Depth Look at Footballer Josephine Henning’s Life with Her Partner and Husband

Depth Look at Footballer Josephine Henning’s Life with Her Partner and Husband

Josephine Henning is a well-known former German footballer who played center back for Arsenal and the Germany national team. She also competed for Germany in international competition.

Henning is likely unmarried and does not have any significant others because she has attained a great deal of professional success as a player. It would appear that she spent the most of her time working toward the professional goals she had set for herself.

Both the 2013 UEFA Women’s Euro and the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup were competitions in which she represented her country.

Henning was a member of the German Olympic team that competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics and brought home the gold medal for his country.


Josephine Henning
Josephine Henning

Who Josephine Henning Is Dating Right Now?

Josephine Henning is not involved with anyone romantically at the moment and does not yet have a partner. She has not been involved in any kind of relationship that has been discussed in the press.

Josephine’s career has been the primary focus of her attention, and she has used her various social media profiles to discuss various aspects of her professional life.

She is a very private person who would rather keep her private life away from the public eye and information about it. When it came to football, Henning was genuine and dedicated. She made her debut in September 2010, and she already has more than 25 caps to her name.

Net Worth of a German Footballer

According to Allfamousbirthday, Josephine Henning has a net worth of $1.5 million at the present time. Paid advertising, commercials, and income from products that she promotes on social media are her primary sources of revenue.

She is a person that puts in a lot of effort and is totally devoted to her work. Josephine’s career as a football player came to an end in 2018, and she is now pursuing a career as an artist full-time. She is excited to take on new challenges and has transferred her skills from the field to the studio.

Josephine Henning: Who Is She?

She won the Frauen-Bundesliga four times and the UEFA Women’s Champions League four times while playing for Turbine Potsdam and VfL Wolfsburg, both of which are in Germany. She also competed for her country, Germany.

Josephine Henning is a former German footballer who was a member of Arsenal and the Germany national team. She was born in Germany on September 8, 1989, and she played center back for both teams. She made her first appearance for the national squad in September of 2010, and since then she has won over 25 caps and competed for her country at the UEFA Women’s Euro 2013 and the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015.

Club Career of Josephine Henning

While playing for Turbine Potsdam and VfL Wolfsburg in her native Germany, Henning amassed a total of four victories in the Frauen-Bundesliga and four victories in the UEFA Women’s Champions League. After that, in June of 2014, she became a member of the French club Paris Saint-Germain.

She was a key contributor for Paris Saint-Germain in their run to the 2015 UEFA Women’s Champions League Final, which they ultimately lost to Frankfurt by a score of 2–1. After suffering an injury that forced her to sit out the first part of the 2015–16 season, Henning negotiated the early termination of her contract in January of 2016.

Henning joined Arsenal for their preseason training camp in Seville, Spain, in February of 2016, and participated in the event. During Arsenal’s 3–1 victory over Bayern Munich in a friendly, she was used in the match as a substitute. On February 18, 2016, the club announced that her transfer to Arsenal had been approved.

For the 2017–18 campaign, she was back playing for Arsenal.

On July 2, 2018, Henning made the announcement that she will be retiring.

Four Times Champion of the UEFA Women’s Champions League

Josephine Henning is a name that is well known in German football for her time spent playing in the center-back position. While playing for Turbine Potsdam and VfL Wolfsburg, she was victorious in all four seasons of the Frauen-Bundesliga and all four seasons of the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

The next month, in June 2014, she reached an agreement to sign a deal with the French soccer team Paris Saint-Germain.

Since making her debut with the national team in September of 2010, she has appeared in more than 25 matches for them. She has also competed for her country in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in both 2013 and 2015.

In February of 2016, Henning was a member of the Arsenal team that attended a preseason training camp in Seville, Spain.

During Arsenal’s 3-1 victory over Bayern Munich in a friendly, she came on as a substitute for the team. On July 2, 2018, Henning announced that she will be retiring from her position.

Because of Injuries, Henning Decided to Retire from Football

After suffering an injury at the age of 28, Josephine Henning made the decision to end her career as a football player. When Henning arrived in Potsdam, she was suffering from a bad knee injury.

She felt that something had shifted after the Olympics, and that she couldn’t go through another season of injury. Despite this, she continued to have faith in her capacity to overcome the challenge.

Josephine also announced her retirement on her Instagram account with the statement, “What an incredible time!”

My time spent playing football at the professional level will come to an end this summer.

“It is now the appropriate time for me to give myself some space to take in all of these amazing experiences. When I think back on the past several years, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of thankfulness, and I am very grateful to have had such incredible support at that time.

 Josephine Henning’s Family

Josephine has always had a strong interest in art, and her family has a long tradition of artistic achievement. Having moved her talents from the stage to the recording studio, she is now an artist who works in the field full-time and is eager to take on new challenges.

Henning, who intended to be an artist on a full-time basis, devoted her entire life to her artistic pursuits. After leaving the regimented atmosphere of the football setting, it took her some time to readjust to her new life as an artist.

Josephine Henning’s family has a rich creative history, as evidenced by the fact that her brother is a musician, her father was an actor, and her mother is a theatrical painter who designed and built sets.

A U-Turn in Josephine Henning’s Professional Path

Henning has devoted herself to the arts ever since she walked away from her career in football in 2018. She is considered to be one of the authorities and serves as a living demonstration of how the domains of football and art are complementary to one another.

The former German defender enjoyed a significant degree of success during her playing career, as evidenced by the fact that she won four titles in the UEFA Women’s Champions League, four medals in the Women’s Bundesliga, and the DFB Cup in 2013.

She is the first player to have ever won the European Cup while competing for three different teams, having done it for Potsdam, Wolfsburg, and Olympique Lyon respectively.

The significance of Henning’s connection to the arts dates back to his early years. She likes to start with a blank canvas so that she can plan and design whatever she wants, and then she hangs her works anywhere she wants.

After picking up a pen or pencil, she invariably has a sense of serenity. As an artist, Henning finds that collaborating with a wide variety of organizations, causes, and private persons through her work is the most rewarding experience she can have.


Josephine Henning
Josephine Henning

Quick Facts About Josephine Henning:

Date Of Birth September 8, 1989
Place Of Birth Trier, West Germany
Nationality Germany
Profession Footballer, Artist
Instagram @josephine_henning

Achievements And Honors:

1. FFC Turbine Potsdam

Bundesliga: Winner 2009–10, 2010–11

UEFA Women’s Champions League: Winner 2009–10

DFB-Hallenpokal for women: Winner 2010

2. VfL Wolfsburg

Bundesliga: Winner 2012–13, 2013–14

UEFA Women’s Champions League: Winner 2012–13, 2013–14

DFB-Pokal: Winner 2012–13

3. Olympique Lyon

Division 1 Feminine: Winner 2016–17

Coupe de France Feminine: Winner 2017

UEFA Women’s Champions League: Winner 2016–17

4. Paris Saint Germain

UEFA Women’s Champions League: Runners Up Medal 2015

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