Who Is The Handmaid’s Tale’s Jordana Blake? : A Biography of the Child Actress

11-years-old The performance that Jordana Blake gave as Hannah Bankole in the television series The Handmaid’s Tale brought her widespread recognition as a young actress. In addition to that, Jordana has performed the role of other child roles in television programmes such as The Umbrella Academy, KillJoys, and Blue’s Clues and You.

The premiere of the fifth season of one of the most popular science fiction shows, The Handmaid’s Tale, took place not too long ago. Hannah Bankole was a role that Blake had previously portrayed. She is a relatively minor character in the series, yet she plays a very significant role.

Hannah was born in the time before Gilead’s rise to power, but she was taken away from her parents after the dictatorship came to power. It is revealed in later episodes that Mrs. MacKenzie and Commander are Hannah’s foster parents. Hannah lives around an hour away from her mother’s place of assignment, thus she is considered to be close to her.

After some time, her true identity as Agnes MacKenzie is uncovered. A great number of people praised Jordana for the convincing way in which she portrayed the character and liked the natural performance she gave.

Name Jordana Blake
Age 11
Profession Child Actress
Siblings Mikaela Blake
Nationality Canadian

Some FAQs

How Old Is Jordana Blake?

The Handmaid’s Tale child actress is 11 years old. She was born in 2011.

Does Jordana Blake Have a Sibling.

Yes, The Handmaid’s Tale child actress Jordana Blake has a sibling. She has a sister named Mikaela Blake, available as @mikaelablake__ on Instagram.

Where Is Jordana Blake From?

11-years-old The Handmaid’s Tale child actress Jordana Blake is from Canada. She is available as @jordana_blake on Instagram.

Is Jordana Blake on The Handmaid’s Tale?

Yes, Jordana Blake plays the role of Hannah on The Handmaid’s Tale. She has also played on Star Trek: Discovery (2017) and Riot Girls (2019).

Jordana Blake, who plays Offred in The Handmaid’s Tale, is listed on Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, child actress Jordana Blake, who is only 11 years old, has appeared in a number of movies in a short period of time, and virtually all of the films and series in which she has been involved have been successful.

She has a recurring role as a Betarian citizen of Corvan II in one of the episodes of Star Trek: Discovery’s first season. As was forecasted, Jordana delivered the best performance she’s turned in all year.

Before she joined the cast of Star Trek, she appeared in an episode of the television show Killjoys as well as multiple episodes of the critically acclaimed miniseries The Handmaid’s Tale.

On the show Riot Girls, Jordana played the role of Lucy, and the show’s plot centred on a strange disease that killed off all of the adults. In this new millennium, two rival gangs are pitted against one another in a vicious conflict over control of territory, access to resources, and the will to live.

In 2015, Blake also made a guest appearance on an episode of Good Watch playing the role of Kaitlyn. The young actress also appeared in the pilot episode of the Netflix series Umbrella Academy playing the role of Young Allison.

Jordana Blake is 11 Years Old As Of This Current Year

Jordana Blake has been a part of successful movies since she was a very young child. Blake had her first television appearance in the series The Umbrella Academy when she was just 4 years old. In the show, she portrayed the role of Young Allison.

Jordana has had nearly a dozen roles in movies and television programmes by the time she reached her current age. Her filmography includes such well-known titles as “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Star Trek,” and “The Umbrella Academy.”

Being around Blake is always a good time. Jordana is a professional and a lot of fun to hang out with, according to one of her co-stars, despite the fact that she is still a child. The young actress smiles all the time while she is not performing onstage, but as soon as her scene begins, she becomes serious and focuses on her work.

And as the year goes on, Jordana is anticipated to make a significant amount of additional progress; she is a promising child actress who will mature into a powerful and accomplished actress.

As of right now, Jordana has never struggled to find roles in films or television programmes thanks to the remarkable acting abilities she possesses.

Jordana Blake Was Born to Parents Who Always Encouraged Her

Because Jordana Blake is a child actress, her parents are responsible for making the vast majority of her choices for her. Her parents’ contributions to her success in the workplace have been invaluable.

After the actor reaches the age at which she is able to make significant decisions for herself, she will choose for herself. However, at the present day, her relatives continue to play a significant part in her life.

Jordana’s parents did not have any doubts about her and encouraged her endeavours because it was likely her mother and father who had arranged for her to participate in a variety of activities. The young starlet also has an account on the photo-sharing website Instagram.

Her mother and father are in charge of her social media profiles, as is the case with the majority of child performers’ mothers and fathers. However, the identities of Jordana’s parents have not been disclosed as of yet.

There are a lot of images on Jordana’s Instagram of her and the other cast members she works with, but there are not many pictures of her parents. Despite this, the accomplishments that their daughter has achieved up to this point have no doubt filled her parents with pride.

Mikaela (Jordana Sister)
Mikaela (Jordana Sister)

Jordana Blake Has A Sibling Named Mikaela Blake

Jordana Blake did not have a solitary upbringing. She was raised alongside her sister Mikaela Blake for the majority of her childhood. Her older sister is named Mikaela, and judging on the photos, she appears to be just about two or three years her senior.

Jordana and Mikaela are very close and care for one another as sisters. According to the posts that Jordana has made, they are very much like best friends. In addition, Mikaela can be found on Instagram; however, her account is set to private at the moment.

The two sisters have a fairly similar appearance; nevertheless, Jordana appears to have a rounder face than her sister. Both of them have lovely appearances, and their hair is curled in a manner that is very similar to one another.

Mikaela started her training at The Second City in Toronto when she was seven years old, and she had a lot of fun learning how to improvise. She has also been trained for animation work by the well-known Sunday Muse of Great Big Voices, and she has been trained vocally by Elaine Overholt and Chris Tsujiuchi of Great Big Voices. Both of these training sessions were conducted by Great Big Voices.

On one of Jordana’s Instagram pictures, the two sisters were shown giving each other a bear hug, and the remark that accompanied the post read that Jordana has the best sister in the world and that she loves her sister very much.

The sisters are all talented musicians in their own right. The sisters were spotted singing and playing an instrument while they were in Jamaica in 2017, the year that this took place. It’s possible that Bob Marley composed the song.

The Age Gap Between Jordana and Her Sister

Jordana just turned 11 years old, whereas Mikaela, her older sister, is now 15 years old. Jordana mimicked her sister Mikaela’s actions by doing the same thing. Mikaela, on the other hand, is better renowned for her work as a voice actress in the television series The Magic School Bus Rides Again than Jordana is.

Additional Fascinating Information Regarding Jordana And Her Sister

When I Grow Up Is Hosted By Jordana’s Sister, Who Also Created The Show.

When I Grow Up is an educational programme that airs on TVO Kids and was produced by Riverbank Pictures with Mikaela Blake as the series’ star. They based the needs assessment for the show on studies that showed children have a hard time making connections between the STEM topics they learn in school and future employment opportunities.

During the course of the competition, Jordana also had a tutor

COVID had an effect on all of us; it also had an effect on Jordana’s parents’ ability to educate her, but her parents decided to engage a professional tutor for her so that she could study in the comfort of her own home. On her Instagram, you can watch her working with the tutor on her homework.

Jordana is her sister’s younger sister by a full four years

According to IMDB, Jordana has recently turned 11 years old, while her older sister Mikaela is currently 15 years old. Jordana did what her sister Mikaela had done before her and followed in her footsteps. On the other hand, in contrast to Jordana, Mikaela is more well-known for her role as a voice actor in the series The Magic School Bus Rides Again.

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