Jack Stauber: Profession, Family, Affairs, Relationships, Marital Status, Net Worth And Lifestyle

Jack Stauber, The Renowned Musician

In the quiet corners of McKean, a small rural town near Erie, Pennsylvania, emerged a musical prodigy named Jack Stauber.

Born on April 6th, 1996, this 27-year-old artist has carved a niche for himself in the music industry with a style that defies traditional genres.

Jack’s Eclectic Musical Journey

Jack Stauber’s musical prowess transcends boundaries, blending synth-pop with folk, jazz, lo-fi, and rock influences.

His voice, a chameleon of sound, navigates deep lows and soars through high falsettos.

The uniqueness doesn’t stop there – Jack infuses his lyrics with an enigmatic quality, often leading to delightful misinterpretations among fans.

The Shower-Sung Virtuoso

In a revealing interview, Jack shares the secret behind his vocal versatility – singing in the shower.

Jack Stauber
Jack Stauber(@freetls)

This quirky practice not only shaped his voice but also inspired his ability to voice a multitude of characters in his animations, adding another layer to his artistic repertoire.

Discography And Milestones

Throughout his active years from 2013 to the present, Stauber has released albums that have left an indelible mark on the music scene.

Notable works include “Pop Food” (2017), “HiLo” (2018), “Finite Form” (2013), and “Viator” (2015). His popular songs, such as “Oh Klahoma” and “Buttercup,” showcase the depth and diversity of his musical expression.

Unraveling Jack Stauber’s  Persona

Beyond the music, fans yearn to know more about Jack Stauber’s personal life.

Hailing from McKean, Pennsylvania, Stauber’s roots are firmly grounded. His social media presence on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook provides glimpses into his daily life, making him more than just a musician — a relatable personality.

Jack Stauber’s Online Presence

In the digital age, Stauber has embraced online platforms to connect with his audience.

Jack Stauber
Jack Stauber(@dzcdn)

His YouTube channel, “JackStauber,” boasts 2.69 million subscribers and a staggering 348.3 million total views.

The journey has been adorned with Creator Awards, marking milestones in 2018 and 2021.

Wiki & Biography

Jack Stauber’s journey began on April 6, 1996, in McKean, Erie, Pennsylvania.

Growing up in Pennsylvania, his passion for music blossomed early, propelling him into the spotlight with his unique singing style and peculiar yet captivating lyrics.

Although details about his family remain private, Stauber’s musical odyssey started with education at a local private school and continued with higher studies at a private college in Pittsburgh.

Jack Stauber Physical Appearance

Understanding the person behind the music often involves appreciating their physical presence.

Jack Stauber, standing at 5′ 10″ (178 cm) and weighing 136 lbs (62 kg), possesses a light brown mane and striking black eyes, adding to his enigmatic stage presence.

Family & Ethnicity

While Jack Stauber maintains a low profile regarding his family, it’s known that he belongs to the white ethnicity.

This privacy adds an air of mystery to his personal life, allowing fans to focus on his artistic expressions rather than his familial background.

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Jack Stauber: His Professional Life

  • Jack Stauber was born on April 6, 1996, in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, into a family of six. With three brothers and one sister, Stauber’s upbringing was surrounded by the melodies of iconic bands like The Beatles and Pink Floyd, courtesy of his music enthusiast parents.
  • As a child, Stauber displayed early signs of creativity and artistic flair.
  • His fascination with animation and filmmaking began with drawing and computer animations, laying the foundation for his future endeavors.
  • It wasn’t until high school that he delved into music, experimenting across genres until he discovered his distinctive sound.
Jack Stauber
Jack Stauber(@sndcdn)

Early Years And Musical Roots

Jack Stauber’s musical journey commenced in 2007, and since then, he has evolved into a multifaceted artist.

Stauber, an alumnus of the University of Pittsburgh, is not only a folksinger but also an accomplished animator and internet personality.

His prowess extends across various instruments, including vocals, piano, drums, and guitar.

Relationships & Girlfriends

In the realm of personal relationships, Stauber keeps things under wraps.

As of now, there’s no public information or rumors circulating about his romantic entanglements. It appears that the artist is currently single, directing his focus towards his burgeoning career.

News About Jack Stauber’s Song

Age And Personal Life

As of 2023 Jack Stauber is 27 years old.

Despite his rising fame, he remains private about his personal life, keeping details about his romantic relationships and family away from the public eye. He continues to reside in his hometown, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


  • Stauber’s musical journey gained momentum through platforms like YouTube and Bandcamp. His quirky lyrics, catchy melodies, and unique visuals garnered a dedicated fan base.
  • The track “Buttercup” alone boasts over 100 million views on YouTube, exemplifying the widespread appeal of his work.
  • Beyond music, Stauber’s talent extends to animation, notably the “Meatball” series, earning him the Jury Award at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in 2020.

Vast Musical Landscape

Described as experimental, psychedelic, and genre-defying, Stauber draws inspiration from a vast musical landscape, creating lyrics that are introspective, humorous, and often surreal

Academic Prowess

Stauber’s academic journey took him through the halls of Pittsburgh University, culminating in his graduation.

Armed with his educational background, he set forth on a path that would blend his artistic talents with a solid foundation of knowledge.

The Controversy And Charity

Jack Stauber found himself in the spotlight when he released the album “Pop Food,” stirring the waters of controversy.

On a more philanthropic note, Stauber has silently contributed to NGOs and trusts, leaving an indelible mark on those in need.

Awards And Achievements

In 2020, Jack Stauber was honored with the prestigious Shorty Award, a testament to his impact on the industry.

Beyond the accolades, Stauber’s influence extends to charitable contributions, reflecting a commitment to making a positive difference.

From McKean To Stardom

Jack Stauber’s journey from McKean, Pennsylvania, to stardom is a narrative woven with threads of passion for music.

Inspired by the iconic singer Donovan, Stauber embraced the art form from a young age, showcasing his instrumental prowess with the guitar, piano, and drums.

Musical Endeavors And Collaborations

Stauber’s musical repertoire spans across albums like ‘Viator’ and ‘Pop Food.’

Collaborations with bands like ‘Joose’ and ‘Zaki’ further illustrate his versatility.

Jack Stauber
Jack Stauber(@pittnews)

Noteworthy tracks such as “Buttercup” and “Oh Klahoma” have garnered millions of streams, with the former achieving meme status on TikTok.

Artistry In Animation

What sets Jack Stauber apart is his unique approach to music videos, predominantly animated using tools like MS Paint and Claymation.

His creativity extends beyond the auditory, crafting a visual experience that resonates with fans.

Social Media Presence

With a significant following of 880K on Instagram and over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, Jack Stauber remains a socially active influencer, sharing glimpses of his life and creations with a global audience.

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Jack Stauber: Family, Affairs, Relationships, Marital Status, Net Worth And Lifestyle

Family Ties

The enigma surrounding Jack Stauber extends to his family.

While details about his family members, including his father, mother, and brother, remain under wraps, his sister Kharly is a known figure.

Affairs And Relationships

  • As for matters of the heart, Jack Stauber keeps his romantic life tightly guarded.
Jack Stauber
Jack Stauber(@ytimg)
  • Currently under review, his relationship status and any potential girlfriend remain subjects of speculation.
  • The artist seems to be channeling his focus towards his flourishing career
  • In the vibrant realm of indie pop, one name stands out — Jack Stauber.
  • This versatile artist, born on April 6, 1996, in the United States, has woven a musical tapestry that transcends genres and captivates audiences worldwide.

The Micropop Maestro’s Genres

Stauber’s music defies easy categorization, embracing avant-pop, synth-pop, and hypnagogic pop.

This eclectic blend contributes to his unique sound, setting him apart in the vast landscape of contemporary music.

Numerology And Stauber’s Life Path

According to numerology, Jack Stauber’s Life Path Number is 8, symbolizing natural leadership and exceptional management skills.

These traits align seamlessly with his success, evident in the release of his debut album “Finite Form” in 2013.

The Upward Trajectory In 2023

In the realm of numerology, 2023 marks an important phase for Stauber with a personal year number of 8.

Independence and intelligence characterize this phase, promising a smooth and upward trajectory.

It’s a period ripe for breakthroughs and significant development in Stauber’s artistic journey.

Acknowledgments And Influences

Stauber’s association with Plopscotch Records has been instrumental in his success.

Notably, admirers such as Jon Bon Jovi, Andy Milonakis, Verne Troyer, and Paris Jackson have recognized and celebrated his musical prowess.

Net Worth And Lifestyle

While specific details about Stauber’s net worth and lifestyle in 2023 are pending updates, his success and recognition in the industry undoubtedly translate into a lifestyle befitting a rising music icon.

The Enigma That Is Jack Stauber

In unraveling the enigma that is Jack Stauber, we discover not just a musician but a storyteller who paints with sound.

His journey, marked by milestones and artistic evolution, continues to resonate with a diverse audience.

As we anticipate the musical chapters yet to unfold, Jack Stauber remains a beacon of creativity, leaving an indelible imprint on the canvas of indie pop.

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