Sandra Sully: Details About The Australian Presenter’s Husband Symons Brewis-Weston, Bio, Wiki, Career, Net Worth and Family

Sandra Sully: Details About The Australian Presenter’s Husband Symons Brewis-Weston, Bio, Wiki, Career, Net Worth and Family

In journalism, Sandra Sully is a well-known figure. She works as an editor and newscaster for the Australian news program 10 News First in both Sydney and Queensland.

Sully was the first Australian television reporter to cover the September 11 attacks. When the first event happened, she was broadcasting, and she started giving live-breaking coverage right away.

Sully started her career hosting Ten Eyewitness News Brisbane in the 1990s before taking up the 5:00 pm daily host duties for Ten’s main Sydney program.

Sully was the victim of an alleged stalker and received two pistol whips in the parking lot of her home in November 1997 as she was returning after a late shift at Ten.

Sandra Sully
Sandra Sully

Sandra Sully’s Huband Symons Brewis-Weston

Symon Brewis-Weston, Sandra Sully’s spouse, is the subject of her love interest. In case you were curious about who he was, Symon is the one that likes to avoid the limelight. He works as a professional banker, or more specifically, as a banking executive, and in contrast to his wife, he keeps a low profile. According to reports, they both dated for ten years before getting married.

Know Partner of Sandra Sully, Symon Brewis-Weston

Sandra Sully with her husband
Sandra Sully with her husband

Sandra and Symon got married back in 2011. She has said that having her wedding at the Sydney Opera House was her “dream wedding.” But following her parents, the couple renewed their vows in Las Vegas after four years of marriage. We didn’t do the Elvis thing, the presenter continued. I have the document, my parents have attested to it, and my spouse and I have attested to it in front of my parents. It was really stunning. The ceremony was extremely nice. It was a double celebration, to put it simply.Sandra, her husband Symon, and their adorable 2-year-old dog Keiko reside in Sydney.

Sandra Sally has already spoken candidly about how meeting Symon changed the course of her life. Well, that was positive in a way. Symon, Sandra Sully’s partner, previously adopted Mia as a daughter. She is being raised by the presenter in a stepmother role. She is appreciative of her for allowing both of them into her life. She is able to feel the important dynamic thanks to Mia.

A lovely family of three, then. Every time Sandra Sully was questioned about her husband in interviews, she couldn’t help but gush. Additionally, it is clear that she considers herself blessed to have Symon as her life partner. They appear to be thriving together and are excellent parents to Mia. Stepmothers are not all evil. This is demonstrated in real life by Sally.

I send my best wishes for a happy future to Symon Brewis Weston and Sandra Sully. I’m sending Mia a ton of love! I’m hoping to soon discover more of Sandra’s excellent works. In 2011, Sandra Sully and Symons Brewis-Weston became husband and wife. It was her “dream wedding,” according to her, to get married at the Sydney Opera House.

On the same day that her parents’ wedding was renewed, they renewed their vows once again in Las Vegas after four years of marriage.

The host of the double party joked, “We didn’t do the Elvis thing,” adding, “I have the piece of paper, my parents are the witness, and my spouse and I are witnesses to my parents.”

Symon Brewis-Weston maintains a low profile while working as a professional banker, more particularly, a banking executive.

Sully has already talked about how the day she met Symon changed her perspective on everything.

The 57-year-old host of 10 News First has always been a calm and soothing presence we’ve welcomed into our homes, whether she was covering the awful terrorist atrocities of September 11 in real time or more local disasters like fires, floods, and the pandemic.

Sandra, however, nearly broke down live on-air during one terrible story during what was supposed to be the happiest period of her life.

Sandra and financier Symon Brewis-Weston got married in 2011. Sandra was back at work and reading the headlines after her recent holiday.

According to Sandra, who speaks exclusively to New Idea, “there was a story about a young couple in country New South Wales who were getting married and the brother of the bride was a helicopter pilot, and they’d crashed on the way to the ceremony.”

“The groom had watched them coming down and the column of smoke while waiting on a rural property for them to land. How does one think about anything like that? I had only been home from my honeymoon three days when I tried to speak.

Sandra Sully’s Personality

To get through some days, she says, “I practically have to pretend that I’m a reporter performing this work, but it isn’t always easy.” “Remaining active helps.”
Sandra has maintained a notoriously tight-lipped attitude over her more than 30 years in the spotlight, rarely divulging information about her private life.

Despite the fact that she is quite secretive, she admits that her parents, Sydney and Carol Sully, are aging and that her father has experienced some health concerns.

The TV host recalls, “There was a time when I had to stop thinking about myself and realize that this was about them—and what a fantastic gift this was to offer them.

Sandra didn’t know what she would be doing from day to day throughout her two-week travel with the series; she didn’t even get her plane ticket until she was at the boarding gate.

Sandra reveals, “Everyone thought I’d go off to Scotland, but I actually traveled to Europe,” adding that she is looking forward to sharing her Who Do You Think You Are? episode with her family but has not yet told them all the specifics of what she learned.

She continues, “It was like discovering some jigsaw pieces that I didn’t even realize were missing, but they just fit perfectly and made everything complete again.

Sister of Sandra Sully

Lyn, Sandra’s identical twin sister, likes to avoid the spotlight, although the two are “extremely close.”

Sandra Sully’s Family

Sandra remembers her childhood growing up in Queensland with her twin sister Lyn Salter, older brothers Brad and Chris, and exclaims, “I had a great childhood.”

Every weekend was spent watching my brothers play football or Lyn and I play netball and hockey at a sporting venue, she recalls.

Although Sandra’s immediate family was “very tight,” she didn’t spend a lot of time with her other relatives as a child. She will be focusing on her grandfathers’ pasts in the series, who both died before she was born.

“Because my parents were raised during the Great Depression, they were constantly looking forward and not back. There were many gaps that needed to be filled,” explains Sandra.

However, she was already somewhat familiar with one family scandal. In her 20s, Sandra’s grandmother on Carol’s side boarded a ship in Scotland by herself to travel to Australia to meet her future husband.

Sandra relates that her mother once told her, “Grandma might have been tempted to not get off and sail off with someone else she met on board.”

She responds, “But she’s not here anymore to ask, so who knows!”

Children in the family that had been adopted by Sandra Sully and her husband Symons

After their marriage, Sandra welcomed Symon’s adopted child into her household. The family is currently enjoying a happy life in Sydney, Australia.

Their adopted daughter Mia will turn 17 in 2022. Sully considers herself lucky to have accepted them both into her life.

Sandra Sully, a TV host, adopted Mia, her husband’s adoptive daughter, as her stepdaughter.

Sully added, “It’s a great cause and one that’s really personal to me. I approach it from a rather unusual vantage point because my stepdaughter Mia was adopted.

When Sully wed Symon Brewis-Weston in 2011, she found that having his daughter Mia in her life gave her a completely new perspective on the world.

Sandra Sully’s Children

Sully added, “I’m incredibly lucky. I have Mia every week, and I also have a great relationship with her mother.
Sully’s satisfaction at having a “bright light and a beautiful little kid” in her own life has made her more aware of the adoption issue as it affects many Australian families as a whole.

“40 is hardly old — but the rules haven’t caught up,” the television host says in reference to the existing adoption age limit.

Sully used the example of how she and her husband would have been deemed too elderly to attempt adoption of their own child to highlight some of the existing bureaucracy.

I didn’t have a child of my own when I woke up in a relationship, but I don’t regret it since that’s not who I am. Sully, 49, said, “But I would be considered too old to adopt yet I have the love to give and the resources to provide. “I don’t meet the criteria.

I now have this gift in my life, this wonderful little kid, thanks to my husband’s good fortune to have lived in Indonesia for five years, she remarked.

Prior to the interview, Sully and Furness met with Sydney Confidential for an exclusive discussion about the new campaign, which is significant to both well-known women.

Regarding the initiative to alter adoption rules and procedures, Furness observed that “people are just sitting up and saying ‘this is a no-brainer’.”

“Sandra and I were chatting, and you realize that everyone, because I’ve been outspoken about this [problem], so many people come up and are so linked to someone who is adopted – it’s a massive demographic.

We must act because the universe is telling us that this is the right time to do something.
Along with Sully, other ambassadors include Jack Thompson, Layne Beachley, Mel Doyle, Karl Stefanovic, and lifelong supporter.

“There are tens of thousands of children who need a nice home worldwide,” Sully remarked. It’s so unfair on both sides, but there are Australian families who want to adopt desperately but are unable to.

Some people are so eager to fall in love and have a family with someone, but they are unable to do so because of the absurd amount of bureaucracy.

Sully claimed to have great admiration for Furness and her partner Hugh Jackman’s activism.

“I can only praise her and Hugh for what they have accomplished because, celebrity or not, they have managed to get beyond the bureaucracy and gain the attention of those who can genuinely bring about change.

“She and Hugh both did it, so all credit goes to them.”She previously told The Telegraph that having a young person in your life is wonderful. “I have a lot of nieces and nephews, but they’ve always lived outside of the country,” she said.

Even though you are conscious that you have numerous children in your life, the dynamic is substantial and delightful when it is occurring under the same roof, she continued.

Sandra Sully: Did She Ever Date Anyone?

Sandra Sully has never had a girlfriend and she identifies as heterosexual. Despite the fact that her sexuality has been the focus of several unfounded online allegations.

Mark Ryan, a former political consultant, and Sandra were previously married. The couple dated for eleven years before to getting engaged, but their relationship ended after only 20 months.She asserted that she had given up on romantic relationships and had never considered walking down the aisle again. The TV host spoke with Engaging Women about the event last year, but she would not reveal who was at fault.

“The reason I didn’t say anything for a long time is because, in many ways, it had been part of the healing process for me,” she said in an interview with the magazine.

Sully said, “The last ten years or so have been spent trying to comprehend how things came out, how I dealt with the situation, and how to do it better in the future.”

Sully was the first Australian television journalist to report on the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

She was broadcasting when the initial incident took place and started providing live breaking coverage immediately after. She also served as the National Carbon Test host for Cool Aid Australia.

She served as the first female co-host of the Melbourne Cup program for seven years.

Sully co-hosted a new police crime program on Monday nights called Wanted in June 2013 with fellow Channel Ten journalist Matt Doran. She also conducted interviews with the relatives of the victims to urge the public to phone Crimestoppers to help solve the case.

Sully presents 10 News First Sydney as of 2018

Prior to anchoring Ten’s main Sydney 5:00 pm evening bulletin, Sully began her career by hosting Ten Eyewitness News in Brisbane in the 1990s.

As part of a revamp of the 10 News First brand, Sully has also been presenting the Queensland bulletin from September 2020, which is produced in Sydney.

Sandra Sully’s Net Worth

Sully’s net worth is thought to range between $1.5 million and $3 million. Her accomplishments during her journalism career are largely responsible for her wealth.


Born 18 February 1961 (age 61)

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Nationality Australian
  • News presenter
  • TV host
  • journalist
  • editor
Years active 1988−present
Employer Network 10
Television 10 News First
Symon Brewis-Weston

(m. 2


Year Title Role Notes
1990s, 2020–present Ten Eyewitness News Brisbane Newsreader
2011–present 10 News First Sydney Newsreader
2013 Wanted Co-host with Matt Doran
2016 All Star Family Feud Contestant 1 episode
2017 Have You Been Paying Attention? Guest quiz master 1 episode
2018–2019 I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Celebrity guest 2 episodes
2019 Hughesy, We Have a Problem Celebrity problem

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