dismal espionage assignments imaginable.

However, none seem to have it worse than Catherine Standish, who even goes so far as to represent herself as Jackson’s personal assistance. So what’s the deal with Catherine Standish from ‘Slow Horses,’ and who is the actress behind the character? Here’s a quick lowdown!

Who is Catherine Standish?

Catherine Standish is the long-suffering secretary and personal assistant of Jackson Lamb and also seems to manage all the secretarial odd-jobs of the Slough House branch. Like any long-serving employee, she seems to know the ins and outs of the job and her boss’ aggressive ways better than others. Even with their apparent dislike for each other, she and Jackson seem to have some type of mistaken attachment as well.

Despite Catherine’s frequent complaints about Jackson using her for all kinds of menial tasks, she continues to do her job loyally. In a brief moment, we get a peek of Catherine’s horrific history, wherein she walked into her home to learn that her husband had murdered himself and thereafter slipped into a vicious cycle of alcoholism. Now, with her job at Slough House, Catherine seems to have found some kind of stability in her life and is seen attending AA meetings.

For his part, Jackson displays that he looks out for Catherine when he accepts to be a part of Diana Taverner’s deadly plan involving Hassan Ahmed. In exchange, he requests Diana to pass over a bundle of confidential data that implicate Catherine for treason. Thus, Lamb and Catherine seem to have witnessed some rather difficult times (together and apart) and form the backbone of the decrepit but intriguing Slough House branch.

Who is the actress who plays Catherine Standish?

Saskia Reeves plays the role of Catherine Standish, who is a British actress. Saskia Reeves is the daughter of the legendary actor Peter Reeves. She was born on August 16, 1961, and has acted in a slew of films, television shows, and miniseries over the years. Lady Jessica Atreides in the 2000 miniseries “Dune,” DSU Rose Teller in “Luther,” Freya Galdie in “Shetland,” and numerous other roles are among her many credits.

Saskia describes her character Catherine Standish as someone who, despite the fact that she does not consider any of her coworkers to be friends, is glad for the work she is doing despite having to deal with people like Jackson Lamb on a daily basis. The actor has also come up with a history for Catherine, which involves her being a little frightened around Rosalind Eleazar’s character Louisa. This is really interesting.

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