Oklahoma News Anchor Julie Chin Has a Stroke On Live TV

Oklahoma News Anchor Julie Chin Has a Stroke On Live TV

A live TV stroke was reported to have occurred to Oklahoma news woman Julie Chin recently. When the anchor for NBC affiliate KJRH in Tulsa had trouble reading the teleprompter in front of her, she was sent to the hospital. Live on television, Julie acknowledged that she was experiencing the early stages of a stroke. Both the news and the anchor are currently being discussed a lot online. Everyone appears to be discussing it and expressing their individual opinions on the subject.

Julie Chin posted on Facebook that while the last few days are still somewhat mysterious, her doctors think she may have experienced the early stages of a stroke while live on TV on Saturday morning. She went on to say that she is truly sorry for what occurred and that some of the folks saw it personally. Julie went on to say that she felt wonderful before our show and that the episode seemed to come out of nowhere.

Things started to happen over the course of their newscast, the anchor continued. Chin claims that after initially losing some vision in one eye, she then started to experience numbness in her hand and arm. Later, when her mouth refused to say the words that were directly in front of her on the teleprompter, she recognized that she was in serious trouble. She was taken to the hospital in consideration of her health so that she might have the greatest care that could keep her safe.

She was a founding member of the team that created and launched the weekend morning news program in 2003. It was the only Saturday morning news available in Green Country at the time.

Chin excelled in the S.I. Newhouse School of Journalism at Syracuse University and graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism.

She also receives a bachelor’s degree in geosciences and meteorology from Mississippi State University, where she joined the Honor Society.

Julie Chin
Julie Chin

Who is the Husband of Julie Chin at Tusla?

Julie Chin and her husband have a wonderful relationship. She frequently updates her Instagram account with images of her husband.

Chin hasn’t disclosed her husband’s name or employment experience in public as of yet.They initially met on Cherry Street a very long time ago. One of the highlights of the event, according to the anchor who spoke with OKLAHOMA Sports Fitness, was sprinting down Cherry Street while my husband was cheering for me from the very location where we first met almost nine years ago.

In a post on TheSunShileStand, Chin also talked about her family life with her husband.

She claimed that her husband was one of the first recipients of a Scott Carter Foundation Hero Award in a 2016 Instagram post.

Julie and her husband are still in a happy marriage and have a child together. They gave birth to their son on July 23, 2014.

The news anchor shared the story with her IG family, writing, “This may be our first family photo. We are very smitten with our son.

Age & Bio of KJRH Journalist-Meteorologist Julie Chin

KJRH’s Julie Chin is a meteorologist. She was born in the American city of New York. She might be in her 40s based on the way she now seems.

Her precise birthdate has only recently come to light. She relocated to Oklahoma almost twenty years ago.

Julie organizes activities all around the city and is a committed member of the community. In addition, she received the Scripps-Howard William Burleigh Award for her outstanding civic contributions.

She was listed among Oklahoma Magazine’s and Tulsa Business Journal’s top “40 under 40” in the state.

The American Red Cross designated Julie an Everyday Hero, and the city of Muskogee recognized her as an honorary Muskogee Okie.

Update on Julie Chin’s Illness and Stroke

During a live TV broadcast, Tulsa journalist Julie Chin claimed to be experiencing “the early stages of a stroke.”

On Saturday morning, Chin struggled to read from her script as she conveyed the news, stuttering and stammering.

Her coworkers contacted 911 as soon as they sensed something was wrong. She has now “spent the last few days in the hospital having all kinds of testing,” according to the statement.

The television caster said in a lengthy Facebook post, “It appeared like the tragedy came out of nowhere. I felt wonderful before our show. However, after a little while of our newscast, things started to happen.

“I tried so hard to take the show ahead, but the words just wouldn’t come,” she wrote in the post.

Julie commented, “I’ve spent the past few days in the hospital receiving various testing.” I’m grateful to the medical staff and first responders who have shared their wisdom, compassion, and smiles with me.

Chin stated that she would return to her profession as a news anchor and share more stories following additional examinations and investigations into what might have happened to her.

Her tests all yielded positive results. She may have only had the early stages of a stroke, according to the experts.

Net Worth of Julie Chin

Julie Chin, a well-known journalist with 2News Oklahoma, is anticipated to have a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million in 2022.

Additionally, she is the proprietor of Julie Chin Production, which debuted in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in January 2012. Since March 2014, she has worked as a TV reporter for Discover Oklahoma.

On television, radio, and online platforms, Chin used to be Bob Hurley Auto Group and RV Center’s voice. She worked for WBOY-TV as a morning and afternoon meteorologist.

She was in charge of producing daily weather forecasts for WBOY-TV as well as spreading awareness of the Statewide Children’s Winter Weather Safety Program.

Early Life of Julie Chen

Chen’s mother, Wang Ling Chen, was raised in Rangoon, Burma. Her father, David Chen, was born in China. He was forced to evacuate to Taiwan when the Chinese Civil War started. Lou Gaw Tong, Chen’s paternal grandfather, was raised in the Fujian province’s Chinese town of Penglai in “dirt poverty.” After becoming wealthy through the construction of a chain of grocery stores, he had nine wives and 11 children. Julie’s older sisters go by the names Gladys and Victoria.

In a section of Queens known as Whitestone, Chen attended middle school. In 1987, Chen graduated from St. Francis Preparatory School with a high school diploma. In 1991, she graduated from the University of Southern California. She pursued broadcast journalism and English studies there.

Julie Chin’s Career

She interned with Andy Cohen at CBS Morning News in June 1990. For distribution on the show, which she would host ten years later, she took calls and duplicated faxes. She worked as a desk assistant for ABC NewsOne for one season the next year while still a student. After receiving a raise, she worked as a producer for the following three years. The next year, she relocated to Dayton, Ohio, where she spent the years 1995 to 1997 working as a local news reporter for WDTN-TV.

In 2015, Chen said on The Talk that her news director in Dayton had warned her that because she had “Asian eyes,” she would never succeed as a news anchor. She chose to get surgery to remove the extra skin around her eyes after a “big-time agency” concurred with her and suggested that she seek plastic surgery.

From 1999 until 2002, Chen served as the newscaster for The Early Show, CBS This Morning, and CBS Morning News. Bryant Gumbel, Jane Clayson, Hannah Storm, Harry Smith, Maggie Rodriguez, Erica Hill, and Rene Syler were among the people he collaborated with. From 2002 to 2010, she co-hosted The Early Show on CBS. She left her regular job and continued to work as a special contributor anchor on the show until it was cancelled. Before working for CBS News, she was a reporter and weekend host at WCBS-TV in New York City.

The Talk’s co-hosts for the 2012 season included Julie Chen, Aisha Tyler, Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Sheryl Underwood, and Sharon Osbourne.

Since 2000, she has also served as the Big Brother host in America. Because of how contrived and wooden her interactions with the studio audience and interviews on live programs appeared during the first season of 2000, Chen earned the moniker “Chenbot.” She claimed that the word doesn’t affect her in two interviews. As a result of her “precise on-air manner,” which stems from her “desire to be objective,” she added that that could be the case. When she excitedly exclaimed, “I am the Chenbot!” during a piece on The Early Show about mugs produced in her likeness, she brought up the name once more.

The Chat, a daytime talk show on CBS that debuted on October 18, 2010, has Chen as its host and moderator.

The cast also included Sharon Osbourne, Leah Remini, Holly Robinson Peete, and Marissa Jaret Winokur in addition to Chen, Sara Gilbert, who created the program. After allegations of sexual assault against her husband, Les Moonves, Chen stated in a pre-recorded tape on September 18, 2018, that she would not be returning to The Talk because she needed “to spend more time at home with hubby.”

Julie Chin
Julie Chin

Julie Chin’s Personal Life

She began working as a news assistant for ABC News in Los Angeles in September 1991 after graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in broadcasting and English. She made a long-lasting romantic connection with Gary Donahue there, despite the fact that their relationship didn’t last. When Les Moonves was still married to Nancy Wiesenfeld Moonves, she began dating the president and CEO of CBS Television. A week after Les Moonves agreed to a five-year, multimillion-dollar contract with Viacom, Nancy Wiesenfeld Moonves filed for divorce. She said that their relationship had broken down. The divorce took almost two years to complete because of financial disputes. Moonves successfully persuaded a judge to grant him an early divorce on December 10, 2004. Child support and spousal support will be decided later.

On December 23, 2004, Chen and Moonves exchanged vows in a small ceremony in Acapulco, Mexico. Chen gave birth to Charlie on September 24, 2009, and he was born on that day.

In the opening episode of Season 4 of The Talk in September 2013, Chen revealed that her former news director and a renowned agent had urged her to have blepharoplasty early in her career. Chen acknowledged that her decision had “separated” her family, but insisted that she must “live with every choice I’ve made because it has brought us to this point. And I won’t turn around to look back.

She began using her married name on the September 13, 2018 episode of Big Brother, when she signed off by saying, “I’m Julie Chen Moonves, goodnight,” following multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against her husband Les Moonves in 2018.

She usually merely signed off as Julie Chen, so this was a deviation from her typical behavior. Social media users’ reactions to the finale of the show were varied. On November 27, 2018, CBS revealed that she would return to host the second season of Celebrity Big Brother under the moniker “Julie Chen Moonves.” Chin expressed regret to the audience for stopping the story midway through and said that something was wrong with her this morning. The transmission was subsequently passed to the weather team, and Chin instructed them to forward it to meteorologist Annie Brown. Brown took control of the podcast and spoke next, laughing. We all have those days, and Julie, we love you so much, he remarked.

Chin’s coworkers decided to phone 9-11 rather than restart the broadcast, and shortly after that, she was transported to a local hospital. Julie Chin updated her Facebook followers on her health status on September 4. She remarked that her health was good. Chin went on to say that she is happy to report that all of her testing have produced excellent results. Keep visiting our site for further updates like this.

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