Elvis Presley: Because to a family history of INCEST, the iconic singer was doomed to pass away young

Elvis Presley: Because to a family history of INCEST, the iconic singer was doomed to pass away young
The singer’s defective genes were one of the primary causes of his numerous health troubles, according to the singer’s biographer.

Elvis Presley was one of the finest performers to ever pick up a microphone, and his untimely passing saddened his devoted fans. According to Sally Hoedel’s account of the rock and roll legend, the crooner was supposed to pass away young. The singer’s early demise, according to the biographer, was unavoidable.

According to Sally Hoedel’s book on Elvis Presley, the singer’s death was brought on by genetic flaws brought on by incest in his family line. His maternal grandparents, who wed despite being first cousins, are blamed for passing on the defective DNA, according to the book. At the age of 42, Elvis passed away after a heart attack. On the toilet floor of his Graceland mansion, the “Jailhouse Rock” star was found unconscious.

Elvis Presley: Was his death predetermined?

Sally Hoedel revealed some alarming information to The Sun, claiming that the singer’s defective genes were one of the primary causes of his multiple health problems, which he then managed with a mixture of prescription medications. Elvis’ mother Gladys passed away at the young age of 46 and had three brothers who also passed away at similar ages from heart and lung-related problems, according to Hoedel, who continued, “That first cousin marriage definitely presents a lot of troubles.”

Hoedel continued, “There’s so much going on in that family tree that it stops being a coincidence by the time it gets to Elvis.”

According to Sally Hoedel, Elvis’ mother, who passed away nearly 19 years to the day before her son, holds a lot of information about how he died. In her 40s, the singer’s mother’s health gradually deteriorated. She apparently became addicted to drugs and alcohol, and away on August 14, 1958, as an alcoholic. Hoedel remarked that Gladys “has always been presented as this mother whose son became famous, bought her a big mansion and she simply struggled to deal with it all and essentially died of a broken heart.”

But that’s not how it works, she continued. Before he enlisted in the army, I believe that both Elvis and Vernon [Elvis’ father] were aware of her condition. Hoedel asserts that the genetic condition Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, which harms the liver and lungs and causes other health issues, was mostly responsible for Elvis’ mother’s passing.

Elvis’ maternal grandparents experienced genetically based illnesses.

Sally Hoedel asserted that Doll Mansell, Elvis’ maternal grandmother, may have been misdiagnosed with tuberculosis and that she herself may have been affected by a genetic abnormality that may have been passed down and made worse by her marriage to her first cousin.

This book illustrates how that Tuberculosis was most definitely a misdiagnosis in the early 1900s, said Hoedel. “Again, something that doesn’t make sense, but continued to be handed down the family tree and then throughout recorded Elvis history as well. From there, we can determine that Gladys most certainly received two defective genes and a more severe form of the disease thanks to the marriage of her first cousins.

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