Police in Nebraska believe there was foul activity in a midnight blast that killed four people.

On Thursday, two separate fires in the small Nebraskan town of Laurel resulted in the deaths of four individuals. Police initially suspected foul play as the cause of the incident when they began their investigation.

According to Col. John Bolduc of the state patrol, at around three in the morning on Thursday, officers were called to an explosion at a residence on 209 Elm Street. Inside the house, one person was discovered deceased.

Authorities were unable to determine the person’s cause of death, despite the fact that witnesses supposedly heard gunshots. A 53-year-old woman named Michele Ebeling was the victim.

As firefighters put out the fire, news spread of a different fire at 503 Elm Street, some five blocks away, where authorities discovered three bodies. The victims, who all resided in the same home, were named as Gene Twiford, 86, Janet Twiford, 85, and Dana Twiford, 55.

Col. John Baldock asserts that there may have been foul play involved in the fatalities.

He added that the usage of accelerants in both homes may have been suspected by the fire investigators.

The Nebraska State Police are searching for a suspect

In regard to the incident, the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) has admitted that it is seeking for a person or persons. An African-American man was spotted leaving the area in a silver sedan, it was reported to the authorities.

In a press conference, Col. Baldock stated:

Despite his refusal to assign a category to the offences, he stated:

It would be a stretch to claim that there is no connection between the two fires that left dead individuals, but it is still very early in the inquiry. Four people have died at multiple crime scenes, but we haven’t classified it yet.
Sheriff Larry Koranda of Cedar County, who lives nearby, also provided his thoughts on the situation.

“This is a small, secure neighbourhood. Although everyone in this town knows everyone other, we are unsure if they were acquainted. People should contact the state patrol if they notice anything unusual.

Such instances are uncommon in Laurel, a small town in the state of Nebraska. Multiple comparable events occurring on the same night is an odd phenomenon that clearly suggests criminal activity.

However, it is important to note that there has been an increase in fire-related crimes recently, since a few other comparable incidents have been documented recently.

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