“Seeing Red”: What Is It On Ms. Marvel Season 4 Episode?

“Seeing Red”: What Is It On Ms. Marvel Season 4 Episode?

Ms. Marvel is the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and the entertaining series has already won over the hearts of viewers with just its first few episodes, during which it has explored Kamala Khan’s backstory.

Karachi, the metropolis of Pakistan, served as the setting for the fourth episode of the series, during which time we were presented with a plethora of new people and the show’s scope was expanded.


On Wednesday, June 29, 2022, we were treated to the fourth episode of Ms. Marvel on our televisions.

After seeing a vision of a train in episode 3, Kamala and her mother go to Karachi, the capital city of Pakistan, at the request of Kamala’s grandmother Sana. This episode is titled “Seeing Red,” and it follows Kamala and her mother as they travel to Karachi.

Kamala has high aspirations of discovering more about the history of the enigmatic bangle she wears, but she won’t be able to do so alone in this uncharted land because she will be joined by both new allies and old adversaries.


Even though the core cast of characters for Ms. Marvel has been well-established for several episodes at this point in the program, episode 4 still manages to introduce a few new faces to the mix.

Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan

Matt Lintz as Bruno (credited despite the fact that they did not appear)

Yasmeen Fletcher as Nakia

Muneeba, played by Zenobia Shroff

Rish Shah as Kamran

Nimra Bucha as Najma

Adaku Ononogbo as Fariha

Ali Alsaleh as Aadam

Dan Carter as Saleem

Guests stars and brand new cast members

Samina Ahmed as Sana

Farhan Akhtar as Waleed

Fawad Khan as Hasan

Aramis Knight, assuming the role of Red Dagger

Mehwish Hayat is also known as Aisha.

Vardah Aziz as Zainab

Asfandyar Khan as Owais

Anjan Ghosal as Rukhsana Auntie

Zawar Jafri as Muadhin

As a Passenger on the Flight, Parmanand Mishra

A Role for Kashan Rana in the Friendship of Red Dagger

Rahul Mishra as Soda Man

Zion Usman as Young Sana

As the Photographer for the Heritage Walk, Om Narayan

Panjabi Yadav as Heritage Walk Shirt Vendor

Sukjyot Dahuja as Heritage Walk Sunglass Vendor

As the Woman at the First Partition, Mariam Samuel

Sheez Jehan Playing the Role of Woman at the Second Partition

Kabita Mahadur Playing the Role of a Mother During the Partition

In his role as Father during the Partition, Munir Christo Masih

Son Noman Arshad During the Partition of India

At the Partition, Stiash Usman Pretends to Be a Young Girl of 10 Years Old

Ismail Bashey Provides the Passenger Voice Ismail Bashey

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