Severance Theories: Will Mark and Helly End Up Together?

Employees of the Macro Data Refinement (MDR) department attempt to find the truth about their jobs, the severance procedure, and their life outside of Lumon Industries in the film ‘Severance.’ In addition, the titular process stops the employees from accessing their work-related memories outside of their respective floors that have been separated. So two identical but distinct identities (known as Innies and Outies) of the same individual exist, both of which are identical yet distinct from one another.

As the story progresses, viewers will see the emergence of a romantic relationship between the Innie versions of Mark and Helly. The season 1 finale, on the other hand, leaves the future of the couple’s relationship out in the air. This page will provide you with all of the information you need to know about whether Mark and Helly will end up together in “Severance.” WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Mark and Helly:  What Happens Between Them?

The series premiere episode of ‘Severance,’ titled ‘Good News About Hell,’ features a meeting between Mark and Helly. Helly is the newest recruit to join the MDR team, and she is assigned to work under Mark’s supervision in the episode. Due to Helly’s recent severance and her lack of understanding of the ramifications of this procedure on her mind and body, Mark is in charge of Helly’s integration process. Helly initially harbours ill will toward Mark and employs whatever means at her disposal to get away from the prison of Lumon. She, on the other hand, quickly finds solace in Mark and her coworkers in the MDR department.

Despite the fact that Mark and Helly become friends, there is clearly a romantic tension between them. Nevertheless, because they are both Innies, they do not seek a romantic engagement with one another. Eighth-season episode: The couple of Innies enjoy a passionate kiss before departing the separated floors and preparing to awaken in the outer world The sensitive moment between them confirms their affections for one another and raises the chance of them developing a romantic connection in the future.

Is it possible that Mark and Helly will end up together?

Following a series of stormy interactions, Mark and Helly’s Innies have developed a positive relationship. They do, however, gradually develop a soft spot for one another and appear to be a perfect match for one another. Lumon, on the other hand, appears to restrict romantic ties between ex-employees who have been separated. Furthermore, the Innies are completely oblivious of their personal life outside of work, and it is possible that they have significant others, which complicates their love position even further. The fact that Mark’s wife, Gemma, is actually Ms. Casey is already well known to the audience.

Due to the fact that Mark’s Outie is still madly in love with Gemma, and Mark’s Innie is madly in love with Helly, the series has presented Mark with a quandary. As the story progresses, viewers gain a more sensitive understanding of the Innies’ psyches and motivations. The fact that Innies do not consider themselves to be real persons has been brought to light on numerous occasions. They do, however, have their own desires and go through the motions of typical human emotions. As a result, Mark’s Innie might be interested in developing a love relationship with Helly.

However, Helly’s journey hinges around her questioning her obligations as an Innie, and she considers herself to be a unique individual with her own thoughts, feelings, and desires in contrast to Helly. As a result, the development of a romantic relationship between Mark and Helly will allow the filmmakers to investigate the humanity of the Innies. As the Innies learn to recognise themselves as persons rather than as constructions, it is conceivable that they will form love connections with one another.

However, the opposing side of the argument contends that Lumon is unlikely to tolerate such behaviour and will attempt to deprive the Innies of their freedom, hence decreasing the likelihood that Mark and Helly will wind up in the same place. Because of the Innies’ attempt to awaken beyond labour and disclose the secrets of Lumon, Mark and Helly’s Innies are likely to face harsh repercussions in the aftermath of their actions. In addition, their memories may be overwritten, effectively wiping away any love sentiments they may have had for each other. The future of Mark and Helly’s romance does not appear to be promising, and it is likely that they will not end up together.

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