Noel Mikaelian (Boxer), Fernanda Flores Fiancé’s Net worth

The American-German professional boxer Noel Mikaelian is the boyfriend of the model Fernanda Flores. Mikaelian is expected to amass a net worth in the millions over the course of his career.

Mikaelian is an experienced competitor who competes in the Cruiserweight class of the sport. In 2014, he was presented with the World Boxing Organization Youth world title, which was an honour. In 2016, he was the WBO international junior heavyweight champion. He held the title throughout the year.
In addition to this, the boxer’s stepfather is Khoren Gevor, who held the title of Europen middleweight champion in the past. He has followed in the footsteps of his father, who was a challenger for a world title.
The fight between Noel and his opponent Youri Kalenga for the unclaimed WBC Silver cruiserweight title is scheduled to take place in Studio 69 in Riga, Latvia, in February 2022.

Noel Mikaelian’s net worth

It is possible that Noel has a net worth of close to one million dollars, taking into consideration his professional history. However, the fighter has not provided the media with specific information regarding his financial situation.
Recently, Noel and Fernanda Flores have been seen travelling together to a number of different locations. He is attempting to pay off his debts while still enjoying time away with the woman he loves. As an additional point of interest, the model Flores considers Mikaelian to be her go-to travel body. They appear to be having a relaxing and enjoyable vacation in Spain this June, complete with a variety of cuisines to try out.

On June 16th, Noel introduced his profile to the world. He has made reference to purchasing his new merchandise from the market. The name Mikaelian printed on his t-shirt is becoming increasingly popular in the marketplace. His profile can be seen on various outlets that provide both goods and services. You’ll find the items in the store called Millions.
In addition, the newly generated information can be found on the page that Noel Mikaelian has created. He holds the titles of WBC Silver world Champion and WBO Jr. World Champion, and he is now the most accomplished fighter in the WBSuperseries. He holds the international boxing titles of WBO and WBC.
As of right now, the bout is ranked number two in the world by the WBC in the cruiserweight division. In the current scenario, he is an Armenian who was born and raised in Germany but currently resides in Miami and fights out of there.

Fernanda Flores Boyfriend Noel Mikaelian Earnings

Boxing and the sale of merchandize are the primary sources of revenue for Mikaelian. The 13th of May, 2017, marked the beginning of the fighter’s professional career. He challenged Krzysztof Wlodarczyk for the cruiserweight championship on multiple occasions. The boxer’s WBO ranking was number one, his IBF ranking was number three, his WBA ranking was number four, and his WBC ranking was number twelve.
It’s possible that he made a significant amount of money over the course of his professional career, which saw him achieve a number of different titles in the industry. It’s possible that more money can be made from selling his brand clothes. Additionally, he is currently travelling and spending a significant amount of time in Spain.

Noel Mikaelian Career Details

On August 16, 2014, Mikaelian made his professional debut and won his first match, which was against Ismail Abdoul. On September 27, 2014, he joined Tams Lodi by TKO after previously being affiliated with TKO. After a period of three months, he competed against Tamas Polster and won the match via technical knockout.
In February of 2015, he defeated the opponent Alejandro Emilio Valori by knockout in the World Arena in Kreuzberg, Germany. The result was unanimous. Up to 2016, he has triumphed over Mohamed Azzaoui, Lukasz Rusiewicz, Daniel Alejandro Sanabria, Valery Brudov, Christian Javier Medina, and Stephen Simmons.

In May of 2017, Krzysztof Wlodarczyk betrayed the fighter and joined the other side. During the same year, he triumphed against his rival Isiah Thomas. After that, in November of 2018, he suffered his second defeat at the hands of Mairis Briedis.
In 2019, he prevailed against Isossa Mondo, and the following year, he defeated Jesse Bryan. His career as a professional boxer includes 26 bouts against contenders, 25 of which he won through knockout for a total of 11 victories.

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