On Twitter “They deserved so much better,” Fan Critics Warner Bros, After the Batgirl movie was canceled

On Twitter “They deserved so much better,” Fan Critics Warner Bros, After the Batgirl movie was canceled

Warner Bros. has scrapped Leslie Grace’s Batgirl, one of DC’s most eagerly awaited films, according to Deadline. The movie was apparently finished filming and scheduled to air on HBO Max when Warner Bros. decided against it, citing the need for cost-saving measures.

Fans have been venting their dissatisfaction with the choice on Twitter since since the formal announcement was made. One user said that the movie’s cast and crew “deserved so much better.”

Let’s look at some other Twitter responses

Several irate moviegoers expressed their opinions on Warner Bros. canceling the eagerly anticipated film Batgirl on Twitter. Many of them criticized the studio for moving forward with the film Flash despite the assault and child grooming claims against the lead actor, Ezra Miller.

The following are some of the Twitter responses to Warner Bros. dropping the upcoming DC movie:

It’s actually strange that DC is ready to cancel Batgirl, a film with ZERO production troubles, in order to purportedly save some money, but hasn’t done the same with The Flash, a film whose production was a complete nightmare and whose star was toxic.

You have to be the greatest hypocrite on the planet if you were a “fighter for filmmaker independence” with the Snyder Cut but are now delighted that WB is canceling Batgirl.

In IN THE HEIGHTS, Leslie Grace displayed amazing talent. She was expected to achieve true movie stardom with BATGIRL. We are losing that to WB. And I won’t put up with it.

WB: Since Batgirl isn’t good enough to be released, we’re going to absorb the cost and protect our reputation.

Many people were dismayed to learn that star actress Leslie Grace would not be playing Batgirl in the movie. Others questioned Warner Bros.’ choice to shelve the project while pointing out that Sony re-released Morbius, a film that was critically and commercially disastrous and received widespread negative reviews.

Warner Bros. formally announced the cancellation of Batgirl in a statement earlier on Tuesday. It states:

The decision not to release Batgirl reflects our leadership’s strategy change with regard to the DC universe and HBO Max, according to the statement. Although Leslie Grace is an exceptionally brilliant performer, this choice does not speak to how well she performed. We are so appreciative to Scoob and Batgirl’s directors! We look forward to working with Holiday Haunt and its individual casts once more in the near future.

After a leadership shift, Warner Bros. recently underwent an internal restructure. Insiders told The Hollywood Reporter that the media conglomerate is concentrating more on theatrical movies than direct-to-OTT releases. In spite of having been produced on an average DC budget of $80 million, this led to Batgirl being cancelled.

The eponymous character of Batgirl, who embarks on a mission to combat crime in Gotham City, serves as the center of the story. Along with J.K. Simmons, Michael Keaton, and Brendan Fraser playing important roles, it also stars Leslie Grace in the lead. Known for her sensational performance in Jon M. Chu’s musical drama In the Heights, Grace is a young, talented actress. She is also a well-known vocalist who has received three Latin Grammy nominations over her career. Many musicians, notably the South Korean boy band Super Junior, have worked with Grace.

In addition to the aforementioned performers, the film also features a number of other actors in significant parts, such as:

The screenplay was written by Christina Hodson, and the film is directed by the renowned Moroccan filmmaking team of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. The film Bad Boys for Life, Black, and Gangsta, starring Will Smith, was directed by the team.

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