What happened to the lacrosse player David Gallagher, a Dartmouth graduate who passed away following a freak accident?

David Gallagher, a lacrosse player and 2020 graduate of Dartmouth College, passed away on Sunday after suffering an injury on Hanover’s steep slope underneath the Ledyard Bridge.

When David, 24, arrived back at Dartmouth, he was employed as an analyst for an asset management company in Los Angeles. Gallagher graduated in 2020, so he went to his commencement, which had been postponed because of the pandemic.

At the Ivy League university, he was a standout lacrosse player and a fraternity member. Additionally, he has worked for Bane Realty Capital, HFF, and JLL.

Additionally, Gallagher is reported as going to Downington High School in Pennsylvania and enrolling in classes at the esteemed Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

David Gallagher, a Dartmouth graduate, was killed in an accident.

David’s passing has been announced by Dartmouth Men’s Lacrosse.

The Pennsylvania native Gallagher, according to the authorities, was in town for his postponed Class of 2020 commencement ceremony with his family. The Dartmouth reports that on Tuesday and Wednesday, the green college flag on the Dartmouth campus will be lowered in Gallagher’s honour. Boston.com was informed by Dartmouth spokeswoman Diana Lawrence that the university is grieving the loss of its departed student.

They added that Gallagher had participated in both the Theta Delta Chi fraternity and the men’s varsity lacrosse team at Dartmouth.

The lacrosse squad also thought he was tough, worked hard both on and off the field, had a strong moral code, and had a positive outlook on life. They said Dave would be missed and that he lived his life with a big smile that lit up the room.

What Happened To The Lacrosse Player?

Around two in the morning on Sunday, the weekend of the celebration, Gallagher was discovered in severe condition underneath a Ledyard Bridge on West Wheelock Street on the campus of the University of New Hampshire. A well-known Dartmouth challenge has students swim across the Connecticut River below, run across the bridge, and this bridge is where it happens.

Just to pull Gallagher out of the slope beneath the Ledyard Bridge, EMTs had to utilise a boat.

He was brought to a local hospital, but he passed away shortly after. There is currently an inquiry on to find out exactly happened, but according to Lieutenant Michael Schibuola, it was a “awful accident” brought on by alcohol. As a result, no charges are anticipated to be brought against anyone.

Gallagher’s demise was a “horrendous accident,” according to Hanover Police Lieutenant Michael G. Schibuola, and it may have involved alcohol. On a hillside close to the Ledyard Bridge, which has long served as a gathering place for students, Gallagher was found gravely hurt, and his companions called 911 to report the incident on Monday.

“We’re not clear how he sustained the injuries that ultimately led to his death,” said Schibuola. We are investigating it. The results of the whole autopsy are not expected for some weeks, and we do not anticipate any criminal charges.

Family and girlfriend of David Gallagher

David was conceived by his parents, Marea Gallagher and Michael Gallagher. Alongside his sister, he grew up.

With his mother and sister, David Gallagher

David’s father uploaded a lengthy ode to their son’s graduation on YouTube. He wrote, “Congratulations, David.” Always aim for perfection, and achieve great things. He signed it on behalf of David’s mother and said, “You’ll do amazing in California!”

Gallagher’s parents must be inconsolable right now over his awful passing.

Furthermore, Davis might have been alone himself when he passed away. His lack of activity on social media accounts makes it more difficult to determine whether or not he is dating anyone.

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