Nicolas De Zubiria Wikipedia Bio & Age – How Old Is The Chef?

Nicolas De Zubiria is on the Master Chef Colombia jury and is an entrepreneur and co-owner of the well-known restaurants NN and Kong in Columbia.

Zubiria is a chef from Cartagena who made it to the Master Chef Columbia jury. In the same way, the chef who worked at Kong, Sir Frank, Napoleon, Fauno, Frank Truck, Habibi, and Pollos Perez also worked at these restaurants. The jury says that he has spent his life cooking and has posted about his tasty food on his social sites.

Who Is Nicolas De Zubiria?

In Cartagena, Zubiria owns a well-known restaurant. He has gotten to the point where he can judge on MasterChef Colombia. Aside from this, the chef is a business legend and co-owner of the well-known restaurant NN and Knong. He worked his way up and is now one of the three judges on MasterChef.

Zubiria’s cooking classes are on his YouTube channel. He is in charge of the Cooking with Nico de Zubira account. After joining the site on May 16, 2006, the chef got 22,000 people to sign up.

Master Chief put conical flavor pure cooking courses on his YouTube page. He likes it when people know how to cook and feel free to try out the kitchen. He wants his audience to pick the right recipe.

Nicolas says that we should undercut our family, partners, and friends, and even try his courses for ourselves. The master chief made dishes that were unique and delicious.

Also, there are different parts to making a recipe, so it’s important for a person to be well-organized and know how to use each technique and ingredient correctly. It takes time for a cook to go from being a beginner to an expert.

Wikipedia has a page about Nicolas De Zubiria’s life

Even though Zubiria is well-known, there is no biography of him on Wikipedia. But we can find out about him through his social platform. The cook wrote about himself on a social forum. In Colombia, where he lives, he runs a good restaurant.

The chef has also started a business with Frank Truck and is working on new projects in Bogota. After he finished school in Vancouver, Canada, Zubiria went to work. The jury has heard stories from many different places and cultures.

In 2004, Zubiria finished school and moved to Bogota, Colombia, to start his life. The chef has shown up at the different restaurants in the city. Later, he became known as one of the most important people in Columbian food. He had learned a lot from the work he had done. In the world of cooking, the chef has been given an award.

Find out how old Nicolas de Zubiria is on Instagram

Zubiria is 38 or 39 years old right now. He was born in Colombia in 1983, in the city of Bogota. As of July 2022, 1.1 million people follow @nicodezubiria on Instagram, which is run by the chef. He, too, uses the social networking site and has shared 2276 posts.

On July 12, 2022, Zubiria was there when the final choice was made. “Making decisions is never easy or what Jorge Rausch and Christian Pentier said,” he has written on a poster. He also said that the big finale will happen tomorrow at 8 p.m. with these four cracks and their best proposals.

On the last day of the Materchef championship, the comedian Chicho Arias, the athlete Tatan Mejia, the artist Ramiro Meneses, and the actor Carlos Baez will all be competing.

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