Coleman Laffoon, Anne Heche’s ex-husband Net Worth – How Much Is The Real Estate Broker Making A Year?

Coleman Laffoon, formerly married to Anne Heche, has lately come into the public eye as a result of the car accident that the actress was involved in on August 5. The following are some essential details about him:

Laffoon is a well-known real estate broker and guru in the United States. He is best known for being Anne Heche’s ex-husband. Anne Heche is an actress, director, and screenwriter.

During one of Ellen DeGeneres’ stand-up comedy tours, the exes first became acquainted with one another. After their initial encounter, they were able to quickly develop a strong connection, and on September 1, 2001, they got married.

Anne and Coleman Heche welcomed their first child together, a son named Homer Heche, on March 2, 2002. They had already tied the knot.

Everything was going swimmingly until February 2, 2007, when Coley, who had been married for five and a half years, submitted paperwork to begin the divorce process. The divorce was finally finalised on March 4, 2009, after a period of two years during which it was contested. According to a number of different accounts, Anne left Coleman for James Tupper.

After being involved in a car accident on Friday, August 5, in the city of Los Angeles, Anne Heche, who was formerly married to Coleman, is reportedly presently being treated in a facility as a patient in critical condition.

Coleman Laffoon was the man. What Is The Real Estate Broker’s Annual Salary? That Is The Question Regarding The Net Worth Of Anne Heche’s Ex-Husband.

Coleman Laffoon, formerly married to actress Anne Heche, had a successful career as a real estate agent, which contributed significantly to his current net worth, which is estimated to be close to $2 million.

He is an employee of his own real estate company, The Laffoon Group, which is situated in Los Angeles, California. In addition to this, at Compass Real Estate he is responsible for managing residential sales as well as new construction.

Coleman Laffoon Anne Heche Ex-Husband Net Worth: How Much Is The Real Estate Broker Making A Year?

According to the information provided by Glassdoor, the real estate agent who works for Compass also obtains an average compensation of approximately $91,206 each year. Given that he has worked in the same industry for longer than ten years and has more experience, his salary ought to be higher.

Furthermore, the real estate agent has not yet reported any signs of financial trouble thanks to his accumulated profits, and he is currently living the ideal life. This is due to the fact that he is currently living the ideal life.

What Is Coleman Laffoon Job?

Coleman Laffoon is currently employed in the field of real estate. He was formerly married to Anne Heche. It was he who established the Laffoon Group, a real estate company with offices in the city of Los Angeles.

Coleman is also well-known for his work as a cameraman, having contributed to films such as “The Dead Will Tell” and “Ellen DeGeneres: American Summer Documentary” (both released in 2001). (2004).

It is interesting to note that he first got to know his ex-wife, Anne, while he was working as a cinematographer on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Laffoon began his career as a real estate agent in California on November 24, 2007, the same day that he was granted his real estate licence (salesperson) by the state.

What Happened To Anne Heche After Car Accident?

Recently, Anne Heche, formerly married to Coleman Laffoon, was involved in an automobile accident in Los Angeles, which resulted in both her vehicle and the residence catching fire. According to a number of accounts, her condition is really serious.

A collision took place in the Mar Vista district of Los Angeles just before 11 o’clock in the morning. According to CBS Los Angeles, the car is said to have hit a house with two stories, which then caused both the house and the car to catch fire. It is said that the house incurred significant damage.

Witnesses claim that Heche initially collided with the garage of an apartment complex, before reversing course and driving away, and then striking a nearby residence shortly afterward.

The firefighters were able to get Heche from the burning automobile in time. She was rushed to the hospital, where her condition has been described as critical. Investigations are currently being carried out in order to discover what led to the crash.

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