Review and recap of Once Upon a Small Town episode 7: A Breakthrough

Once Upon a Small Town is a romantic comedy and drama television series that was produced in South Korea and directed by Kwon Seok-jang. The series stars Choo Yeong-woo, Park Soo-young, Baek Sung-chul, and Jung Suk-yong, along with a number of additional actors and actresses. The seventh episode of Once Upon a Small Town runs for a total of 37 minutes.

Once Upon A Small Town
Once Upon A Small Town

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Warning: The following recap of Once Upon a Small Town episode 7 contains spoilers.

The seventh episode of Once Upon a Small Town begins with Ji-yul and Ja-young coming face to face next to the river where they had previously spent time playing together. Things are different for Ji-yul now that he is in possession of new facts regarding their connection; as a result, he is at a loss over how to approach Ja-young.

Even Ja-young has a lot to mull over, and, as Ja-manager young’s points out, it’s obvious that she’s struggling with something; the question is, what is it?

All of it, however, can be put on hold since a little rabbit is very sick, and her owner is also very upset about the fact that the rabbit is about to pass away. However, Ji-yul is optimistic that there is most certainly going to be something that can be done with it. Because, at the end of the day, a little bit of love and care, along with some fluids administered through IV, can make practically everything better.

When he realises that there is friction between the young Hui-won and Seon-dong over a girl that she had provided, another issue occurs. This time, it is because of the girl. Listening to him say something so mature despite his early age offers Ji-yul an idea about what to do with his own relationship, which is somewhat similar to the position that he finds himself in, which is a mirror image of his own.

Unfortuitously, his recommendation is to give Hui-won some time, which is also the course of action that he appears to be doing for himself. That doesn’t go down very well, and when Ja-young later sees Seon-dong, the latter tells her with a sorrowful face that Hui-won won’t even acknowledge his presence anymore. Ja-young is disappointed to hear that. The young man is instructed by Ja-young to just apologise for his transgressions and to be sincere in his expressions of contrition. Seon-dong has given his word that he will experiment with that as well.

Unfortunately, even that plan doesn’t pan out, and Seon-dong ends up sobbing in front of Ji-yul. Ji-yul, who is now irritated by Ja-advice, young’s tells Seon-dong that he should just wait and see how Hui-won reacts and simply give her some space in the meantime. In light of the fact that Ja-young has never seriously dated anyone, Seon-dong gives in and does what he requests.

Later on the same day, Ji-yul runs across Ja-young while he is paying a visit to the residence of someone else. She expresses her gratitude to him for his assistance to her during the accident, despite the fact that the atmosphere is somewhat uncomfortable and uneasy. Both Ji-yul and Sang-hyeon have taken the situation of the children’s as an extremely personal matter; however, just as Ji-yul is ready to bring up the subject, Sang-hyeon walks in and doesn’t even recognise his presence, essentially putting a stop to that discussion.

After some time has passed, Sang-hyeon will inquire about Ja-connection young’s with Ji-yul, and she will reveal that he finally remembers her. Despite this, she has decided that she is no longer going to make a fuss about it because Ji-yul is going to be departing soon anyhow. No matter what happens, Sang-hyeon will eventually leave the Seoul, but not before urging Ja-young to behave herself.

While this is going on, Ji-yul discusses his problem with a friend, and after hearing what his friend has to say, Ji-yul is left feeling a little bewildered. Nevertheless, that discussion is rendered pointless when Yun-hyeong starts questioning him about whether or not Ja-young has gotten more attractive and whether or not he views her in a different way now that he recalls them.

Unfortunately, it appears that Seon-dong has taken Ji-advise yul’s a little too literally because he has texted something cryptic to Hui-won and cannot be located at this time. He makes a beeline for the police station in an effort to locate the boy as soon as possible. During the time that the news is being broadcast, Ja-young and Ji-yul are walking through the alleys in an effort to discover where Seon-dong fled. During this time, Ja-young is fuming because her childhood friend gave a youngster inappropriate advice.

Apologies and being in relationships are the topics of discussion throughout this fairly intriguing talk between the two of them. Ji-yul asks him whether the apologies should’ve been more sincere, and both of them accept that they were both accurate in a capacity. Both of them state their points of view, which both make sense in a manner, but in the end, Ji-yul asks him whether the apology should’ve been more sincere.

A sweet moment is had by Ji-yul and Ja-young, during which she reveals that she was worried about Ja-young as well, but she masked her anxiety by saying that she was more concerned about the missing youngster. In any case, when they reach Seon-dong, he is sitting at the bus stop all by himself, and the mere notion of Hui-won having gotten over their argument causes a smile to appear on his face.

The conclusion of Once Upon a Time in a Small Town episode 7

While Ja-young and Ji-yul are driving back home, they continue to glance at each other in the rear-view mirror as they reflect on his confession from earlier that day next to the river. To tell you the truth, Ja-young does an excellent job of dealing with the awkwardness whereas, in typical Ji-yul fashion, he becomes reserved and quiet. Ji-yul, on the other hand, finds it to be a fairly intriguing reminiscence, as evidenced by the fact that she giggles while Ja-young drives Seon-dong to his house.

Once they were outdoors, Ji-yul admitted that she was the only positive recollection from that year, and he apologised deeply for not remembering her earlier. He said that she was the only pleasant memory from that year. It appears that Ja-young has run out of words for the very first time, and the arm gripping is probably not helping matters.

Review of Once Upon a Time in a Small Town Episode 7

One more episode like this demonstrates what a pleasant and uncomplicated show it is to watch overall. It was also interesting to see how the troubles that Seon-dong and Hui-won were having translated into the problems that the adults were having. It’s fascinating to think about how the answer lies somewhere in the middle of both of their perspectives.

On the other hand, I find myself here wondering whether or not Hui-rabbit won’s got better.

Whatever the case may be, the absence of Seong-hyeon in today’s episode made for a pleasant and problem-free viewing experience, during which the main characters were given the opportunity to work out their issues on their own. It is quite enjoyable to watch Ja-young make her own choices without being influenced by Seong-expectations hyeon’s that she behave in a particular way. If I’m being completely forthright, I have to say that they really messed with his persona to the point where he comes off as pretty nasty and a little bit dominating.

Anyway, as I indicated before, this is a straightforward episode that has a wonderful visual style and is humorous in its own unique manner.
Netflix currently has Once Upon a Small Time available to watch online.

Once Upon A Small Town
Once Upon A Small Town


In August of 2021, Choi Soo-young and Jang Keun-suk were the first two actors to be offered the starring parts in the series. It wasn’t until later in September 2021 that it was discovered that it didn’t actually work. Choo Young-woo was cast in the role of Han Ji-yul, a resident of Seoul who works as a veterinarian, and Park Soo-young was cast in the role of Ahn Ja-young, a local police officer. Both of these roles were confirmed for the series in May of 2022. Later in the month of May, Baek Seong-cheol was added to the cast as Lee Sang-hyeon, an attractive young farmer.

Since the series was shot in a rural setting and featured animals, the production crew took precautions to ensure that everyone’s safety throughout the entire process, from the creation of the screenplay to the actual filming. They did this with the assistance of veterinarians. The entire shoot, which included the participation of animals, took place in the company of a trained animal veterinarian and an experienced animal handler. “All props that come into contact with animals were particularly made of silicone to ensure their safety, and anything that could be dangerous was excluded as much as possible,” the production crew stated.

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