Is Perry Fenwick Quit EastEnders? The Actor Billy Mitchell’s Departure: A Breakdown of the Plot

Is Perry Fenwick Quit EastEnders? The Actor Billy Mitchell’s Departure: A Breakdown of the Plot

According to the rumored narrative, fans of EastEnders believe that the character played by Perry Fenwick, Billy Mitchell, will be departing the show in the near future.

Since its debut in 1985, the long-running British soap opera known as “EastEnders” may be seen on BBC One. Julia Smith and Tony Holland are credited with the creation of the soap opera, which has already aired for more than 35 seasons.

The Soap Opera has been everyone’s favorite for a very long time, and fans become extremely invested in the lives of the actors playing the roles of their favorite characters. Fans are interested in learning more about the character Billy Mitchell and his time spent acting in the soap opera as a result of the recent buzz surrounding the fact that his part on the show will be ending soon.


Perry Fenwick
Perry Fenwick

Examination of the Billy Mitchell’s Exit Story Line

The most recent episodes of EastEnders have given the impression that Billy’s storyline has reached its conclusion. In the most recent episodes of EastEnders, Keeble has been shown making numerous attempts to have Billy arrested.

Phil has been working on distancing Billy from Keeble, and he finally succeeds when he convinces Billy that he has a business obligation in Portugal that prevents him from attending the wedding.

It is not yet known whether or not Billy will leave Walford for good, but it would appear that his time there is coming to an end. It comes at the end of a day that was full of ups and downs for the character, who was taken aback to see Little Mo’s kid Freddie again (Bobby Brazier). Freddie is under the impression that Billy is his biological father, and Billy is torn as to what would be best for everyone involved.

Since the episodes have been broadcast, many have been concerned that Billy’s run on the show may have reached its conclusion. Even though we still need to watch the next episodes before we can be certain about what will happen to Billy in the show, the recent storyline has been giving us hints about his potential departure.

Perry Fenwick is an English film and television actor who was born on May 29, 1962. He is best known for his role as Billy Mitchell in the British television soap opera EastEnders, which he has portrayed continuously since the year 1998.

Perry Fenwick’s Career

His first regular role on television was in the sitcom Watching from the 1980s. In addition to Bergerac, he has appeared in Inspector Morse, The Brittas Empire, Minder, and The Thin Blue Line. Party Party (1983), Mona Lisa (1986), Empire State (1987), The Raggedy Rawney (1988), I.D. (1995), The Tichborne Claimant (1998), Janice Beard 45 WPM (1999), The Winslow Boy (1999), and G:MT – Greenwich Mean Time (1999) are some of the movies that he has appeared in and acted in throughout his career (1999).

Additionally, between the years 1984 and 1997, he had five guest appearances on the long-running ITV police drama series The Bill, each time playing a different supporting role. In addition, he had an appearance in the music video for the song “Block Rockin’ Beats” by The Chemical Brothers. In the first season of Casualty, which began airing in 1986, he played a supporting part in one of the episodes. He returned to the show in a similar capacity in the tenth season.

Personal Life of Perry Fenwick

Tracey is Fenwick’s only sister, while her brothers Faron and Lee are his only brothers. In addition to this, Georgina Hagen, who portrayed Lauren Waters on Britannia High, is his second cousin twice removed. After dating his co-star for a number of years on the Granada sitcom Watching Emma Wray, he went on to marry a former actress from Coronation Street named Angela Lonsdale.

Angela Lonsdale portrayed Emma Taylor, the wife of the popular character Curly Watts, on the soap opera. He later married Angela Lonsdale. It was stated that the pair would be going their own ways on February 11th, 2010. As a result of their close friendship, Kathy Burke modeled the role she played in the television series Harry Enfield and Chums and the film Kevin and Perry Go Large after him.

Perry Fenwick: Who Is He?

Since the show’s debut in 1998, Perry Fenwick has played the role of Billy Mitchell on EastEnders. The actor has been playing the role of Phil and Grant Mitchell’s inept cousin for the past 23 years, during which time he has provided some light relief and participated in some of the soap opera’s most important storylines.

Terry Milton, who was 59 years old at the time, spent much of his time on television watching. In addition, you might recognize him from Inspector Morse, Minder, or The Thin Blue Line, which are just some of the shows he’s been on.

Since the show’s debut in 1998, fan-favorite Perry Fenwick has portrayed Billy Mitchell on EastEnders.

The actor played the hapless cousin of Phil and Grant Mitchell for 23 years, during which time he was included in some of the most significant stories on the soap opera and also provided some comedic relief.

The 59-year-old actor’s first regular job on television was as Terry Milton in the show Watching. In addition, he had roles in the television shows Inspector Morse, Minder, The Thin Blue Line, and others.

In addition to that, he appeared in the long-running ITV police drama series known as “The Bill” five times, each time playing a unique supporting character.

Finally, in 1998, he was cast in the character of Billy Mitchell, which is one that almost everyone is familiar with.

However, what do we know about his life away from the spotlight? Here is everything you need to know, courtesy of Perry’s renowned cousin and the ex-boyfriend of the Corrie star.

Perry Fenwick As Billy Mitchell

Since 1998, he has been playing the role of Billy Mitchell.
The famous actor has revealed in the past that he had only planned to appear in three episodes of the long-running soap opera, but he ended up staying.

In an interview with Digital Spy, he shared his thoughts on working on EastEnders, saying, “I do genuinely enjoy working at EastEnders, and to think that I just signed up for three episodes back in 1998, to still be here now I’ve not done too terribly, have I?”

Perry has been required to play a variety of occupations throughout the course of the series, including that of a chip shop clerk, personal assistant, business manager, and market trader.

Rose Ayling-Ellis, a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, has stated that dancing with Giovanni Pernice brings out the seductive side of her.

After a trying year, EastEnders’ Max Bowden makes his new relationship official on Instagram with his girlfriend.
After it was made public in 2004 that the actor was being paid $400,000 annually, it was reported in 2008 that the actor was receiving £320,000 per year in compensation.

During this time, Perry was previously married to Angela Lonsdale, who starred on Coronation Street.

The wedding took place in 2005, but the couple ended up getting divorced after five years of marriage.

The soap star accepted his marriage proposal, which consisted of writing a message in rocks on a seashore.

Perry Fenwick’s Partner

2005 marked the year that Perry and Angela became man and wife.

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An acquaintance of the couple who spoke to the Mirror said: “They simply exhausted their capacity for love. Following a series of candid conversations, they came to the conclusion that it was time to call it a day.”

Everyone who worked on the EastEnders set seemed to be taken aback by the couple’s decision to end their relationship, since up to the point at which they parted ways, Perry had nothing but “glowing” things to say about his wife.

The couple has been together for a long time and has three children: Lucy, Isabella, and Jayden.

In 2016, Angela, who had previously portrayed Emma Watts in Corrie, began a relationship with guitarist Jonny Davies.

Perry has not yet found a partner.

In the meantime, Perry has a family member who followed in his footsteps and became an actor.

Georgina Hagen, who is his second cousin twice removed, played the role of Lauren in the ITV series Britannia High.

The story of Britannia High takes place at a performing arts high school, where young people with musical and dance skill strive to realize their ambitions and realize their goals.

In addition, he played a supporting role in five episodes of the long-running British television police drama series The Bill, which was shown on ITV. At long last, in 1998, he was cast in the part of the legendary Billy Mitchell.

The actor had previously disclosed that he only planned to appear in three episodes of the ongoing drama, but he ended up staying for the entirety of the show’s run. Throughout the course of the series, Perry has been required to play a variety of jobs, including those of a chip shop clerk, a personal assistant, a market trader, a company manager, and a bartender.

In 2008, it was reported that the actor’s annual salary was £320,000, which is significantly less than the annual value of £400,000 that was reported in 2004.

In the other hand, Perry was previously married to Angela Lonsdale, who appeared on Coronation Street.


Perry Fenwick
Perry Fenwick

Who Is Billy Mitchell On EastEnders, And What Is His Role?

Billy Mitchell is the son of Steven and Janet Mitchell, the brother of Charlie Mitchell, the ex-husband of Little Mo Slater and Honey Edwards, and the father of Dan Pearce, Janet Mitchell, and Will Mitchell. Billy Mitchell is also the brother of Will Mitchell.

Because of the timid manner in which he carries himself, Mitchell is frequently made fun of by his siblings, who consider him to be an outsider in the Mitchell family. On the other hand, Billy has no problem speaking his mind to his family when the situation calls for it. When he first arrived in Walford, he was a mischievous scoundrel who caused a lot of trouble.

It is then disclosed that Billy was once responsible for looking after Jamie Mitchell, an action for which he has on multiple occasions expressed sorrow. In Billy’s previous life, he worked as a drug dealer, and his boss Steve Owen, who was addicted to the supply, was one of his most frequent customers. However, viewers have grown attached to Billy throughout the course of the program’s run, and it would be incredibly upsetting to see his role on the show come to a close at this point.

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