John Easterling: Who is he? The husband of Olivia Newton John talks in depth about his late wife.

The late Hollywood actress Olivia Newton-husband, John’s John Easterling, has offered a moving tribute to his late wife.

On August 10, Newton-Instagram John’s account saw a post from 70-year-old Easterling, who thanked Newton-John for their love and connection in a long caption.
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“Our love for one another is greater than our comprehension. We showed our thankfulness for this love, which could be so profound, real, and organic, every day. Never once did we need to “work” on it. We accepted the experience of our love as past, present, and eternal because we were in awe of this enormous wonder.”
The Grease actor lost his battle with cancer on August 8 in a “peaceful” death. On her Facebook account, her husband John had posted the sad news of her passing.

Following the news’s release, the Hollywood star was honoured by a number of fans and admirers. Daniel Andrews, the premier of Victoria, announced on August 11 that Newton-John, who spent the most of her youth in Melbourne, Australia, will also be honoured during a state service in that nation.

What else has John Easterling written about Olivia, and who is he?

Olivia’s second husband, John Easterling, is an entrepreneur and environmentalist who has spent years studying the potential health benefits of plants in the Amazon rainforest. He and Olivia had similar interests in spirituality and complementary therapies.

John Easterling further described Olivia’s “essence” in the Instagram post, mentioning how she was a “healer” through her “music, words, and touch” and that she was the “most courageous lady” he had ever met. Continue reading from the post below:

“Her capacity for true compassion for people, the environment, and all living things almost exceeds what is humanely imaginable. I have only been able to share the depth and intensity of her being for this length of time by the grace of God. Even at her darkest moments, she consistently maintained her spirit, sense of humour, and determination to bring things to light.”
In his final paragraph, John Easterling expressed his gratitude to Olivia Newton-supporters John’s and admirers for their kind words and sympathies.

He stated:

“The delight of her love and the light that beams forward have already begun to repair the anguish and holes in my heart as her spirit soars. The abundance of love and support that has come our way has been greatly appreciated by our entire family.”
Despite first meeting in the 1990s through a mutual friend, Olivia Newton-John and John Easterling started dating in 2006. Two years later, in June 2008, they got married. The couple has had two marriages. A second ceremony was held on a Florida beach in front of friends and family after their initial elopement on a Peruvian mountaintop.

Newton-breast John’s cancer reappeared over ten years after the couple’s wedding, and John was there to take care of her. The Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund was established by the pair in 2020 to promote cancer research using botanical remedies.

Olivia was previously married to Matt Lattanzi for 11 years, from 1984 to 1995, before meeting John Easterling. They had a daughter together named Chloe Rose Lattanzi.

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