Mike Norvell: Profession, Wife, Family And Net Worth

Mike Norvell, The Football Player

The article you’ve provided discusses the journey and sacrifices made by Mike Norvell, the head coach of the Florida State Seminoles football team, and his wife, Maria. Here’s a summary of the key points in the article:

Background And Early Career:

  • Mike Norvell, originally from Irving, Texas, had a passion for football from a young age.
  • He excelled in football both as a player, setting records in college, and as a coach, starting as a graduate assistant.
Mike Norvell
Mike Norvell(@Instagram)

Meeting Maria:

  • Mike met Maria while taking a ballroom dancing class at the University of Central Arkansas in the early 2000s.
  • They quickly became friends, and their relationship blossomed from there.

Sacrifices And Career Progression:

  • Maria understood the sacrifices required to support Mike’s coaching career, including moving to different locations.
  • Despite facing financial challenges and separations due to work, they remained committed to each other.

Coaching Journey:

  • Mike Norvell’s coaching journey took him to various colleges and universities, including the University of Tulsa and Arizona State.
  • He eventually became the head coach of the Memphis Tigers, achieving significant success there.

Coaching At Florida State:

  • In December 2019, Mike Norvell was appointed as the head football coach at Florida State University.
  • Despite initial challenges, there is optimism for the program’s future success under his leadership.
  • Mike and Maria Norvell have made significant contributions to support athletic programs and emphasize the importance of family in coaching.
  • Mike Norvell is determined to lead Florida State football back to success, and with his track record and family support, he believes it’s only a matter of time before they achieve their goals.
Mike Norvell
Mike Norvell(@Instagram)


Furry Family Members

In addition to their human family, the Norvells share their home with two adorable dogs—a golden retriever and a Rottweiler—completing their family circle.

For more insights into Mike Norvell’s personal life and career achievements, stay tuned for updates.

Mike And Maria Norvell

Mike and Maria Norvell’s generous donation to Florida State University is a testament to their commitment to elevating FSU’s athletic programs.

Their membership in the Bowden Society and their diverse allocation of funds underscore their dedication to the university’s values and mission.

With Coach Norvell at the helm and the support of donors like the Norvells, the future looks promising for FSU athletics.

His Base Salary

In addition to his base salary, Norvell has the potential to further increase his net worth through performance incentives.

Ahead of the 2023 college football season, these incentives could add up to $950,000, beginning at $100,000 for non-College Football Playoff Bowl appearances, escalating with success.

For instance, reaching a New Year’s Six Bowl nets him an extra $200,000.

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Mike Norvell: His Professional Journey

  • Mike Norvell, a proud graduate of Florida State University (’05, ’07), was appointed as the 11th head football coach of the university in December 2019.
  • His hiring marked a significant moment in the history of Florida State football.
  • In his own words, Norvell expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “I’m humbled and honored for the opportunity to be the head coach at Florida State University, one of the iconic brands in college football.
  • I’m so very excited for the future and the opportunity to return Florida State football to one of the nation’s elite.”
Mike Norvell
Mike Norvell(@Instagram)

Norvell’s Journey

  • Norvell’s journey to this prestigious position began with his time at the University of Central Arkansas, where he was a four-year letter winner and still holds records for career receptions and receiving yards.
  • His excellence on the field earned him induction into the UCA Sports Hall of Fame in 2015.
  • After completing his education at UCA, Norvell started his coaching career as a graduate assistant for the UCA football team in 2006.
  • He went on to serve as an assistant coach at several universities, including the University of Tulsa, University of Pittsburgh, and Arizona State University.

His Four-Year Tenure

  • However, it was during his four-year tenure as the head coach of the Memphis Tigers that he truly left his mark.
  • Under his leadership, Memphis achieved remarkable success, making him one of the most respected coaches in NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision history.
  • Florida State President John Thrasher expressed his confidence in Norvell’s leadership, saying, “I am so pleased that Coach Norvell will be leading our football program.
  • Everyone we spoke with regarding Coach Norvell agreed that he is one of the top coaches in the country.”

Norvell Family’s Generosity

Additionally, the Norvell family’s generosity extends beyond the football field.

Their donation to UCA Athletics led to the establishment of the Mike and Maria Norvell Nutrition Center, benefiting student-athletes from all varsity teams at UCA.

Mike Norvell’s appointment as head coach brings renewed hope to Florida State football, and his impressive track record speaks volumes about his capabilities. Stay updated on his journey as he works to elevate FSU’s football program to new heights.

A Generous Gesture

Mike and Maria Norvell’s generous donation has not gone unnoticed. Michael Alford, FSU’s Director of Athletics, expressed his appreciation, stating, “The very generous donation by Mike and Maria is deeply appreciated and is another illustration of the tremendous excitement around our entire athletics program.”

He emphasized the critical role that donations from supporters play in ensuring the university’s competitiveness on a national scale, underscoring the significance of the Norvells’ commitment to FSU’s mission.

Mike Norvell Launching A Student Football Program

Joining the Bowden Society

With their remarkable gift, the Norvells have become the 300th members of the prestigious Bowden Society.

This honor reflects their dedication to FSU and their belief in the values upon which the program was built.

Their donation will be allocated to various essential areas, including the Dunlap Football Center Fund, Bowden Society Facility Fund, and the Sports Nutrition department within the athletics program. This diverse allocation demonstrates their commitment to enhancing the overall athletic experience at FSU.

Mike Norvell
Mike Norvell(@Instagram)

Coach Norvell’s Success

Coach Mike Norvell is set to embark on his fourth season as the head coach of FSU’s football program in 2023, with the Seminoles positioned as high as No. 4 in preseason polls.

His impressive track record includes leading Florida State to a 10-3 record in 2022, culminating in a triumphant victory over Oklahoma in the Cheez-It Bowl.

The Norvells’ contribution will undoubtedly aid in the continued success and growth of the football program.

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Mike Norvell: Wife, Family And Net Worth

Coach Mike Norvell’s Enduring Marriage to Maria Norvell

Coach Mike Norvell has a heartwarming love story with his wife, Maria Norvell. They’ve been together since their college days, sharing a deep bond that led to a beautiful marriage.

Mike Norvell
Mike Norvell(@Instagram)

Mike Norvell’s Impressive Coaching Career

Before becoming a renowned college football coach, Michael Kelly Norvell played as a wide receiver for the University of Central Arkansas.

He embarked on his coaching journey with the Memphis Tigers in 2015, making him the youngest FBS head coach at just 34 years old.

Throughout his career, he’s demonstrated exceptional coaching skills while working with teams like Arizona State, Pittsburgh, Tulsa, and Central Arkansas. Most recently, on September 4, 2023, he secured a victory in the opening game against LSU.

Maria Norvell: The Woman Behind the Coach

  • Maria Norvell, born on October 18, shares her birthday with a special Instagram wish from her husband.
  • The couple’s love story began during their college years, both being graduates of UCA. Maria initially worked as a human resource manager at Target before relocating to Tulsa.
  • Fate intervened, and their paths crossed again at a football game, sparking an immediate connection.
  • Mike Norvell fondly recalls how Maria became his sanctuary during tough times, emphasizing her unwavering belief in him.
  • Her encouragement played a pivotal role in shaping his career, leading him to greater heights.

The Norvell Family’s Generosity

Aside from their love story, the Norvells made headlines for their remarkable generosity.

They donated a substantial sum of $1 million, dividing it among the Dunlap Football Center, the Bowden Society Facility Fund, and the sports nutrition department.

Meet Mila: Mike and Maria Norvell’s Daughter

Mike and Maria Norvell are proud parents to their daughter, Mila. While there isn’t much public information about her, it’s likely due to her young age.

The Norvells adore their daughter and are often seen supporting Mike at his games.

Mila’s arrival has transformed Mike, bringing out his softer side, as he now admits to shedding tears during Disney movie nights with his daughter.

Mike Norvell’s Net Worth

  • With his recent contract extension and salary bump, Mike Norvell’s net worth now rivals some of the highest-paid coaches in the ACC, though it falls slightly short of Clemson’s Dabo Swinney’s $115 million net worth.
  • Nevertheless, Norvell’s value has more than doubled with his latest contract.
  • Over the duration of his extended contract, Norvell is projected to accumulate a net worth of at least $53.095 million, averaging at $8.05 million annually.
  • This positions him as one of the most valuable coaches in not only the ACC but also in the entire college football landscape

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