Elise Hauenstein, Norm Abrams Wife – His Health & Weight Loss In 2022

Norm Abrams is in his seventies and has the best life with his family. He is married to the beautiful Elise Hauenstein.

Since the first episode of This Old House aired in 1979 and The New Yankee Workshop debuted a decade later, both shows have been hosted by Norm Abram, who has inspired millions of people to fix up and fix up their homes.

Everyone wants Norm to live next door because he is the most knowledgeable person in the country about remodeling homes.

Norm was asked to give the commencement speech at The North Bennet Street School in Boston in 2001. This school is known for how much it cares about teaching craftsmanship. He is also on the board of trustees of Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

 Norm Abrams
Norm Abrams

Meet Elise Hauenstein – Norm Abram’s Wife

Elise Hauenstein, Norm Abram’s wife, is a good potter. They live in Carlisle, Massachusetts, in a two-story, modified-classic Colonial home that Norm built with the help of his father and other experts.

Most people know her as the wife of master carpenter Norm Abram, and she has enjoyed her private life with her close friends and family. Since her name is linked to a well-known person, her life needs to be in the spotlight.

But the family has put their foot down when it comes to letting the media know about themselves.

There are a few pictures of Elise on the Internet that fans can look at. Most of them are with her husband, and no one knows who she is right now.

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The talented couple has a lovely relationship with each other

Norm and Elise live in a Colonial-style house that they built themselves in Massachusetts. They enjoy boating, fishing, and kayaking, as well as having people over, cooking, and going to art museums and galleries.

Norm’s father was a carpenter, so he grew up with him in Rhode Island and learned about the trade when he was a young child. Norm spent his summers in high school and college helping his father fix up and build new homes. This helped him improve his skills. He went to school at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst to study mechanical engineering and business administration.

After working for three years as a site supervisor for a multimillion-dollar construction company in New England, he started Integrated Structures, Inc., a general contracting business, in 1976. Until 1989, he ran the business. The company was best at remodeling and adding on to homes, but they also did the occasional new home or business.

At this point, Abram has already been married twice. He was married to Laura Cone before, but they split up in 1996. Even now, no one knows why they broke up.

On the other hand, the TV host and Laura Cone have a daughter named Lindsey. In 1999, he got married to Elise Hauenstein, and they have been together ever since. She cares a lot about privacy, so not much is known about their child. Elise Hauenstein is known for how good she is at making pottery.

Norm Abrams’s Journey to Health and Weight Loss

In May of this year, a TV star who had been famous for more than 40 years said they were leaving the spotlight. Norm Abram, who was the show’s master carpenter, has retired and left the business.

Abram is known as a pioneer in the home improvement entertainment business by many people in New England and across the country. At 9 p.m. on Monday, October 3, a one-hour tribute show was shown. The television special “The House That Norm Built” was shown on PBS and streamed on The Roku Channel.

Since he made the decision out of the blue, his fans want to know more about his health than ever. Even though he was in his early 70s, the man went on TV with the same energy he had when he was 40 years younger. Many people think that the reason he has been entertaining everyone for so long is because his health is getting worse.

A YouTube channel made a video about what the carpenter was doing now. They said that shady websites had recently said that he had been diagnosed with cancer, which was completely false. People have also thought that the celebrity might not be feeling well right now because of this. On the other hand, the same channel said he was fine and healthy. He still loves being a carpenter as much as he did when he was younger.

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Did Norm Abrams Lose Weight?

It would be silly to think that a star as old as the things he likes to do would use social media to talk about his life. We’ve seen him moving around for more than forty years, and it’s natural for his body to change over time. He has shared everything with his audience, from his bad days to his good days. As a result, people have watched him grow up on the screen.

Since he is getting older, he has lost weight over the years. This has led to a lot of talk about it. His health problems have also been linked to it. But his body hasn’t changed in a big way in any significant way. Also, there is a lot of information about celebrities and their lives that you can find online. Sometimes the stories are just rumors with no truth to them. Reports went so far as to say that Norm Abram had died of cancer because of the rumors.

But that’s not true. Norm Abram is still alive and doing fine. The last few times he’s been on the show, he’s been looking more and more sick. He now shows up on TV even less often than he did in the past. Most likely, he is not in good health right now. But Abraham’s cancer is still not known to be gone at this time.

Norm Abrams
Norm Abrams

Who is the wife of Norm Abrams?

Elise Hauenstein, who is married to Norm Abrams, can make beautiful pots.

Is there a girl in Norm Abrams’s family?

Yes, Lindsey Abram is Norm Abrams’s daughter.

Is Norm Abrams thinner?

No, it doesn’t look like Norm Abrams has lost any weight.

How I grew up and went to school

Abram was born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. He grew up and went to high school in Milford, Massachusetts.

The boy’s father was a carpenter and taught him a lot of useful skills. Norm’s first job for a client was when he was 9 years old and helped his father put hardwood floors in a house. During his high school and college summer breaks, he worked with his father.

Abram first went to the University of Massachusetts Amherst to study mechanical engineering. There, he became a member of the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity.

He didn’t like taking classes in theoretical engineering, so he switched to business administration.

He learned that he liked working with his hands, so he left UMass without getting a degree.


Abram worked for a multimillion-dollar construction company in New England for three years after he graduated from college. He was quickly made a site supervisor. In 1976, Abram went into business for himself. He started Integrated Structures Inc., a general contracting company, which he ran until 1989. His first big project on his own was building a general store on the island of Nantucket.

In 2000, Norm Abram taped an episode of This Old House at the Kennedy Space Center.

In 1979, Norm Abram got a job building a small barn, garage, toolshed, and workshop in the backyard of TV producer Russell Morash. Morash was the one who made Julia Child’s popular cooking show The French Chef for Boston’s WGBH-TV. Morash asked Abram to help fix up a run-down Victorian house in Dorchester. He liked how Abram kept his scrap pile small and worked quickly. The first This Old House project, which was led by Bob Vila, was filmed by a crew from WGBH. Then, Morash asked Abram to be a regular on This Old House. Since then, Abram has been a regular on the show.

On May 19, 2022, it was said that Abram would leave the show after 43 years. On October 3, 2022, a one-hour special called The House that Norm Built was shown online and on PBS stations. It looked back at his career with the show.

In 2006, Norm Abram (left) was at a renovation site with HUD Deputy Secretary Roy Bernardi (center) and This Old House host Kevin O’Connor (right).

The New York Workshop

In 1988, Morash planned to make a show called The New Yankee Workshop that would be a spinoff of This Old House. Abram would be a part of the show. They needed an easy place to videotape, so they used the shop that Abram built in Morash’s backyard in 1979. The layout and equipment of Abram’s shop, which was 36 by 26 feet, were changed and added to suit his needs (11.0 by 7.9 m). Abram was the host of the first episode of The New Yankee Workshop, which aired in 1989. The program showed off furniture and other projects with a focus on classic, elegant designs made with a mix of simple handtools and newer power tools and equipment. After 21 seasons on PBS, the show was taken off the air because Abram wanted to work on other things.

Abram is on the board of trustees for Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. He gave the graduation speech in 2001 at Boston’s North Bennet Street School, which is known for its dedication to teaching craftsmanship. He has also helped with things like the Generation NEXT apprenticeship program, which helps teach young people about the building trades.

Abram also did his own voice in the Freakazoid! episode “Normadeus,” in which the bad guy Lobe kidnapped him and made him make a special wooden weapon for him. He also appeared on Between the Lions and twice on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? He also starred in a series of Foot Locker commercials called “House of Hoops.” Abram was on the show Fetch! In the episode “This Old… Lemonade Stand,” Ruff Ruffman appears with him. He was also in “Indy, Ice, and Improv,” an episode of Ace of Cakes from 2010.

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