Explained Recap & Ending: WeCrashed Episode 6

‘WeCrashed’ episode 6 shows Adam and Rebekah Neumann feeling the strain of their opulent lifestyle and selfish decisions. Adam is getting more and more attention from Benchmark Capital’s Cameron Lautner, the partner who isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. Rebekah is working on a side project to start an education branch of the company.

With the threat of losing his job as CEO becoming more and more likely, Adam turns to Masayoshi Son, the billionaire who helped him get where he is today, with a bold deal. Hulu is finally able to live up to the name of its show in this one. Their questionable spending and earning habits start to come to light one by one. If you want to know what’s going on in episode 6, let’s look closely at it. There are going to be spoilers down the road.

WeCrashed Episode 6: Recap

It starts with Adam and Rebekah on vacation in California. Adam hasn’t been to a board meeting, and Rebekah is working on a long list of businesses that could be started under the “We” brand. There are some people at Adam’s business who are not sure about the idea. There is a big surprise when Cameron Lautner moves into Adam’s WeWork office and starts going through the company’s financial records for the last ten years. There were investments in wave pools and coffee creamers made by the company. The CEO says that the board approved all of the investments.

After the meeting with Cameron, Adam starts to worry about the kind of scrutiny WeWork’s finances will face as the company gets ready to go public. Finally, in order to keep control of his company and not be held accountable to anyone else, he asks Masa to buy all the WeWork shares from all the other shareholders.

It is called Project Fortitude, and there is a lot of back and forth between Adam and Masa, who both want to own WeWork as part of the deal. In a meeting with an important investor from SoftBank, Adam shows up late. Masa starts to think about not going through with the deal when Adam is so bad about being late.

Ending Explained: WeCrashed Episode 6: Why Did Masa didn’t agree to the deal?

Rebekah is working on the creation of WeGrow, a school that is based on her ideas about how to learn. Adam gets more and more angry as she invests more money in the project. This is partly because Cameron and Bruce from Benchmark Capital are putting pressure on him. Adam finds it very real when he sees Travis Kalanick, the CEO and co-founder of Uber, lose his job on the news. Benchmark Capital owns a stake in Uber, which makes things even more real for Adam.

Finally, Masa tells Adam that he can’t do the deal, and the WeWork CEO’s world falls apart. Adam is on the way home from a party when he starts to cry next to his wife. He had a fight with Rebekah about WeGrow and other projects that didn’t work out. Adam is crying, and Rebekah doesn’t try to comfort him. Instead, she looks out the window of the car.

In the end of episode 6, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son doesn’t want to buy out WeWork’s other investors. This is the first sign of the company’s “crash.” Adam is now at the mercy of Benchmark Capital and other investors and board members of the company, who are getting tired of Adam’s unpredictable spending habits quickly. That means the WeWork board might also go ahead and make it public. This will make Adam’s financial decisions over the past ten years public.

In the end, Masa backs out of the deal because Adam was “crazy.” Even though there isn’t a single reason why SoftBank CEO Adam isn’t happy, it is clear that he sees a lot of things that aren’t right with him. Masa’s advisers also tell him that Masa has been spending way too much money. Adam, on the other hand, is always trying to keep WeWork and stop Masa from investing in other real estate businesses through Project Fortitude. Adam shows up late for the meeting with Al Mubarak, an important SoftBank investor, which is the last straw. Al Mubarak doesn’t want to invest more money in WeWork because Adam was late.

Adam Neumann is the CEO of WeWork: Does he get fired?

At the end of episode 6, Adam is still CEO of WeWork, but only by a hair. Adam broke down in the car, which is a side of him we haven’t seen before. It shows how worried he is, and for good reason! The other WeWork investors don’t want Masa to buy them out. So, Adam has to rely on the people on his company’s board, who want the company to go public. Of course, going public also means that Adam’s spending over the last ten years will be a lot more public.

Cameron Lautner tells the board that Adam has been renting buildings that he owns back to WeWork, which is a clear conflict of interest. Some of the spending and wild office parties look bad, but Lautner has even more bad news for the board. It looks like WeWork CEO Adam’s outburst and call for an impromptu vote of confidence narrowly worked in Adam’s favour. But now that Masa has rejected the offer to buy out WeWork’s other investors, it looks like Adam’s job is even more in danger.

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