How Did Rowan Baxter Die? Wife Hannah Clarke Inquest Findings

After lighting his wife, three children, and himself on fire, Australian Rowan Baxter committed suicide. The children almost immediately died from fume inhalation and burns.

By pouring fuel into the car and starting a fire, 42-year-old Baxter cruelly murdered his wife Hannah Clarke and their three children before stabbing himself with a knife and passing away nearby. The beast in its wrapping was impossible to halt.

The husband’s senseless burning to death of Hannah and her three children after dousing them in gasoline was the subject of a coroner’s ruling, according to Daily Mail. Police were powerless to halt Rowan’s terrible deeds. The Coroner stated that Baxter was not mentally ill, but rather a “master of exploitation.”

What Caused Rowan Baxter Death? Description Of The Incident

The evil father, Rowan Baxter, massacred his family before turning the tables on them and stabbing himself to death.

Nzherald claims that after Hannah requested police protection from domestic abuse, Baxter’s treatment of his ex-wife escalated. Rowan was dangerous because he repeatedly beat his wife while being misled.

According to Ms. Bentley, who was quoted in Daily Mail, Mr. Baxter was not mentally ill but rather a great manipulator. A hardware store is where the Vile Baxter purchased flammable liquid before performing his heinous crime, and CCTV cameras captured his images there.

On February 19, 2020, Clarke’s husband Baxter jumped into her automobile, spilling petrol inside the vehicle, setting it ablaze. He used a knife to stab himself after sinning.

He purchased three Kinder Surprise chocolates along with the gasoline, presumably for his children. Police looked closely at the case but were unable to determine the cause of the murder and self-immolation.

Funeral for Rowan Baxter Hannah Clarke and their kids

After Rowan Baxter passed away, his family held a separate funeral from his wife Hannah Clarke and her kids. Regarding his funeral, further information is still to come to light.

On the other hand, Hannah’s family members interred her and her children’s bodies on March 9, 2020. Premiers of Queensland Annastacia Palaszczuk and Australia’s Scott Morrison attended their combined funeral.

In March, Clarke’s family established the charitable organization “Small Steps 4 Hannah” in memory of the deceased kids. The charity’s main goal is to significantly reduce the frequency and severity of domestic and family violence in Australia.

More than a thousand people attended a memorial service for the family on February 23 at the Bill Hewitt Reserve in Camp Hill. Later, Hannah’s family created a modest memorial with trees that had just been planted, a sign, and a shelter in her honor.

On September 8, 2020, the family of Clarke and Cr. Fiona Cunningham opened “Hannah’s Place” in celebration of Cunningham’s 32nd birthday.

For introducing the topic of coercive control to Australia, Marie Claire magazine named Clarke one of their Women of the Year in December 2020.

Findings of the Hannah Clarke Inquest

After concluding that extra government initiatives were “unlikely” to have prevented homicides, the coroner concludes the investigation into Hannah Clarke.

As she wrapped up the inquest into their murder at the hands of Ms. Clarke’s estranged husband on Wednesday, Jane Bentley, the deputy state coroner, was overcome with emotion.

She carried out the heinous plans and came to the conclusion that there was little prospect of the service providers, friends, family, and police being able to stop the crooks in more than 150 pages.

After nine days of testimony from witnesses who spoke about their panic at Ms. Clarke’s automobile catching fire in late March or early April, the verdicts were reached. Ms. Bentley claimed that several of the murderer’s friends and colleagues had expressed disturbing ideas to authorities.

Baxter’s acquaintances said that he loved his wife and children and was a wonderful parent. He may have taken all of these measures out of fear of losing everything, particularly his three children. The admission makes it clear that Hannah should not have kept the kids away from him.

Who Are the Parents of Rowan Baxter?

Unfortunately, no information regarding Rowan Baxter’s parents has been released by the media.

There is almost no trustworthy information available about his parents. Knowing about Rowan’s illicit activity may make Rowan’s parents sad. They probably desire to avoid association with Baxter’s guilt and remain undeserving.

The parents of Baxter, a native of New Zealand, can be from the same nation and now reside there. Likewise, Hannah’s parents are still residing in Brisbane.

In court, her parents, Lloyd and Suzanne Clarke, fought for their daughter’s and their grandchildren’s rights. Six people made up Mr. Baxter’s family: his wife Hannah, his daughters Laianah (4) and Aaliyah (6), as well as his sons Trey (3) and Isaiah Jesse (6).

Rowan and Hannah met at a Police Citizens Youth Club in 2008 when Hannah was 19 and Baxter was the father, according to Wikipedia. Later on, Baxter accused Clarke of being financially, emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive.

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