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This page has information about Jipsta’s net worth, wife, biography, age, height, weight, and a lot more. In 2022, Jipsta has a net worth of $2 million. He is a rapper, songwriter, and music producer.

In America, the name Jipsta is very well known. He is a very successful person, and his work in the American music business has given him a good name and a lot of fame. He has made a lot of money as a rapper, songwriter, and music producer. Jipsta started his career in 2007, and he has since put out a lot of studio albums and singles, which have brought him a lot of success.

Bandoozle, Turnt Up, Ban2oozle, and Swaggerific are the four full-length studio albums that Jipsta has. Through his albums, Jipsta has also done pretty well in the business world. Year of the Tiger was the name of his first EP, which came out in 2021. Jipsta’s style is also very well-known. Because of the way he puts complicated lyrics on top of fast-paced house music beats, he is very well-known and has been on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart seven times. Check out how much Planet Asia is worth.


Jipsta’s wealth

Jipsta is a well-known and successful person in the United States. He is known as a good rapper, songwriter, and music producer. Jipsta has been working since 2007, and up to this point, he has done some very good work. In 2011, Jipsta released his first album. Since then, he has put out three more albums. The last thing he made was an EP, which came out in 2021. Aside from that, his singles are also very well-known. Jipsta has a net worth of $2 Million as of right now.

Home: Jipsta is an American entertainer who has gained a lot of name recognition and fame for his work. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, and that’s also where he got his start in his career. There, Jipsta owns a very nice house.

Jipsta has a garage full of cars; he has quite a few of them. He has a never-ending love and need for cars. He also drives all of his own cars. He owns a Range Rover, an Audi, and several other cars at the moment. You might also be interested in Smoke DZA Net Worth.

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Jipsta Biography

John Patrick Masterson is a very successful person in America. His stage name, Jipsta, is known all over the world. John was born on October 13, 1974, in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in New York, where he lived with his single mother, who raised him to be a pretty good person. When he was very young, his father died. He had pancreatic cancer, which turned out to be fatal in the end.

After his father died, John moved to Queens, where he lived for most of his childhood. He also talks a lot about his mother, who got him interested in music and let him study it at Bayside High School.

Career and Awards of Jipsta

Jipsta’s career began in 2007 when he started putting out music on MySpace, where he did pretty well at first. Later, Juiced Up Records released his independent single Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know. In 2008, the song was a huge hit and stayed on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart for almost 4 weeks. It got his career going, and then RockBerry Records signed him. Middle of the Dancefloor was the name of the first song that he put out on RockBerry Records. The song’s highest position on billboards was number 6, and it was his first top 10 hit.

Later, his song “I Want Your Sex” became a big hit and reached number 4 on the billboard charts. He later put out a lot of hit singles, which made him very popular. His first album, Bandoozle, came out in 2011, and it was also a pretty big hit. Later, he put out three more albums, and all of them did pretty well on the charts. Year of the Tiger, his first EP, is his most recent work. All of Jipsta’s works have done reasonably well in the marketplace. He also has a lot of music videos out there. Check out how much Smoothe da Hustler is worth.

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Jipsta went to Bayside High School for his education. He first went to the school to learn music, but he soon became the top student in the class of 1992. Later, he also spent a short time at Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School. He didn’t study because he loved music so much.


In the American music business, Jipsta is a very well-known name. He is also a unique and successful person because he is the first white gay man to make so many appearances on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. He has also gotten a lot of criticism for being homophobic, but he has never given up. In 2014, he was attacked badly, and many of his bones were broken. Even so, he came in with a bang and kept doing good things.

How much does Jipsta have in total?

The total amount of money that Jipsta has is about $2 million.

What is Jipsta’s age?

Jipsta is 47 years old right now (13 October 1974).

How much does Jipsta get paid?

Jipsta is thought to make more than $1,000,000 per year in salary.


What is Jipsta’s Height?

Jipsta stands 1.75 m tall.

What does Jipsta’s wife’s name sound like?

Jipsta is gay, but he hasn’t said anything about his relationship status yet.

Early years

Jipsta was born in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up in Queens. His parents are from Scotland and Italy. Jipsta grew up in a home with just one parent because his father died of pancreatic cancer when he was young. Jipsta said that his mother was the one who got him interested in music and helped him grow to love it. Jipsta then went to Bayside High School in Queens, New York City, to study music. He was the Valedictorian of his class in 1992. Olivia, Action Bronson, and Mic Geronimo are also famous people who went to the performing arts high school.

Career beginnings

Jipsta was accepted to Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School in Brookville, New York. This is a school for students who want to go to college. It was here that Jipsta found rap music for the first time. In 1987, Jipsta gave his first official live performance at a talent show put on by the institution. He entered the show on a dare at the last minute. Jipsta, who was only 12 at the time, won the contest in the end. In an interview, Jipsta said that he entered the contest under the stage name “LL Cool JP,” a clever mix of his nickname “JP” and that of hip-hop legend LL Cool J. The song “7th grade,” which is the first song on the Swaggerific album, tells the story of what happened. Jipsta later got a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Queens College-City University of New York and a Master’s degree in science from St. John’s University.


In 2007, Jipsta started putting music on MySpace. One of the first songs he posted was an early demo version of “Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know,” which would become his first single. When it came out on Juiced Up records on its own, the song quickly became a hit. It stayed on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart for 4 weeks in 2008, peaking at No. 42. It was put on the Promo Only Mainstream Club disc for February 2008, along with popular artists like Mary J. Blige and Natasha Bedingfield, because club play of the song was positive.

Records by Rockberry

The success of “Don’t Act” got the attention of Ranny, a DJ from Boston who has been on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, and DJ Mike Cruz, who both made mixes for Jipsta’s second album, “Middle of the Dancefloor.” Ranny started his own independent label called RockBerry records. He signed Jipsta to the label, and “Middle of the Dancefloor” was the first official release on the RockBerry imprint. Jipsta’s first Billboard Top 10 single, “Middle of the Dancefloor,” rose quickly up the chart and peaked at #6 for two weeks. The song was on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart for a total of 14 weeks. It is also notable because it was the first time an openly gay white rapper got a Top 10 single on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. Because “Middle of the Dancefloor” did well, Jipsta was able to work on his third single with remixers and producers who were better known and did better in the music business.

Interhit Records is a record label

Jipsta’s big break came when he released his third single, a cover of “I Want Your Sex” by George Michael that was progressive and crossed over into other genres. Chris Cox, a DJ and one half of the Grammy-nominated remixing duo Thunderpuss, signed Jipsta to his Provocative Music/Interhit Records label. “I Want Your Sex” quickly climbed to the top of the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart, first as the Hot Shot Debut at #43 and then as the Power Pick at #21 in the first three weeks after its release. The song moved up to #4 on the Billboard charts on May 2, 2009. This made it Jipsta’s first Top 5 single. The single also did well in other countries. It made an impact on Billboard’s “Global Dance Tracks” chart based only on club play around the world. Jipsta made his first official music video to promote the single, which was played a lot on Logo’s Click List Top 10 countdown and NewNowNext Pop Lab.

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