Where Is Catherine Greig Today? Update On Whitey Bulger Girlfriend Prison Time

Whitey Bulger’s girlfriend, Catherine Greig, is the thing that most people know her for. Whitey was in charge of the Somerville, Massachusetts, Winter Hill Gang.

Whitey left the Boston area on December 23, 1994, and went into hiding after his former FBI handler, John Connolly, told him that he was going to be charged with RICO.

He spent sixteen years on the run. After Bulger was caught in 2011, federal prosecutors tried him for nineteen murders based on what Kevin Weeks and other former criminal partners said in court.

Where is Catherine Greig, Whitey Bulger’s girlfriend?

Catherine Greig has been in prison for a long time because she helped the fugitive gangster James “Whitey” Bulger get away and refused to talk to grand juries.

According to the website for the federal Bureau of Prisons, Catherine’s nine-year sentence ended on Thursday. During the last year of her sentence, she was kept at home and monitored electronically. She used to live with Bulger’s family in Hingham. Now, she lives in South Boston with her twin sister.

WBZ-TV says that federal agents took away her GPS device Thursday morning after her sister, Margaret McCusker, said she was “thrilled” that she had finished her sentence.

Whitey was sentenced to life in prison for 11 murders. On Oct. 30, 2018, he was killed by other inmates at a West Virginia prison. No one has been charged with helping with the murder, which happened less than 12 hours after he was moved there under questionable circumstances.

In 1995, she went on the run with Bulger. He had just left Boston to avoid a federal racketeering charge. When the two were caught in 2011, he was on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list and living in a rent-controlled apartment near the beach in Santa Monica, California.

How long was Catherine Greig locked up at home? Is she now free?

Kevin Reddington, Catherine Greig’s lawyer, said Thursday that his client is “an amazing woman” and that he is glad she is no longer in jail.

She got eight years in prison for helping Bulger avoid being caught, and another 21 months for refusing to talk to a grand jury that was looking into whether or not other people helped them while they were on the run.

Catherine Greig spent 16 years on the run with Whitey Bulger. She kept him safe, gave him rides, and loved him.

She worked for him for more than 8 years and WOULD NOT testify against him to get her sentence reduced.

Whitey wrote angry letters from prison to several people who gave them to the Globe. In the letters, he said that the prosecutors were unfair to Catherine. At the same time, some of his old friends who had killed people got off easy because they helped the government.

Catherine got more time in prison than one of Whitey’s old friends, even though she had nothing to do with any of his violent crimes. She also had to sell her house and pay a fine of $150,000.

In the 1950s, Whitey wrote to a friend who had been in Alcatraz with him that Catherine “did what all the police, prisons, and courts couldn’t.” “She kept me from breaking the law for 16 years. For that, she should get a medal.”

Catherine Greig’s Wikipedia page has her bio and the latest news

Catherine Greig’s father was a machinist from Scotland and her mother was from Canada. She was born in Boston. At age 20, she got married to Robert “Bobby” McGonagle, a firefighter in Boston.

Robert’s family had a long history in the criminal underworld of Boston. They were part of the Mullen Gang in South Boston. Her husband died in 1987 of a drug overdose. Donald and Paul, his twin brothers, were killed in a fight between their gang, the Mullens, and Bulger’s gang, the Killeens.

The first one died in 1969, and the second one was killed in 1974. In 1974, Bobby McGonagle was also hurt in a fight between two gangs. Greig’s other brother, David Greig, was a friend of Whitey Bulger. Later, David killed himself in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Greig’s twin sister, Margaret McCusker, has always been a part of her court cases since the FBI caught her. Margaret went on to say that she wrote to Whitey while he was in prison, but she did not act as a go-between for her sister and Whitey. Whitey and Catherine couldn’t talk to each other at all.

Greig hasn’t said what she’s doing right now, but it looks like she’s still doing well.

How much money did Whitey Bulger leave to Catherine Greig after he died?

It is thought that Catherine Greig’s net worth is in the millions of dollars, but no one knows the exact amount.

Before he died, Whitey was worth about $25 million.

Whitey Bulger and his girlfriend Catherine Greig lived in an apartment in Santa Monica, California, before he was caught. Cash was used to pay for everything. In 2011, when the FBI raided the house, they found that Bulger had hidden all of the money in the apartment.

Agents found piles of cash hidden behind the walls of the house. Most of the packages were filled with bills worth $100. It came to $822,198.

At the time, the Los Angeles Times said that Bulger kept making money while he was hiding out in Las Vegas. He told investigators on the flight back to Boston that he liked playing slots and that over the years, he had “won more than he lost.”

Catherine Greig, Whitey Bulger’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts

During the 16 years that James “Whitey” Bulger was on the run from the law, Catherine Greig helped him with his crimes. Bulger was killed inside the United States Penitentiary in Hazelton, West Virginia, on October 30, 2018.

He had been alive for 89 years. The notorious Boston gangster had just been moved from Florida to the prison. TMZ says that Bulger, who was in a wheelchair, was beaten in an area where there were no surveillance cameras. The site said that Bulger’s fellow prisoners tried to gouge out one of his eyes but couldn’t. No one has been found to be responsible for the murder.

Greig was arrested on June 22, 2011, in the Santa Monica, California, apartment she shared with Bulger. Agents used a trick to get Bulger out of his apartment so they could arrest him. Both of them were sent to Massachusetts. Greig pleaded guilty at his first court hearing to conspiring to hide a wanted person, identity fraud, and conspiring to commit identity fraud. Greig was sentenced to eight years in prison for her crimes just about a year after she was caught. Greig’s lawyer during her trial was Kevin Reddington, who is from Brockton, Massachusetts. Greig was also charged with contempt in September 2015 because she wouldn’t talk about other people who might have helped the couple while they were on the run. Greig got another 21 months in prison for this crime in February 2016. Her date of freedom has been set for 2020. Greig is doing her time in Waseca, Minnesota, at the Federal Correctional Institution.

Greig’s ex-husband thought that Whitey Bulger was the one who killed his brothers

Greig was born in Boston. Her father is from Scotland and her mother is from Canada. Greig got married to Robert “Bobby” McGonagle, a Boston firefighter, when she was 20 years old. McGonagle’s family had a lot of ties to the criminal world of Boston. They were a part of the South Boston Mullen Gang. McGonagle died of a drug overdose in 1987. His twin brothers, Donald and Paul, were killed when their gang, the Mullens, went to war with Bulger’s Killeen gang. The first one died in 1969, and the second in 1974. In 1974, Bobby McGonagle was also hurt in a fight between two gangs. David, Greig’s other brother, was friends with Bulger. In Cape Cod, Massachusetts, David Greig killed himself later.

Since Greig was caught by the FBI, her twin sister Margaret McCusker has been a constant in her court cases. In January 2016, McCusker told the Boston Herald that her sister serving more time would be “a waste of time.” McCusker said, “I miss her. Don’t forget that she was gone for 16 years, not just this time in jail. I was clueless about where she was. I even told myself at one point, “I’m just going to have to say she’s dead because I can’t keep going like this.” McCusker went on to say that she wrote to Bulger while he was in prison, but she did not act as a go-between for her sister and Bulger. Bulger and Greig were not allowed to talk to each other.

Greig was called a “animal lover who went to beauty salons” during the search for Bulger

The FBI said that their complicated media campaign was the main reason why Greig and Bulger were caught. In 2002, the couple was seen in London, so we know they were there. Greig was a target of the campaign because he was known as a “animal lover” who went to beauty salons often. When Greig met Bulger, she had been working as a dental hygienist. The New York Times says that Greig’s license to be a dental hygienist ran out in 1987. In the same Times article, it says that Greig had breast implants and plastic surgery.

Bulger went on the run with another woman at first

After he broke up with Lindsey Cyr around 1973, Bulger began dating Teresa Stanley, who was also divorced and lived in the Boston area. Stanley later said that Bulger treated her kids like a father and that the whole family lived in a nice house in Quincy, Massachusetts. At the same time, Bulger was also having an affair with Greig. She lived in Quincy at the same time.

Just before Christmas 1994, Bulger heard that he was going to be arrested, so he and Stanley ran away to Selden, New York. Then, they went to New Orleans for New Year’s Eve. When Bulger was about to go back to Boston because he thought the rumors about his arrest were not true, Stanley made it clear that she also wanted to go back to be with her kids. Bulger had to change his plans because Stephen Flemmi, who was his right-hand man, was caught. Even so, Bulger left Greig in a parking lot and went to New England. Then he went to get Catherine Greig, who was brought to him by Kevin Weeks, who was working for him as a spy. Weeks said that over the next year, he met with Bulger in many different places. Weeks said that Greig was at most of those meetings.

Stanley had planned to write a book about her life, but she died of lung cancer in 2012 before she could do so. Stanley told the Boston Herald in 2004 that “everyone in town is trying to write a book.” I’ve been with this guy for 30 years, and we’ve been through hell.” Stanley didn’t find out that Greig and Bulger were together until 1994. “During most or all of the time she was Bulger’s girlfriend, Bulger was also in a relationship with Greig,” an FBI source told the New York Times. Stanley’s relationship with Bulger was strained by this news.

Greig told people that Bulger had Alzheimer’s while he was on the run

In a New York Times story about Greig, it was said that while she and Bulger were on the run, she told people that he had senile dementia. The Times article said that Greig was “subservient” to Bulger, even though Greig was smart and worked hard herself. Gerard O’Neill, who wrote Black Mass: The True Story of an Unholy Alliance Between the FBI and the Irish Mob, told the Times, “No one really knows how the relationship works. But he is the master of the double cross, both in his personal and professional lives.”

Bulger had just moved to the prison where he was killed

The Boston Globe said earlier that Bulger had been moved to USP Hazelton in Bruceton Mills, West Virginia. Bulger was being held in Sumterville, Florida, before being moved for a short time to Oklahoma and then to West Virginia. A source quoted in the Globe article said that Bulger’s health was getting worse and worse and that he had a heart condition. One of Bulger’s victims’ sons told Newsweek, “I’m shocked and happy. I thought no one would be able to kill him. I thought he’d die in jail as an old man. Our family is happy to hear this.”

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