Jason Ganahl’s Husband of Heidi Ganahl (Colorado Republican) & Family

Heidi Ganahl, a businesswoman running for governor of Colorado, is married to Jason Ganahl, who is well-known. Here is all the information you require on him.

The Republican candidate who seems to have the most promise is Heidi, a wealthy entrepreneur. Since 2007, the Republicans have failed to retake the governor’s office in Colorado.
The Camp Bow Wow that the 55-year-old Colorado native founded eventually became a multi-million dollar enterprise in the nation. Will she be able to restore Republican dominance in Colorado?
Ganahl is also the sole Republican serving on the CU Board of Regents, which is a statewide office. People are therefore optimistic that she will succeed this time.

Who Is Jason Ganahl?

Heidi Ganahl, a candidate for governor of Colorado, is married to Jason Ganahl.
When Heidi’s first spouse passed away in a plane disaster barely two years into their marriage, the couple were married in 2009. The couple will commemorate their 12th wedding anniversary in October 2021.
Jason has been his wife’s biggest advocate during this time. While his wife, Heidi, was busy running for office, he managed the firm fairly successfully.
The only championship barbecue restaurant in Colorado, GQue Championship Barbeque Restaurant & Ice Cream Farm, was founded by the politician’s spouse.

 Jason Ganahl Net worth

The combined wealth of Jason Ganahl and his wife, Heidi Ganahl, is in the neighbourhood of $150 million.
The couple established the pet business franchise Camp Bow Wow, which has seen substantial growth. Hedi currently serves as Camp Bow Wow’s CEO, and her spouse is a restaurant owner.
In addition, the 55-year-old entrepreneur was named one of Fortune magazine’s 10 Most Promising Entrepreneurs and was included among the top women entrepreneurs in the nation by Parade magazine.
Additionally, the woman from Colorado is a member of the University of Colorado Board of Regents, where she is in charge of a $5 billion budget and over 30,000 staff members.

Jason Ganahl Families

With their four kids, Jason Ganahl and Heidi Ganahl have the ideal family.
Since Heidi’s father worked for the police, she is confident in her ability to keep the state’s law and order. She hasn’t yet mentioned her mother, on the other hand.
The couple’s four lovely children, who range in age from 9 to 26 and are named Tori, Hollie, Jack, and Jenna, live with them in Colorado. Heidi’s first spouse perished in a plane crash in the meantime.

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