Who Is Joel Stock? Will Zalatoris Newest Caddie Coming Up Big In PGA Tour

Joel Stock is a caddie on the PGA Tour. When his friend Ben Crane, who used to play for the University of Oregon, asked him to fill in for two weeks, that was the start of his career.

After their first time together, the two kept working for Crane for more than ten years and won four races.

In 2020, Joel worked for Kevin Tway. Since the beginning of the 2021 season, he has been working for Cameron Tringale.

A change in caddie can have a big impact on a golfer’s career, but it looks like Will Zalatoris only needed one round to build trust with Joel Stock, who has been looping for a long time.

What is his name?

Joel Stock works as a caddie on the PGA Tour. He got his start in the field in 2009. Joel got his degree from the University of Oregon in 1997. During his four years there, he played golf.

He used to play professionally, but he quit to play with his two older brothers in a band.

The Stockbrothers toured the country for a few years and made three records during that time.

During the 2020 season, Joel Stock worked for Kevin Tway, and during the 2021 season, he worked for Cameron Tringale.

Joel also opened and ran his own coffee shop, worked as a broker for mortgages, and is now a licensed real estate agent in Oregon.

Will Zalatoris Finds His Groove With His New Caddie Joel Stock

Joel Stock is an experienced looper, but it took him and Will Zalatoris about one round to build trust on the course.

During the FedEx Cup playoffs, which start in Memphis and are the end of the season for the PGA Tour, Joel Stock will be Zalatoris’ caddie.

Will Zaatoris let his new caddie, Joel Stock, read putts during their second official round together.

Zalatoris shot a 63 and then a 65 on Saturday. Last week, Zalatoris and his longtime caddie, Ryan Goble, broke up in the middle of the Wyndham Championship. This is the first time Stock has carried the bag.

People also know that Zalatoris is one of the worst putters on the tour from within 10 feet.

How much money does Joel Stock have?

The value of Joel Stock’s assets is being looked at. But Rookieroad says that the pay rate and income of a caddy would depend on how many people want to be one and how qualified they are.

On the PGA Tour, caddies get between $1,000 and $3,000 a week, plus a share of what the golfer wins. So, we can assume that Joel Stock makes between $1,000 and $3,000 every week.

Caddies can also make money by getting sponsors. Caddies can make money by wearing a cap or a company’s logo on their shirt sleeve, usually for a club manufacturer or clothing company, but not as much as players.

Any contract between a player and a caddy is negotiated, and one of the terms may be that the caddy gets a higher weekly salary and a smaller share of the money made from the tournament. There is also talk about travel and lodging costs, and some players even pay for their caddie’s costs.

Who is Joel Stock’s wife or husband?

Joel Stock is married to Barbara Stock. They’ve been together for more than ten years and have two kids, Emerson and Avery.

Barbara, Joel’s wife, is a teacher. Joel often posts pictures of his wife and kids to his Instagram account. He likes to sing, play golf, go hiking, work out, and take family trips.

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