Ezra Miller & Austin Butler Japan bar fight

In spite of what people were saying online, Ezra Miller and Austin Butler did not fight at a bar in Japan. After a heated argument in a pub in Tokyo, people started saying online that the Elvis star punched Miller. But people who know Butler have said that the rumours are not true.

After a tweet on June 28 suggested that Butler punched Miller, people online started to think that the two actors got into a fight. There have been stories like this on the popular Instagram page DeuxMoi and the always-busy Twitter page Pop Crave.

There were rumours that the two stars were fighting after a supposed “eyewitness” said they saw the two stars fight on social media. The alleged witness said, “I don’t have any proof of this because my phone died, but I saw Austin Butler and Ezra Miller fight at a pub here in Tokyo.”

The person also said that Butler was in the bar with his friends and girlfriend Kaia Gerber when The Flash star came up to him and started talking. “After a while,” the witness said, “Ezra started to yell.”

The witness also said that they didn’t know what the fight was about because “the pub was very noisy.” The person who spread the rumour also said, “Ezra then said something that made Austin look very unhappy.”

Austin Butler is said to have tried to punch Ezra Miller because of this, but Miller was “held back” by two friends. After the fight, Miller and his group were kicked out by security before the police were called.

According to people close to Austin Butler, the rumours about the fight with Ezra Miller aren’t true

Austin Butler has never been to a bar in Tokyo, according to someone who knows him well. The source also said that the actor never saw Miller while he was in Japan promoting the movie. It seems like the rumours aren’t true.
A representative for the 30-year-old actor also said that Butler had never met the Flash star at a bar in Tokyo, proving that the rumour is false.

In the meantime, Ezra Miller has had problems of his own. On Thursday, Variety published an exclusive interview with two women who say Miller hurt them physically and emotionally. In 2020, one of the women said that Miller had pushed her to the ground and put her in a chokehold.

In an interview, the woman said that she had asked Miller about their scars, and Miller had told her that they were from battle. The woman joked back that she “could take Miller in a fight.”

After that, Ezra Miller got the woman to fight with him and the other man outside the bar. In the interview, the woman said:

“I think it’s all fun and games, but it’s not. All of a sudden, [they are] on top of me, choking me, and still yelling in my face, “Do you want to fight?” My friend who is filming sees that they are not joking and that it is serious, so he stops filming and pushes them off of me while they are still trying to fight me. Two of my guy friends are actually holding Miller back and yelling, “This is what you wanted! “This is what you asked for!”

This year, Ezra Miller has been arrested twice in Hawaii. One of these is for throwing a chair at a woman.

Recently, the actor was accused of living with two children and their mother in a Vermont house that was full of guns and drugs.

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