Meet the Brother of Baseball Star Julio Urias and His Parents Juana Isabell and Carlos Urias

Meet the Brother of Baseball Star Julio Urias and His Parents Juana Isabell and Carlos Urias

Julio Urias is a professional baseball player from Mexico. His brother, Carlos Alberto Uras Acosta, is also a player in the MLB. Julio Urias’s family comes originally from Mexico.

Julio’s parents have always encouraged him to pursue his love of baseball and make a career out of the sport, which he has dreamed of doing since he was a child. After a number of years, all of their hard work has paid off since their kid is now one of the most well-known players in Major League Baseball and unquestionably an important member of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In spite of the fact that he was born with a defect in his left eye, he possesses a remarkable left-handed swing that helps him excel as a pitcher in the MLB. He is the ace pitcher for a team that has the greatest record in the big leagues and has won a World Series, in addition to playing the role of the most beloved Mexican Dodger in Los Angeles.


Julio Urias
Julio Urias

Meet Julio Urias’ Parents, Juana Isabell And Carlos Urias

Julio Urias is the oldest child of Carlos and Juana Urias, who have three other children. Both of his parents are on board with him pursuing his chosen profession.

Because Julio was the child who was born with a visual impairment, his parents devoted more of their love and attention to him. They were concerned about whether or not he would be able to maintain his life in the years to come. In spite of the fact that he was born with a disability, he has become the most successful member of the family over the course of the many years that have gone.

Julio suffered through a difficult upbringing. His medical condition caused him a great deal of discomfort, despite the fact that he was adored by his family. He was born with a defect in his left eye, for which he required ongoing treatment for a period of several years. When Carlos and Juana found out that their firstborn child had an eye issue, they were at a loss for how to cope with the news. They lacked the financial means to address the issue right away, and the medical professionals who examined them were unable to determine the root cause of such an unusual illness.
Later on, when Julio was four years old, doctors discovered that he had a tumor. Even though tests showed that it was harmless, doctors cautioned Julio’s family that the tumor would quickly grow throughout Julio’s adolescent years and that removing it would put Julio’s eye in danger.

Julio and his father would ride a bus for twelve hours to Guadalajara for surgery if Julio’s eye became inflamed and contracted. After the operation, the physicians secured his hands so that he would not be able to remove the patch or the IV that was inserted into his arm. He was prescribed medication that would inhibit the expansion of the tumor. According to Carlos, by the time Julio was eleven, he had already undergone ten different procedures.

Julio Urias’s Wife

Although Julio has not yet tied the knot, he has been in a committed relationship with his long-term girlfriend Daisy Perez for quite some time.

They made their relationship public knowledge a year ago when the top player for the Dodgers tweeted a picture of them celebrating the new year together as a couple on his Instagram account. The fact that she hasn’t been seen in public yet may be due to the fact that she abhors being the center of attention in public, which is why she has made her Instagram profile private.

However, there have been no updates regarding their relationship as the couple has not posted any images of them together since January of the previous year. This is the only reason why this information is currently available. Either they wish to avoid the attention of the general public, or they may have been estranged from one another as a consequence of the challenges that they faced in their relationship. However, considering that they would handle the matter if there was even the slightest shift in their connection, it is quite improbable that this will take place.

Because Daisy has chosen to keep herself disconnected from the internet, there is no information on her that can be found on the internet. To this day, there has been no disruption in the amicable and fulfilling relationship that she enjoys with her lover. Urias, on the other hand, was subjected to severe penalties a few years ago when he was accused of engaging in domestic abuse.

In May of 2019, he was arrested for domestic violence; however, the media has been unable to name the victims of this crime until recently. Uras has agreed to attend a hearing, refrain from displaying aggressive behavior against other people, and finish a 52-week in-person domestic violence counseling program in exchange for the city attorney of Los Angeles delaying the prosecution of the case.

Prior to his success in Major League Baseball, Julio Urias had a tough childhood. He overcame a lot of obstacles. The other children at his school made fun of him, which destroyed his self-esteem and made it difficult for him to function normally in society. Children made fun of him, saying that he must have been abused because the surgery would give him a “black eye.” He was called tuerto and bizco, which literally translates to “one eyed” and “cross-eyed.” When he wore glasses, they referred to him as “four eyes,” hence the name.

His parents implored him not to reply to the jokes made by other people out of fear that he could strike someone and end up hurting an eye. They persuaded him to wear a patch over his right eye from Monday through Friday for a month for a few years on the suggestion of the doctor to ensure that he maintained his left eye open. The patch was worn for a total of thirty days.

He protested and promised that he would not shut the eye that was damaged. He was aware that in order to play, he required the use of both of his eyes. His parents served as a source of inspiration for him by encouraging him to ignore the teasing and continue to wear the patch. He was already skilled at baseball and had the desire to improve more. In the beginning, nobody took him seriously; nevertheless, his grandpa saw his talent when he was practicing in the front yard of the house.

After that, the most beautiful chapter of an athlete’s success story had just begun. He never stopped practicing, and in addition to that, he took part in the contests held in the area. In his younger years, he was a member of Mexico’s national youth squad and competed for the country. At the age of 14, Uras was fortunate enough to cross paths with Mike Brito, a scout with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

During the same trip to Mexico that the Dodgers used to uncover 15-year-old Urias at a showcase in Oaxaca, they also signed Yasiel Puig, who would later become a member of the team. The Dodgers signed him on August 12, the day before he turned 16 years old. The Diablos Rojos del Mexico of the Mexican League received the majority of the signing bonus of $450,000 that was offered by the Dodgers.

Julio Urias’ Professional Life

Uras participated in his first game as a professional baseball player on May 25, 2013, with the Great Lakes Loons of the Midwest League. He was the youngest player to ever compete in the league when he debuted. Later on, Uras was moved up to the Los Angeles Dodgers, and on May 27, 2016, he made his debut in the main leagues while playing for the Dodgers against the New York Mets.

MLB Debut

At the age of 19, he made his debut in the Major Leagues, becoming the second-youngest starting pitcher for the Dodgers since Rex Barney, who made his debut in 1943 at the age of 18, and the youngest since Félix Hernández in 2005. Rex Barney made his debut in the Major Leagues at the age of 18. On June 2, Uras made his second start, which was against the Chicago Cubs. He pitched five innings, during which time he gave up six runs, including three home runs. He had four strikeouts but allowed eight runners to reach base.

When he started game four of the 2016 National League Championship Series, he broke the record for the youngest pitcher to ever create a playoff play. He did this by becoming the youngest pitcher to ever start a postseason game. In just over three and a half innings of the game, he was responsible for four runs being scored against him. Uras did not make it onto the Dodgers’ opening day roster in 2017, thus he continued to play in extended spring training instead.

In June, he tore the anterior capsule in his left shoulder while pitching for Triple-A Oklahoma City. This injury put an end to his 2017 campaign and required him to have surgery. Uras did not begin his rehabilitation assignment in the minor league until after he had fully healed from the injury that sidelined him for the better part of the 2018 season. In the course of the regular season, he appeared for the Dodgers three times and in September pitched four innings in which he did not allow any runs to be scored.

Claims of Abuse Against Family Members

It was planned for him to begin the 2019 season in the bullpen so that he could limit the number of innings he pitched in the first few weeks of the season. However, due to the injuries sustained by Rich Hill and Clayton Kershaw, the season began with him pitching in the rotation instead. Uras was placed on paid administrative leave on May 14 as a result of an inquiry into allegations of domestic violence. Later, on August 17, Urias was handed a twenty-game suspension for his role in the incident. Uras and the Dodgers came to an agreement on a one-year, $1 million contract for 2020 to keep them out of arbitration.

He was 3-0 with a 3.27 earned run average for the Dodgers in the 11 games that were played during the pandemic-shortened 2020 season. Uras started the fourth game of the 2020 World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays and pitched 4.2 innings, allowing two runs on four hits while striking out nine batters. The game ended with Uras having a 2-2 record. In Game 6, Uras entered the game in the seventh inning and went on to pitch two innings, both of which were scoreless, to win the save. When the Dodgers successfully defended their championship title, he was on the mound for them.

Best Time of Year

Uras and the Dodgers came to an agreement on a one-year, $3.6 million contract for 2021 in order to avoid going to arbitration. Uras has enjoyed his most successful season to date, during which he started more than 20 games for the first time in any single season of his professional career. At the end of the 2021 season, he had the best record in the league, an earned run average of 2.96, 185 2/3 innings pitched, 195 strikeouts, and 32 starts.

Uras reached an agreement with the Dodgers for a one-year deal for $8 million for the 2022 season during the second season of salary arbitration he participated in. Uras was able to secure his position as a starting pitcher for the Dodgers by sustaining the high level of performance he had shown the previous season.

Julio Urias
Julio Urias

Julio Urias’s Quick Facts

Profession Baseball Player
Current Team Los Angeles Dodgers
DOB August 12, 1996 (age 26)
Birthplace Culiacán, Sinaloa, México
Nationality Mexican
Parents Carlos Urias & Juana Isabell Urias
Siblings Carlos Alberto Urías Acosta & Alexia Guadalupe Urías Acosta
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend Daisy Perez


Who Is Julio Urias’ Brother?

Carlos Alberto Urías Acosta is the brother of Julio Urias and he also has a sister named Alexia Guadalupe Urías Acosta

Where Are Julio Urias’ parents?

Julio’ parents, Carlos Urias and Juana Isabell Urias, live in their home country, Mexico.

Is Julio Urias Married?

Julio isn’t married yet, but he is in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Daisy Perez.

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