Is Jericka Duncan and Dray Clark engaged? 2022 Husband – Daughter’s Name

Jericka Duncan, a journalist for CBS News, and her boyfriend Dray Clark are not wed or engaged.

We are not surprised that she is waiting before entering another relationship given her poor track record in finding love.

The former executive producer of 60 Minutes, Jeff Fager, was exposed for sending her threatening messages, which led to her becoming the victim of verbal abuse in 2018. His prior accusations of sexual assault did not help his case because he was let go from his job.

She did receive praise for her bravery, which helped the Me Too movement gain traction.

Jericka Duncan and Dray Clark are engaged, right? 2022: Is He Her Husband?

Jericka Duncan, a CBS news correspondent, and her rumored boyfriend Dray Clark are keeping things the same; they are neither engaged nor married.

He works for the NewsNation team, so they would be in the same social circle even though we don’t know how they met.

Dray, who has worked for WABC-TV in Philadelphia, Grand Rapids, and Macon, is listed as being based in New York City on their website. Due to his trustworthy demeanor, his segment on Morning In America is already generating buzz.

CBS News National Correspondent Jericka Duncan

He was charged with 16 crimes in 2019, including harassment and theft, and was arrested for the domestic assault involving his girlfriend.

Simple disagreements that later turned physical altercations occurred after he was ordered to pay a $20,000 fine. His station, NBC10, announced that he would be taken off the air because they did not support his principles.

Do Jericka Duncan’s Daughters Exist?

The mother of three children is the American journalist Jericka Duncan, who has two daughters named Jericka and Jasmine as well as a son named Joshua.

She called her daughter to recite a children’s book about anti-racism after the kids had revealed their faces on live television. She questioned her child about her favorite passage in the book, in which the character portrayed an upbeat yet mature perspective on equality and sovereignty.

The audience did become emotional as they praised her upbringing despite coming from a single-parent home. However, the grandparents deserve all the praise because they have had a significant moral influence on her.

Her parents, Ronnie and Yvonne Duncan, are pleased with her accomplishments because her father also enjoyed some fame while working for news organizations like WJZ-TV, WKNR, and Oprah.

What is the age of Jericka Duncan? When was she born?

Reporter for CBS News Jericka Duncan, 38, was born on August 12th, 1983.

She displayed an aptitude for the outdoors as a young child and has great talent in track and field; she joined the basketball team while a student at Aurora High School.

Father and daughter, Jericka Duncan

She established five records for the organization as a teen when she enrolled at Ohio University to pursue a degree in communication. As the track team captain, she extended her dominance in athletics, winning the 2005 NAACP Image Award in the process.

She abandoned her dreams after graduating in order to dive headfirst into journalism and secure an internship at WETM-TV, an NBC-affiliated television station.

Jericka Duncan’s worth is unknown

Jericka Duncan, a reporter, has a net worth of one to five million dollars as of 2022.

She landed a position with WETM-TV in Elmira, New York, to kickstart her career. Before relocating to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she received a call from the CBS-affiliated television station WIVB-TV after a few years of experience.

As a result of her career-defining work, CBS News called her in 2013 to fill the position of a national correspondent.

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