Lisa Desort, NYC woman’;s Mother murdered during strolling her child

The mother of Azsia Johnson, a 20-year-old woman who was killed while walking her child in Manhattan, New York, has spoken out. The mother was so upset that she said the “city” had failed her daughter. Lisa Desort said, “The city failed my daughter because on January 1, she called me and said she was being abused while she was six months pregnant. She was afraid to call the police, so she told me where she lived. I went to the police.”

The woman’s mother said that the police went to check on her and made sure she was okay, but they couldn’t find the man who was allegedly abusing her. NBC New York said, “That man is not the father of the baby Johnson was walking with when she died.”
Mom and boyfriend charged with CAPITAL MURDER for 8-year-old daughter’s death by starvation
Three years after her parents died the same way, a woman in Maine was shot and killed by her longtime partner in a murder-suicide.

On Wednesday night, June 29, a gunman shot Johnson in the head as she walked with her three-month-old baby on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. She was taken to the hospital, where her death was confirmed. A 10-year-old girl who was near where the accident happened said that at first she thought the noise was from a firework. “But then I heard a gunshot, which scared me a lot because I was playing in the park and I never would have thought something like this would happen,” she said.

After what happened on January 1, the victim moved in with her mother, but she later moved to a shelter for people who have been hurt by their partners. “She worked until the end of her pregnancy,” said Johnson’s mother. She was on leave because she was having a baby. He kept bothering her and making threats against my life and the life of my younger daughter. I did everything I could to keep my daughter safe. She had to leave my house because he knew where I lived and she couldn’t stay there. I kept telling her, ‘He’s no good.'”

The victim’s mother, who was very upset, also said that she was afraid something bad might happen to her daughter. NBC New York said that Desort said, “It is an unthinkable injustice for a woman who went against the odds.” She said, “My daughter got good grades in high school and wants to become a nurse for children. She had a baby young, and she was the best mother you could ever imagine. She worked very hard. Every day, she went to work. She has more good points than someone in their 30s or 40s. She wanted to own houses and give her kids the best of everything. Then she said, “My daughter was great.”

Desort also has something to say to the killer, who she thinks is Johnson’s ex-boyfriend. She told him, “You were like a son to me. You were welcome in my house. When you were upset, I talked to you and helped you feel better. I fed you. Your baby girl does not have a father or a mother, and she never will. Report yourself. We have been telling you this: turn yourself in. Go see a therapist. My daughter didn’t need to get hurt. We could have lived together.”

The mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, spoke out against the tragedy, saying, “More guns in our city means more people die. It means that more babies will cry while their parents lie dead. These are all true stories about real people. When a woman pushing a baby carriage down the street is shot in the head, it shows how much this national problem affects families. It doesn’t matter if you’re in East New York, Brooklyn, or on the Upper East Side.”

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