Indy Clinton: Who is she? 25-year-old TikTok parent cites five “conventional” standards she will never impose on her kids

Indy Clinton: Who is she? 25-year-old TikTok parent cites five “conventional” standards she will never impose on her kids

In a recent TikTok video, Indy Clinton discussed common parenting “rules” and some that, as a mother, she was categorically against.

A young mother who listed the five rules she would never make her kids follow, including making them pay rent and compel them to consume foods they dislike, drew attention.

On Tuesday, August 2, the 25-year-old pregnant Indy Clinton, who resides on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with her husband and one-year-old son, turned to social media to discuss traditional parenting “rules” and the ones she was categorically against. By documenting her “actual” parenting events with 1-year-old Navy, whom she refers to as her “mad toddler,” Indy has gained a sizable following on TikTok. The mother, who is currently expecting a girl, posted a video “rant” with her almost 600,000 platform followers.

“Let’s talk about discipline, the big issue. Never in my life will I physically discipline my kids “Indy started. “I was raised with physical punishment with a belt and a wooden spoon, and I just don’t believe that’s the best way to raise kids. When I was younger, it was common practice in schools, but I can speak from personal experience when I say that it doesn’t improve the problem “She spoke up. “They will most likely suffer trauma that lasts a lifetime. Your child is helpless if you choose to do that, but it is your decision. I frequently see comments on my writings that read, “You need to smack him,” yet that actually says more about you. Because it implies that you have some underlying issues you need to address, I would be ashamed to write that.”

The second “rule,” according to the young Australian mother, is that kids shouldn’t kiss and cuddle their older relatives. “He is not required to hug and kiss anyone if he chooses not to. He is not required to do that, regardless of whether it involves family. I want people to respect his decisions and be aware of his body “She was adamant. “My parents used to force me to say goodnight kisses to everyone at the dinner table when I was younger when they hosted dinner parties. I would be like, “I have no idea you’re scratching my nose with your whiskers.””

The Daily Mail claims that Indy has a partnership agreement with Hello Fresh and frequently posts pictures of her favorite dishes and recipes. She won’t “force” her children to eat any certain foods, though. “Never once will I make him eat something he doesn’t want to. Naturally, I’ll encourage him to try new foods, but I won’t use threats like, “If you don’t finish what’s on your plate, you won’t receive dessert,” “She spoke. “I won’t take offense if he doesn’t enjoy a dish or meal I’ve prepared. You don’t have to eat it; what would you like to eat in its place, I’ll say. Naturally, I won’t give him any chocolate, but I also won’t make him eat anything he doesn’t enjoy.”

Furthermore, when her kid becomes an adult, she “never” will require him to pay rent. “Never once will I make him pay the rent. I can see why some families make their kids pay rent; it instills virtues in them. But I gave birth to this child, so I won’t make them start paying rent when they’re 15 years old “Declared Indy “Maybe I’d convince him to pay $50 a week once you become 18 and have graduated from high school, found employment, and started college, but that’s not for me—that money will be used to help him buy his own home. You created that child, therefore you don’t need to cause them financial difficulty.”

Indy, who claimed to have come from a “strict” family, has also chosen to be lax about curfews and late-night gatherings. “I want him to be entirely open with me, so I don’t want to be a severe parent when it comes to parties and curfews. It’s a simple fact that the more rigid you are, the more rebellious the children become “She suggested. “Being the youngest of five siblings and having grown up in the strictest home imaginable, I feel like I was always the little one. I want to be the mother he can always turn to first for everything, and I’ll be there in my jammies with some chicken nuggets “Added she.

Indy Clinton: Who is she?

The popular Instagram user and TikTok personality Indy Clinton is well-known for her “slice of life” content that she posts while traveling in Australia and other countries. Navy, the child she is the mother of, resides in California. She did, however, just announce that she and her boyfriend are expecting a child once more, which is wonderful news for them.

She frequently includes her partner in her posts, but she has never made it clear if they are wed or just dating. She has also never disclosed his name or his occupation. She has “acting, modeling experience in advertising, TV shows, shootings and campaigns,” according to the “Influencer” profile bio, and she is “comfortable in front of the camera.” The profile reveals she has 186K followers on Instagram.

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