John Robinson: Executed or still alive? Update for 2022: Where Is He Now?

John Robinson, a 78-year-old inhabitant of Illinois who was also a serial killer and kidnapper, was imprisoned for the death penalty after killing three women over a fifteen-year period.

In fact, he started off by stealing thousands of dollars from doctors before starting his killing spree in 1984. He started employing innocent ladies and murdering them while forging letters to confirm their survival.

Then, he deceived Lisa Stasi and her child with the pretense of living a good life and disqualified her suicide.

He showed no signs of regret at any point during his trial, and he even went back to court to try to get the death penalty revoked.

John Robinson: Executed or still alive? Update 2022

John Robinson is a serial killer and con man who has been given the death penalty for his crimes against humanity.

Even after escaping from three murders, he continued to seek out more innocent lives while browsing online chat rooms after learning about the Internet.

He became less cautious as he gained notoriety on the platforms, which also affected his ability to remain undetected.

Thankfully, the authorities learned about what was going on while they were blind because his name continued showing up in missing person inquiries.

After being suspected of sexual battery, he was finally apprehended in June 2000 at his property, providing detectives with the probable cause they needed to secure search warrants.

They searched his home prematurely and discovered Lewicka and Trouten’s decomposing bodies in two 85-pound chemical drums.

They discovered two garages with three additional bodies after further investigation, each of which had suffered fatal head injuries.

What Crime Did John Robinson Commit? Where Is He Now?

In El Dorado Correctional Facility, John Robinson is awaiting the death punishment for the murders of Trouten and Lewicka by the Messuire state and life in prison for the death of Stasi because Kansas did not have the capital penalty clause.

His extra allegations include decades in prison for kidnapping, stealing, and interfering with parental custody. A trial in Missouri was initially avoided by his attorney because he was aware of the state’s zealous desire to punish the targets and their certainty that he would secure a conviction for capital punishment.

For his crimes, John Edward Robinson received a death sentence.

When Robinson unwillingly assisted in disclosing the corpse sites in exchange for a lighter sentence, they were forced to come to a deal.

Even though there was sufficient evidence to put him in jail, he refused to express remorse or explicitly admit responsibility for the incident.

How Old Was John Robinson? He had a family, right?

John Robinson, a 78-year-old native of Illinois, appeared to be a normal man despite coming from an abusive family with a controlling mother and an alcoholic father.

Before enrolling in Quigley Preparatory Seminary, a boys’ school for prospective priests, he became interested in the Eagle Scouts after having the opportunity to perform in front of Queen Elizabeth II.

He had a difficult time following the rules after being expelled from the institution for having disciplinary problems.

But even after earning a degree from Morton Junior College, he continued to pursue his academic interests since he wanted to work as a medical radiographer. After dropping out, he later married Nancy Jo Lynch and had twins Christopher and Christine as well as John Jr., a daughter, and Kimberly in 1967.

Finally, as a result of his activities, his wife filed for divorce after 40 years of marriage.

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