Who Are Salvador Ramos Parents and Could They Get Arrested? Internet Wonder If They Could Be Charged Following His Death

On Tuesday, Salvador Ramos killed at least 18 kids and three adults at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. This was the worst nightmare for his parents. Here are some facts about his family.

Salvador Ramos went to Uvalde High School and lived in a small town about 130 kilometres (80 miles) west of San Antonio. On Tuesday, the teenager opened fire at a South Texas elementary school, killing 18 kids and 3 adults.

Later, police officers who had come to the scene stopped him. Two officers were shot, but the governor said their wounds were not serious. Authorities said that the suspect did not work with anyone else. Ten days before the shooting, ten people were killed in a mostly black neighbourhood in Buffalo, New York.

Officials say that an 18-year-old boy opened fire with a gun that looks like an assault rifle. He has been charged. Now, people are most worried about Ramos’s parents, who haven’t been talked about in the news as of this writing.

Who Are Salvador Ramos Parents?

People on the Internet are now asking a lot about Salvador Ramos’s parents because they think that his father and mother may have also been involved in this shooting that killed people. But they haven’t gone to the news media and talked about what their son did.

But on the Internet, some people are asking if they could be arrested for what their son did. Ramos is also said to have shot his grandmother before moving to Robb Elementary on Tuesday, just before noon.

On Tuesday, Salvador Ramos killed at least 18 students and three adults at Uvalde, Texas’s Robb Elementary School.

And the grandmother won’t give up. Roland Gutierrez, a state senator from Texas, said on CNN that Ramos bought the guns legally from a dealer on his birthday.

Are Salvador Ramos’s parents from Texas?

As was already said, Salvador Ramos’s father and mother have gotten a lot of attention, but they have avoided the media. But we know they will do something soon about this problem because the police are looking into it.

Talking about the deadly shooting, an 18-year-old boy opened fire at an elementary school in South Texas on Tuesday, killing 18 children and three adults. Later, he was caught by the police, who shot and killed him.

It was said that 14 students and one teacher had been killed. Now, though, 18 children and three adults had died. Also, the reason for Tuesday’s mass shooting in Texas, which was the worst in a string of seemingly random mass shootings that have become common in the US, was not known right away.

Salvador Ramos went to high school at Uvalde.

Ramos, on the other hand, is thought to have left his car and gone to the school with a handgun and possibly a rifle before opening fire. The news is still coming in, and we’ll give you more information soon.

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