Kamran’s mysterious Mother In Ms. Marvel

As it turns out, Kamala’s love interest’s mother in Ms. Marvel is somehow linked to her superhuman adventure. Shortly after casually conversing with Kamala and discussing his mother, Kamran unexpectedly appeared on the scene as Kamala was attempting to flee Damage Control agents. At the end of Ms. Marvel episode 2, Kamran met his mother, Namja, and it became clear that both have an interest in Kamala’s mystery bangle.

So far, Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan knows very little about the bracelet that bestows upon her the capacity to make hard light creations. What she does know is that Aisha, her great-grandmother and the person accused of bringing “shame” to Kamala’s family, previously wore it. Now that Kamala has it, she’s caught the attention of Damage Control, who have become aware of her new cosmic abilities. Her predicament was complicated further when Nimra Bucha’s Namja was revealed to be the woman she’d been seeing in her dreams. For the time being, it is unclear if Namja and Kamran should be considered allies or foes by the MCU’s Ms. Marvel.

In Marvel Comics, Kamran’s mother is unimportant, and she plays no significant role in Kamala Khan’s story. It’s probable that the MCU is drawing inspiration for her character from an MCU villain named Lineage. In the comics, Kamran, another Inhuman like Kamala, acquired her trust before betraying her by handing her over to Lineage. Of course, any version of this story would have to be interpreted loosely, especially since Marvel looks to be leaving the Inhumans out of Kamala’s backstory. So, while Kamran’s mother is unlikely to be an Inhuman, she could be a monster bent on stealing Kamala’s bangle. If this is the case, she may be the MCU’s Star, a formidable Captain Marvel adversary. “Namja” means “Star,” so her name could be a pointer to her identity.

Another option is that Aisha is Kamran’s mother. She’s clearly too young to be Kamala’s great-grandmother, making that situation implausible, but not impossible. After all, Aisha would hardly be the first MCU character to age for decades. It’s possible that after disappearing from her family’s lives, she moved on and is now wanting to regain her bangle. Namja could be a Quasar clone if she is Aisha (or merely another former owner of the bracelet). Quasar is a mantle used by several superheroes who have wielded the Quantum Bands, which appear to be Ms. Marvel’s bangle in the MCU.

In any case, Kamran’s mother — whatever she is – is set to have a significant impact on Kamala’s MCU story. Clearly, it was in her best interests to get Kamala away from Damage Control in Ms. Marvel episode 2, but what she intends to gain from her efforts remains unknown. Even if she is a villain, her presence in the series may bring some much-needed answers. Namja could give some light on what the bangle is and where it came from.

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