Nakka Sai Charan (Telangana Techie) murdered & Shot In US

While driving his car, Nakka Sai Charan was shot and killed by an unknown black man. In the United States of America, a young man who has since passed away worked as a software developer.

According to The Indian Times, Telangana-born Nakka, an Indian techie, was shot and killed in the US while returning from dropping off a buddy at the airport. In the US state of Maryland, someone unidentified had a headshot of Sai.
The Hindustan Times stated that Charan, 26, was shot in an SUV in Baltimore after returning from the airport. On Sunday, his body was discovered close to Exit 50 (Caton Avenue) on southbound Interstate 95, according to MDTA. The centre of the head was directly struck by the bullet.

Nakka Sai Charan’s killer

According to India Times, Telangana Techie Nakka Sai Charan was shot on Sunday near Exit 50 by an African-American man.
The investigation is attempting to identify the challenges that resulted in Sai’s death. According to the sources, he had just dropped off a buddy at the airport and was driving home in his car.
It’s possible that the Telangana software engineer’s clashes with Americans resulted in his demise. Inside the silver 2022 Hyundai Tuscon, the police discovered him laying injured.
They transported him to the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center for medical attention as soon as they noticed he was hurt. During the course of the treatment, doctors found a head wound caused by a bullet.
At the Interstate 95 Caton Avenue exit, Maryland Transportation Authority Police (MDTA) received bits of information about a single-vehicle collision. At 4:32 on Sunday morning, police discovered him unconscious in his car on the primary north-south expressway on the East Coast.
Four years ago, the late software engineer traveled by plane from India to the US for his post-graduate studies. For the previous two years, he worked as an engineer for a software business in Baltimore.
Following Nakka’s passing, the Baltimore police opened a homicide inquiry. Indians have been the target of shootings before. Numerous Indians lost their lives as a result of shootings in recent days.

Family And Age Of Nakka Sai Charan

The 26-year-old Nakka Sai Charan was an inhabitant of the Telangana district of Nalgonda and came from an Indian household.
His pals in the US got in touch with his family and told them what happened. When they learned the news, his mom and other family members were horrified. His family in India has requested assistance from the governments of Telangana and India in returning the body.
The intelligent and youthful Sai may have lofty aspirations of pursuing well-paying careers to safeguard his future. Unfortunately, the Nakka’s passing causes a great deal of suffering for his family.
He was pronounced deceased by medical professionals at the University of Maryland’s R. Adm. His passing was covered extensively in Indian news outlets and shared on social media.
According to certain stories, Nakka’s parents were against him traveling abroad. He pledged to go to his Nalgonda house by the end of the month, according to Deccan Chronicle, Media & News Company.
His parents are in a reflective frame of mind. His father, retired headmaster Nakka Narshima, will now collect his son’s body. He claimed that Charan called them to let them know that he had bought the car and would be returning home by the end of the month.
Sai had intended to pursue higher education and work in a developed country, despite the fact that his parents didn’t want him to travel.
Mr. Narsimha reported that their text message sent on Saturday went unanswered. They believed he was preoccupied at work and unable to respond. But they were told of Charan’s accident by his family.
His family and friends receive tributes and condolences from the local MLA Kancharla Bhoopal Reddy and the Bhongir MP Komatireddy Venkat Reddy.

Nakka Sai Charan Murder Suspect 

Nakka Sai Charan’s death has been linked to a black male, according to Baltimore police.
The suspect, however, is not supported by any solid evidence. The inquiry is still ongoing with the intention of bringing him and his family members to justice.
The family and friends of Nakka look for answers about the shooting’s cause and justice. Sai was a calm, collected individual who had never wronged anyone, according to his parents.
His family and relatives were unaware of his friends in the US because he was living abroad. The subject’s identity will become clear after more research.
According to reports, Mr. Charan joined Environ-Civil Engineering Ltd. in Columbia, Maryland, as an environmental engineer (six months ago). He also finished his BE in civil engineering at Osmania University and completed an internship at Wastewater Co-Op in Cincinnati, Ohio.
His internship with Megha Engineering and Infrastructure was comparable.

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