Tik Tok Video Delected by Howie Mandel

Due to a poor video that Howie Mandel released on his TikTok account, he has a negative reputation online. The “America’s Got Talent” judge shocked everyone by uploading a poor video of a prolapse to the video-sharing website Tiktok.

Since then, the name Mandel has been trending on Twitter. Mandel included a prolapse image of his pal in a recent TikTok video, which has subsequently been called “Howie Mandel Prolapsed video.”

Howie deleted the offensive video after receiving fan reaction, but some of his admirers who had downloaded it beforehand are now tweeting about it.

Watch the Deleted Howie Mandel Tik Tok Video

Howie Mandel’s most recent TikTok video is going viral on social media and stirring much debate. Howie Mandel, a Canadian comedian, published a picture of a prolapsed video of his friend in a recent TikTok video, sparking debate and backlash on Twitter and TikTok.

In response to the criticism, Mandel deleted the video from his TikTok account. However, a few of his fans downloaded the video and shared it on Twitter.

His admirers were astonished when Howie posted a repulsive video on his official TikTok account. The unsettling image disturbed Howie’s fans.

A lot of individuals also questioned whether posting such an explicit picture on the platform was suitable.

Howie thought the harsh comments would stop once the video was taken off from TikTok. The prolapse video of Howie Mandel, however, has been downloaded and posted on Twitter by his fans.

People are outraged at the TV celebrity for releasing a terrible image, and many are baffled as to why TikTok did not take down the video.

What Is Surgery for Rectal Prolapse?

Rectal prolapse, as defined by Mayoclinic, is a disorder in which the rectum, the last section of the large intestine, enlarges and bulges upward from the urethra. Surgery to address rectal prolapse can treat this disease. The rectum is repositioned after surgery.

The image unmistakably shows a rectal prolapse, as shown in the gruesome video that Howie Mandel published. The audience was quizzed by Howie Mandel regarding the relationship between his friend’s issues and the covid epidemic.

The precise reason of a prolapse is not yet known. A doctor might advise a procedure to fix such prolapses by putting the rectum back in its proper place.

Howie Mandel: What Did He Do? Twitter Response

A repulsive prolapse video was uploaded by Howie Mandel on his official Tiktok account. Howie has more than 9.8 million followers and more than 180 million likes on his “officialhowiemandel” TikTok account, where he recently released a video.

The actor showed a distressing visual of a rectal prolapse that had occurred to one of his buddies in a TikTok video.

It is unknown why the video has not been removed, despite TikTok making it abundantly clear that they do not allow videos in which a “open wound or damage is the principal emphasis.”

Furthermore, they promise to “ban the account” and, if the content is very upsetting, to report it to the appropriate authorities. This is stated clearly in their guidelines.

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