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In the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under, Beverly Kills Drag Queen is one of the contenders.

The show, which will debut on July 30, 2022, will feature ten fresh drag performers vying for the title of Down Under’s Drag Superstar. Kills is the youngest contender on the show. She is eager to impress the judges by showcasing her personality and sense of style.

Who Is Drag Queen Beverly Kills? Wiki: Meet the Cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under

On the cast of the upcoming reality series RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under is burlesque performer Beverly Kills. The drag queen, who will win the crown, started performing in drag not long after turning 18 years old.

Kills is eager to dazzle the judges and audience with her charisma as she competes with ten other drag queens. The performer was a “outcast at school,” specializing in sideshow and burlesque. Drag won her heart when she was a teenager. When she first started watching RuPaul’s Drag Race in high school, she was smitten with its aesthetic.

To win the title of the next drag superstar on Drag Race Down, Kills, who is of Australian and European origin, will compete in design and execution challenges. RuPaul will be the host of this system, and two recurring judges from the Drag Race, Rhys Nicholson and Michelle Visage, will serve as judges.

She likes to display herself in an odd way and describes herself as a “whip-cracking, fire-eating, jump-splitting drag queen” on her Twitter account. On social media, she constantly engages with her followers and fans while showcasing her own personality. Her 10,000 Instagram followers may get a glimpse of her sense of style by following her account @thebeverlykills, where she shares images of her various identities and outfits.

In addition to winning the first prize at a local drag competition, Kills was able to get a weekly residency at Fluffy (Brisbane), one of Australia’s most renowned nightclubs. She is regarded as Brisbane’s top up-and-coming drag act.

Kills is really passionate about her shopping spree and views it as her drug. She is enamored with the idea of adding her own spice to it by dressing and cosmetics in drag. She claimed that because the paintings make her “vibe hanging and lively,” she finds it difficult to make adjustments when she is not wearing drag.

Because Australians “elevate one another up” and behave like “one gigantic, large home,” she has a special affection for their drag scene.

Age and Real Name of Beverly Kills

Reece Jackson Perry, better known as Beverly Kills, turned 21 this year. She was born and raised on the Gold Coast’s coastline in 2001, but she relocated to Brisbane, Australia, for the love of drag.

Beverly Kills Drag Race Down Under competitor Beverly Kills Drag Race Down Under competitor ( Source : Wowpresentsplus )
Since she is the youngest, most people think she might still be hesitant and uninformed about the kind of drag she would want to pursue, but she is confident in her decision. In response to this, she stated, “Beverly Kills resembles a snake in the undergrowth. She moves slowly, is quiet, is thoughtful, and is prepared. But she will pounce and attack when she senses that the time has come.”

Beverly Murders Her Partner

The Drag Race Down Under contestant Beverly Kills is single and not dating anyone. Her marital status and life partner have not been made public yet.

She appears to be prioritizing her career before anything else, and as a result of her hectic schedule, she hasn’t been allowing herself to indulge in any romantic relationships. She has made a name for herself in the field and is a well-liked public personality. She is a strong, independent lady who, despite her youth, has managed to establish financial stability.

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