Elon Musk ‘Is Twitter dying?’: Calls out Taylor Swift & Justin Bieber for tweeting rarely

Because @taylorswift13 hasn’t written anything in three months, we can say that This year, Elon Musk says, “@justinbieber only tweeted once, and that’s it.”

When Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber don’t use Twitter even though they have the most followers, Elon Musk called them out on it.

It was on March 14 that Elon Musk became Twitter’s majority shareholder, with a 9.2% stake in the company. It was March 25, and he asked his fans the following question: “Free speech is very important for a democracy to work. Do you think Twitter is very strict about this rule?” This was followed by cryptic posts in which Musk said he was going to give social media a lot of thought.

Musk, who owns more than 4.8 million shares in Twitter, seems to be unhappy that celebrities don’t use the platform more. He owns about $3 billion worth of Twitter shares. On April 9, he asked, “Is Twitter dead?” and said that celebrities like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, who have a lot of followers, don’t tweet often enough.

When the new majority stakeholder was talking about the changes he wanted to make, he first talked about the possibility of adding a “edit” button to his tweets. Then, he started talking about the partially active accounts that are followed by a lot of people. Afterward, Musk shared a list of the most popular Twitter accounts and asked, “Which one do you like the most?” “Most of these “top” accounts tweet only a few times a week and post only a little. Twitter: Is it going away or is it still going strong?”

The list shows that Barack Obama has the most followers with 131.4 million. Katy Perry has 108.8 million followers, Rihanna has 105.9 million followers, Cristiano Ronaldo has 98.8 million, Taylor Swift has 90.3 million, Lady Gaga is at 84.5 million, and Elon Musk has 81 million followers. The Ellen Show has 77.5 million followers. Justin Bieber has 114.3 million followers.

People who follow some of these accounts tweeted back at Musk. He told them how many times a day some of them tweeted. People like Taylor Swift haven’t been posting in three months, Musk said. During the whole year, Justin Bieber only tweeted once.

Swift’s last tweet was to call out Damon Albarn, who said that Swift doesn’t write her own songs in a very clear way. Swift said this as she did: “DM @DamonAlbarn if you want to talk to me about something. Before I saw this, I was a big fan of yours. It all comes from me. It’s so bad that your “hot take” isn’t true at all. So, even though you don’t have to like my songs, it’s really bad when people try to discredit my writing. WOW.”

In case you were wondering, “PS I wrote this tweet all by myself, in case you were wondering.” There was only one tweet that Justin Bieber sent this year – it was in February. He showed that he cared about the Canadian women’s hockey team.

The other people he mentioned in the list have been working a lot this year. In the last few weeks, Katy Perry has been promoting “American Idol,” Katy Perry Collections, and a project in support of Ukraine, Most of her posts in March were about Fenty Beauty, Savage X Fenty, climate justice, and her pregnancy clothes. She only posted three times in March and nine times each in February and January, mostly about these things. In April and March, he tweeted 16 times each, 23 times in February, and 29 times in January.

It comes as news broke that the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, has decided not to join the board of Twitter. Musk even came up with a lot of ways to change the social media company and its products over the weekend of April 5.

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