Chainsaw Man: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Review, Where to Watch & More

Chainsaw Man: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Review, Where to Watch & More

In ‘Chainsaw Man’ episode 8 titled ‘Gunfire,’ Himeno takes Denji to her apartment after the party, and the two end up making out with each other. However, Denji eventually rejects her sexual advances as he wants to lose his virginity to Makima. The following day Makima is going to Kyoto to meet the organization’s higher-ups when she suddenly gets shots by unknown assailants. It turns out that she is not the only target of the attack and soon other members of the Public Safety Devil Extermination Special Division 4 are targeted. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Chainsaw Man’ episode 8.



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Chainsaw Man: Plot

The world of Chainsaw Man is one that is plagued by Devils, which are extraterrestrial monsters that feed on people’s anxiety. In spite of the fact that these devils are hostile toward humans, it is possible for humans to forge partnerships with them and increase their own power. The main character, a young guy by the name of Denji who has fallen on hard times, is focused on paying off the enormous debt that his father owes to the yakuza. Pochita, a demon posing as a dog and equipped with a chainsaw in place of its snout, will accompany him on this expedition and provide assistance.

Denji is slain by a Devil that he was supposed to take out as part of the plan to pay off the debt, which turns out to be a set-up that was orchestrated by the yakuza. However, as a result of a previous agreement, Pchita fuses with Denji, bringing him back to life and bestowing upon him the ability to use a chainsaw. Denji is compelled to join a government department of Devil Hunters, where he is required to hunt out and murder other Devils, if only to prevent the same thing from happening to him.

Although he has been resurrected, he is now part Devil. The fact that the series focuses entirely on gore, guts, and existential dread distinguishes it from other works published in Jump and is largely responsible for its present level of popularity. This gloominess is balanced with an over-the-top goofiness and a contempt for tradition, which elevates the series above being merely a slasher movie or television show.

Earthbound may have been the source of inspiration for Dragon Ball’s Frieza and Pokemon’s Mewtwo.

Chainsaw Man: Cast

As was previously noted, the protagonist of Chainsaw Man is a young man by the name of Denji who, after becoming half Devil, acquires the ability to morph his limbs into chainsaws. His Devil dog Pochita, who gave him these powers when he was revived, has been implanted in his chest in place of his original heart. Together, they comply with the request of Makima, a mystery woman who Denji has a significant attraction to, and become members of the Public Safety Devil Hunters. Her aims and objectives are never made explicitly clear for the majority of the series; nonetheless, the fact that she manipulates Denji makes her appear to have very questionable morals.

Other characters include Aki and Power, who work with Denji and also share a room with him. Aki is a Devil Hunter who also has a connected relationship with two demons, one of which bestows upon him the ability to see into the future. Power is a Fiend, a Devil in a human form, and the qualities that stand out the most about her are her zeal and her desire to engage in combat.

Despite her propensity for violence, she has a profound affection for both her cat and Denji, which positions her as one of the latter’s most trusted allies. In addition, there are other factions of private sector Devil Hunters featured in the series, each of which has their own set of goals and objectives.



Kikunosuke Toya as Denji

Chainsaw In the world of Man, demons are created from the anxieties of humans, but they can make deals with people to give them access to some of their power in exchange for a bit of their loyalty.

Young and despondent teen Denji is working as a demon hunter in an effort to repay the debt owed to the Yakuza by his late father. He is assisted in this endeavor by the dog-like Chainsaw Devil Pochita. Denji’s father passed away before he could repay the loan. However, after the yakuza betray Denji and make it possible for a devil to kill him, Pochita makes a deal with the devil to sacrifice himself in order to bring Denji back from the dead and also give him his abilities.

Denji can now pull a cord on his chest to transform into Chainsaw Man, a human-demon hybrid with a chainsaw for a head and two chainsaw blades on each arm. In this form, he serves the government as a Public Safety Devil Hunter.

Tomori Kusunoki

Tomori Kusunoki stars as the mysterious young woman known only as Makima, who also has a job as a Public Safety Devil Hunter. Makima is in her twenties. Makima is in love with Denji, and Denji is well aware of this fact. Makima uses her attraction to Denji to exert power over him, and she uses Chainsaw Man to further her own mysterious goals.

Shogo Sakata as Aki Hayakawa

Alongside her partner Denji, Aki is a member of Makima’s Division 4 special unit and works as a Public Safety Devil Hunter. Aki has a deal with the Curse Devil and the Future Devil, which gives him the ability to employ a powerful spike in exchange for his life and allows him to see a few seconds into the future. This is similar to the arrangement that Denji has with Pochita.

Aki, a trusty devil hunter, begins to open up to Denji while the two of them are alone, and he subsequently demonstrates that he loves passionately about Denji and Power, despite the fact that they sometimes argue with each other.




Fairouz Ai Kadota as Power

Power is a young woman with pink hair who can transform into a blood fiend with red horns. She is good friends with Denji and Aki, two other Public Safety Officers who work alongside her. At first, Power is incredibly violent and self-motivated, and she does not care about anyone other than her cat. However, over time, she develops a connection with Denji and Aki, who eventually become her closest friends.



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Chainsaw Man: Trailer

In August 2022, a trailer for the series Chainsaw Man was made accessible to the public, providing us with a fresh look at the show before it was made available to the public in October.

On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, Crunchyroll began streaming the first episode of Chainsaw Man. Check out the rest of our coverage on science fiction and fantasy, or go to our TV Guide to learn what shows are airing tonight.

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The highly anticipated anime Chainsaw Man follows the adventures of a man who transforms himself into a living chainsaw in order to battle demons. At least for the first episode, that’s all there is to it; it may seem gnarly and fantastic, but that’s all there is to it.

Chainsaw Man: Review

This one, like the beginnings of many other anime series, places a strong emphasis on setting up the world. Both devils and those who chase them, known as devil hunters, exist. There are murky underground dealings involving the yakuza (the Japanese term for organized crime). And then there’s our main character, Denji (who in the Japanese dub is portrayed by Kikunosuke Toya), who’s… how do I phrase this delicately? Simple.

Denji has all the characteristics of a typical protagonist in an anime. A tragic origin story involving the loss of a parent or guardian? Check. Trying to realize a fantasy in spite of the many challenges you face? Check. Possible ways to get your hands on those superpowers? You bet. Despite this, you can’t help but cheer for him to succeed.

He is down on his luck, living in dreadful conditions, and hunting devils in order to pay off the debts incurred by his deceased father. And as a young man, all he wants is to find a woman and eat delicious meals. He has no other interests. There isn’t much room for debate there. The fact that he has such a wonderful relationship with his devil-dog, which, by the way, has a chainsaw sticking out of its face, is also a big assist.

The most exciting part of the show is undoubtedly when the Chainsaw Man makes his long-awaited debut and starts letting loose with his chainsaw. You can tell the creators of the show put some time and care into the violence by looking at how the zombie demon guts and limbs are splattered across the screen while heavy metal music and the sound of chainsaw blades grinding can be heard in the background.

Chainsaw Man: Ending Explained

It should come as no surprise that MAPPA, the studio responsible for such critically praised works as the most recent season of Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen, delivers on the animation. In contrast to the brutality of the battle sequences, their style has a gentle, cinematic aspect to it, which is incredibly attractive to look at and interesting to observe. They use a combination of conventional 2D hand-drawing and 3D computer-generated character models, which may not be to everyone’s taste, and it is true that it occasionally appears to be out of place. But even in the midst of the mayhem caused by destroying a large number of bad guys, it mixes in quite effectively.

To this point, the story has been nothing more than an excuse to watch Denji slaughter monsters, but that does not mean that it will always be like this. Tatsuki Fujimoto, the author of the manga (a form of Japanese comic book), is well-known for his ridiculous, volatile, and yet engaging writing, and if the show remains close to its source material, this episode is only a setup for the punchline.

Even though the anime doesn’t have anything particularly amazing to offer at the moment, the fact that it’s only 24 minutes long is enough of a tease to get me interested. If you enjoy the bloodshed that you witness in the first episode, you should probably continue watching the series to find out how the plot develops.



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Denji A young, downtrodden devil hunter who gets a second chance at life as the mysterious Chainsaw Man Kikunosuke Toya
Pochita A loyal devil-dog that merges with Denji to save his life Shiori Izawa
Makima The head of Public Safety Division 4 who takes Denji in after he becomes one with Pochita Tomori Kusunoki
Aki Hayakawa A subordinate to Makima and reluctant colleague of Denji who has a topknot and a distaste for Fiends Shogo Sakata
Power A member of Makima’s squad who is also a Blood Fiend with a noticeable pair of horns Fairouz Ai

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