Trevor Brolin: Know About Josh Brolin’s Son

Trevor Brolin: Know About Josh Brolin’s Son

Josh Brolin, a well-known American actor, is the father of Trevor Brolin. Learn about Josh’s son’s interesting facts, age, and girlfriend in this post.

On June 26, 1988, Trevor Brolin was born in Los Angeles, California. He and his devoted sister Eden both work in the motion picture business.

A fellow performer, Brolin’s sister is best known for playing the wonderful Charlie Singer in the spooky drama Beyond. She became well-known after appearing in “Beyond.”

Josh and his ex-wife, Alice Adair, have one child, The Actor. Alice and Brolin wed from 1988 to 1994. They were granted joint custody of Trevor following their divorce.

Furthermore, as of 2022, Trevor doesn’t get much attention. He has not attracted much media notice, like his father and sister,

Information About Trevor Brolin

Trevor Mansur Brolin was born

Popular Name

Jeremy Brolin

Birthdate: 26 June 1988

California, USA, was the birthplace

Josh James Brolin, the father

Alive Mother Adiar

Actor, screenwriter, producer, director, and cinematographer

34 years of age

Size 62 kilograms

5 feet 10 inches tall

Nationality American

Cancer zodiac sign

Arrangement status None

Trevor Brolin, who is an American actor, director, writer, cinematographer, and well-known producer, is Josh Brolin’s son.

Brolin, who married a stunning woman, is the son of Hollywood actor Josh Brolin. Eden Trevor, his sister, chose to pursue a career in filmmaking rather than acting.

In a few short films, the actor has served as executive producer, director, and cinematographer. He also created lovely music for a short film that his father wrote and directed.

The short film “All Kids Count” was written by and stars Josh Borlin’s son, who also wrote the script.

With his exceptional acting talent, Trevor has been able to develop a solid fan base. Additionally, he has won numerous accolades over the course of his acting career.

In addition, Trevor Brolin is a young producer, director, cinematographer, and writer who does not have a long-standing career.

How old is Trevor Brolin?

To be exact, Trevor Brolin will be 34 years old on August 15, 2022.

Brolin’s parents are actors, thus he has always been drawn to this line of work. He was quite fortunate to obtain further assistance from his relatives.

Trevor’s father Josh proposed to co-star Minnie Driver when Trevor was 12 years old. The six-month engagement was canceled.

Eleanor Lambert is Trevor’s half-sister from his father’s marriage to Diane Lane, who became The Actors Dad in August 2004.

Additionally, not much was known about the famous actor Josh Brolin’s son. He hasn’t gotten much more press yet, much like his father and sister.

Who Is the Girlfriend of Trevor Brolin?

Trevor Brolin has kept his relationship status a secret from online and social media users. He is skilled at luring his followers, though.

The actor is single and hasn’t made any disclosures on his past or present romantic relationships. Trevor avoids drawing attention to his private life.

To learn more about Trevor’s previous relationships, we do some research online and on social media. Unfortunately, we were unable to find out anything about his previous relationships.

Being a producer, actor, and cinematographer all at once may prevent him from having enough time for a personal life. This could be the biggest factor keeping him unmarried right now.

The estimated net worth of Trevor Brolin is $200,000, according to BIO GOSSIP.

The actor is overjoyed with the money his career brings in. Similar to this, Brolin’s has made a nice profit through sponsors and ads.

Additionally, Trevor can make a respectable amount of money from his long-running and successful profession as an American actor, director, writer, cinematographer, and producer.

He is currently enjoying a wonderful and opulent life with his family thanks to the income he receives from his career. His earnings and compensation will undoubtedly increase in the days to come.

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