What Is ‘My Little Pony Jar’ Mean On Tiktok? Urban Dictionary Meaning And Trend Explained

The My Little Pony Jar has been popular on Tiktok, and here’s why.

TikTok has started a new crazy trend that users can’t get enough of. My Little Pony Jar might look like a simple video on FYP, but it has completely taken over the site.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that TikTok users are always looking for new trends. This time is no different. Many people with a lot of influence on the platform have been trying out new things and getting more viewers as a result.

If the trend has thrown you off or you don’t know what it is, don’t worry. We’ll explain it below.

What Does Tiktok’s “My Little Pony Jar” Mean?

My Little Pony Jar has become more popular than TikTok. Users on the platform have been trying out the trend, and viewers are trying hard to figure out what it means.

The trend that is all over everyone’s fyp has no hidden meaning. But many people are making “My Little Pony Jar” reaction videos.

The hashtag #mylittleponyjar has been used on the platform more than a million times, and videos with it have gotten thousands of likes. A “little pony jar” was made by putting a pony in a jar and adding glue or glitter.

In the meantime, many users have begun to respond to the pony jar video. Most TikTokers are showing how shocked they were by a specific video on the @bestsellar user account.

One TikToker took part in a trend by putting a brown liquid and a pony in a jar. Since then, people seem to be reacting to the pony jar video.

In the meantime, this has made a lot of people confused. TikTokers have left comments like “u don’t want to know” or asked to tag the account.

My Little Pony Jars Are Popular and Urban

My Little Pony Jar is a recent TikTok trend that has been going viral. People have made “little pony jars” with their little pony dolls, a jar, and glue to join the trend.

According to the Urban Dictionary, “the Pony Jar” was a Tumblr meme that started when a man posted about his “pony jar,” which was a glass jar with a single My Little Pony toy in the middle.

“And he would put his poop in the jar to cover the toy… It is now used to ruin people’s days with internet culture.”

People use it as a meme like, “Bro, in just two words, I can ruin your day… Bet …. Pony Jar”

What’s the deal with the My Little Pony jar trend?

My Little Pony is a trend that is all about making a decorative item out of a small pony doll, putting it in a jar, and if you want, adding glue or glitter to finish it off.

While other TikTokers have put their reaction videos on it to follow the trend. No matter how you look at it, it has been reaching more people on the platform, which has made it popular on TikTok.

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