Matt Susz ( CFO of Joann Fabrics) Death cause

People were horrified to learn that Joann Fabrics’ CFO, Matt Susz, died at the age of 56. Matt has been with Joann for a long time and is an important member of the team.

His passing startled the country, and many individuals offered their condolences. In a recent press conference, President Biden also conveyed his condolences to the deceased CFO. He has made an indelible mark on the world.
Joann is a well-known brand with a global following. They are situated in Ohio and deal with crafts and fabrics. The company is well-known for its high quality throughout the world, and it is also well-regarded on the stock exchange.
Joann is listed on NASDAQ under the name Joan. Matt was Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Strategy at the time. Let’s dig deeper into the CFO’s background.

Who is Joann Fabrics Stores CFO Matt Susz?

Joann, America’s largest fabric store, has Matt as its CFO. He’s been with the organisation for more than 19 years, and he’s held several jobs throughout his time there.
Oh, and he “died suddenly” at the age of 56.
Joann Inc.’s executive vice president and chief financial officer, Matt Susz, died abruptly on Wednesday, according to the firm.
According to his LinkedIn profile, he began working for the company in 2003 as a director of financial planning and has since been promoted several times. He was promoted to the position of CFO of the firm in 2019.
Prior to that, he spent five years as a Senior Accountant with Arthur Andersen LLP, where he worked as a Senior Accountant since 1991. He graduated from The University of Akron with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy.
Joann’s growth as a firm and attainment of the position it holds today would not have been possible without his dedication and integrity. People’s trust in the brand is a result of people like him working hard.

Matt Susz’s Cause of Death

Matt’s cause of death has yet to be revealed. The only information available in the media is that he died unexpectedly. His death was said to have occurred on June 15th.
It’s likely that Matt’s family or his office will issue a statement confirming the reason of death. People have been flooding the internet with condolences for the deceased CFO. People are paying tribute to his memory.
President Biden expressed his sympathies on Matt’s death, but he faced outrage since he used the term “drop dead” to describe Matt’s death. This word has elicited a strong reaction from the public.
Aside from that, people are paying tribute to the CFO for his outstanding service to Joann. He worked for this company for nearly two decades.

Matt Susz’s net worth

Matt’s net worth is reported to be in the millions of dollars, thanks to his work in Joann. It’s no surprise that Joaan’s CFO was worth millions.
CFOs frequently hold stock in their company in addition to wages, making them extremely wealthy. Matt lived a luxury lifestyle as a result of his vast money.

Following his death, Joann’s vice president and controller, Tom Dryer, was named interim CFO, according to a report published by MarketWatch.
The corporation will appoint a permanent CFO shortly since the company’s functions cannot be disturbed, and if they are, a slew of problems could result.

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