Meet Shakur Stevenson’s Future Wife Young Lyric and Her Age, Net Worth

Meet Shakur Stevenson’s Future Wife Young Lyric and Her Age, Net Worth

Young Lyric is a well-known figure in the world of boxing due to the fact that she is engaged to be married to the reigning world heavyweight champion, Shakur Stevenson.

The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, BoxRec, and ESPN all agree that her boyfriend is the top active super featherweight in the world. He is currently undefeated. Shakur won the world championship in not one but two different weight classifications.

Between the years 2019 and 2020, he was the WBO featherweight champion. Between the years 2021 and 2022, he was the WBO super featherweight champion. In 2022, he also held the WBC and The Ring super featherweight championships.

As a result of Lyric’s association with such a well-known figure, Shakur’s devoted followers are familiar with her name.

Young Lyric is already a well-known figure in her own right, even apart from the man she loves. She is well-known for her work as a singer, a rapper, an influencer on social media, and an entrepreneur.

The songs “Big Racks,” “One Knee,” “Pressure,” “Misfit,” “Fallin,” and “Yikes” are a few examples of her current music that has been successful. Lyric is known for her songs, but she has also worked with other notable artists, including Nicki Minaj and Cuban Doll.


Shakur Stevenson’s Girlfriend¬† Young Lyric

Fans of both music and boxing are aware of the fact that Young Lyric is engaged to marry WBO champion Shakur Stevenson. This information is common knowledge.

After being together for a significant amount of time, the couple announced their relationship to the general public in December of 2020. Since that time, they have not strayed from their commitment to one another, even if they have not yet tied the knot.

This pair, on the other hand, has not been coy about their connection and does not hesitate to display their affection for one another in front of others.

On their individual social media handles, Shakur and Lyric will frequently post about each other and will not fail to send well wishes on significant life events.

Their supporters have high hopes that these two will soon tie the knot and that they will remain married to one another forever.

Lyric believes that she has at long last discovered her soulmate in the boxer Shakur. As a result, the couple has been cohabitating, taking time away from their respective hectic schedules to focus on their intimate relationship and intimate family.

¬†Young Lyric’s Net Worth

Young Lyric, who is known for her song “Big Racks,” is on the verge of landing major hip-hop record deals, which will be followed by significant increases in her net worth.

She has collaborated with other notable personalities during the course of her hit career, and the possibilities she has had to do so have resulted in massive amounts of music sales and money for her.

Her successful albums and songs have helped her amass a net worth of more than one million dollars. She is now a millionaire. The Instagram sensation makes money from live music performances in addition to the sales of her recorded music.

Her schedule is managed by the music label Bad Akktor Records, and the young girl is open to delighting not just her own fans but also those who are interested in hip-hop in general.

In a similar vein, Lyric’s other source of income comes from her popularity on Instagram, where she collaborates with a variety of firms to promote their products on her official profile.

As a result, this artist has been able to successfully expand her net worth by venturing into as many different industries as possible.

Young Lyric’s Career

On July 30, Young Lyric turned 22, a milestone that she is using as a starting point for a new chapter in her life.

She commemorated the event by dedicating it to a significant purpose and even went so far as to share a daring photoshoot with the followers of her Instagram account. Lyric looked really lovely in the collection of birthday images in which she wished herself a happy birthday.

When is customary, her devoted followers’ jaws dropped as they were taken aback by those photographs. The Texan is now a grownup who is focusing on both her professional life and her growing family.

Since then, the freshly turned 22-year-old woman has viewed this year as a new year filled with potential while still continuing to share love within her family.

At the age of 22, Lyric has already found her lifelong partner, is a busy mother to a little daughter, and is pursuing a career in music. Her supporters are ecstatic that she has accomplished so much at such a tender age and are rooting for her continued success.

Hip Hop Star Young Lyric Created Headlines Throughout His Life. Putting the “Life” in “Life Before Dating” Shakur Stevenson

Even before she dated the WBO super featherweight champion, Shakur Stevenson, Lyric became famous for her string of previous romances and active dating life.

In the past, her name has been associated with a number of other well-known figures. At one point in her life, she was romantically involved with fellow rap artist NBA Youngboy, as well as with Diggy Simmons.

In addition, the majority of news stories focused on her time spent with the “Bandit” rapper. It was confirmed by Urban Islandz that Young Lyric was the one who first confirmed the news that they were dating through an Instagram post in 2019.

Due to the fact that NBA Youngboy was required to remain at his home at the time, the two were observed having a wonderful time there.

Lyric has removed the post from Instagram now that the two are no longer together and have moved on from one other as a result of their breakup.

Her social media handle is entirely devoted to her professional life, including photographs taken at photoshoots and of her with her baby.

After her breakup with NBA Yooungboy, there were rumors that Lyric will start dating the rapper Diggy Simmons at some point in the future. However, the revelation about her prior dating life is being overshadowed by her present engagement with Shakur.

Shakur Stevenson’s Net Worth

As a result of his career as a professional boxer, Shakur Stevenson has accumulated a net worth that is greater than $3.5 million. He has also added to his fortune as a result of the incentives and endorsements he has received.

The fact that he has 18 total victories during his professional career has been a huge asset for him.

In his childhood, Stevenson was able to achieve a great deal of success, culminating in his victory in both the Summer Youth Olympics and the AIBA Youth World Championships in 2014. In addition, Shakur was the champion of the Senior U.S. Olympic Trials in 2015, which earned him a seat on the United States boxing team for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

After losing to Robeisy Ramrez of Cuba in the match for the gold medal, he was awarded the silver medal for his performance in Rio. Nevertheless, he was the American fighter who earned the most honors in total across the board.

It was revealed in a press release that was distributed on May 3, 2017, that Stevenson will be making his debut at Madison Square Garden. It was reported that his opponent will be the Argentine boxer Carlos Suarez. After 2 minutes and 35 seconds of play in the first round, Stevenson was declared the winner. Suarez was taken out of the game just before the halftime break.

On August 19, 2017, Stevenson fought for the third time at the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska, once again as part of the undercard for Terrence Crawford’s unification contest against Julius Indongo. Stevenson’s opponent for this fight was Julius Indongo.

Stevenson boxed David Michel Paz of Argentina for the second time in a row in a match that was scheduled to last for six rounds. Stevenson defeated Paz easily over the course of six rounds, earning a victory score of 60-53 on all three scorecards. In the fifth round, Paz was knocked out of the fight by a straight blow. In this manner, he launched his career in the professional world.

Earnings from Shakur Stevenson’s Career Are Greater Than Two Million Dollars
More than two million dollars have been effectively accumulated by Shakur Stevenson through his professional earnings. His most recent victory, which came against Felix Caraballo, earned him $450,000.

According to essentialsports, he made another $150,000 from his title battle against Joet Gonzalez, which was included in his total earnings.

The victory over Alberto Guevara earned him $100,000, and the victories over Christopher Diaz and Jessie Cris Rosales each won him $50,000. In total, he made $300,000. The confrontation with Viorel Simion earned him $25,000 in prize money.

According to reports, he has earned at least $10,000 from each of his previous ten fights, bringing his total earnings for his career to more than $2 million.

Young Lyric and Shakur Stevenson on Instagram

The wonderful duo that consists of Young Lyric and Shakur Stevenson has astounded their fandom with the photographs that they have posted on Instagram.

This couple has made themselves one of the most open couples to their fans by regularly updating their love lives on social media ever since they made their relationship public.

The couple has never been shy about sharing intimate moments with their followers, including Lyric’s pregnancy, maternity photoshoots, and details about how they are raising their daughter.

Shakur, too, devoted his Instagram page to photographs of Lyric during her pregnancy and, afterwards, the two of them having a wonderful time together.

On December 6, 2021, they welcomed a daughter, Lei, who they immediately began referring to as Princess Lei.

Since there have been no reported conflicts or disagreements in their relationship, it can be assumed that they are truly meant to be with one another. They have found happiness with their daughter as the only child in their modest family and are starting to think about the possibility of a fairytale wedding.

Young Lyric
Young Lyric

Quick Facts About Young Lyric

Name Lyric Michelle Ragston
Age 22
Date of Birth July 30, 2000
Birthplace Houston, Texas
Nationality American
Partner Shakur Stevenson
Children 1
Net Worth $1 million +
Instagram @thereallyricmichell

Facts On Young Lyric

  1. Young Lyric’s real name is Lyric Michelle Ragston, making it a reference to her current stage name. She was once known as “Lyrikkal.”
  2. The rapper was born in Houston, Texas, and she still lives there with her daughter and partner, Shakur Stevenson.
  3. Young Lyric was inspired by her musician father to be in the musical hip-hop industry. She has not disclosed her parents’ identities in public.
  4. The “Mirror Mirror” rapper has a younger sister named Hayley Ragston, who is not a public figure.
  5. While Lyric portrays a star persona on stage, she is a family person. She often posted pictures of her family and friends on her social media in the past.

Some FAQs

Is Young Lyric Dating Shakur Stevenson?

Rapper Young Lyric and boxer Shakur Stevenson have been dating since past few years.

How Much Is Young Lyric Net Worth In 2022?

Young Lyric is a millionaire of more than $1 million net worth from her music career and as a performing artist.

How Old Is Rapper Young Lyric?

One Knee rapper Young Lyric is 22 years old in 2022. She was born on July 30, 2000, in Houston, Texas.

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